10 Pros and Cons of Dating an INTP Female


We may not be the advanced psychologists, but today everyone knows what introversion and extraversion mean. These terms contain the basic knowledge about our personalities. Some people usually disagree with the idea of dividing themselves into groups saying that everyone is unique. To some extent it is true. But we can’t deny the fact that some of us are more talkative, active, or creative than others, and it can be explained by a certain classification.

Why is it so important to know the differences between personality types? Because it will be much easier for you to communicate and build the relationships. Psychology is more accurate and vital than astrology, so if you need to know what to expect from dating a particular woman, you definitely need the help of Jung and Freud knowledge. Today we’re going to focus on advantages and disadvantages of dating an INTP girl.

What does INTP stand for?

You’re totally right if you think that there’s no pure introverts and extroverts in real life. We all have some features of both of them more or less.  According to Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), there are 16 different personality types. INTP is one of these types and it’s an abbreviation of words introversion, intuition, thinking, and perception. It is a very rare type of women.

INTP females rely on their intuition, they are quiet, modest, and even closed sometimes. Nevertheless, such girls tend to be sensible and extremely smart; guided by logic they usually take the decisions very carefully, as opposed to the common stereotype about emotional and vulnerable women… Ah, such a banality!

independent-girlINTP women like spending much time on their own, they’d rather read some popular-science bestseller or watch some philosophic movie at home than go partying to the club. Like all the introverts, they are considered to be creative and original. However, their creativity aims at scientific discoveries. They usually become great architects, psychologists, lawyers, philosophers, and philologists.

Strange as it may sound, they feel with their brain, not with their heart. They don’t accept outdated social standards but appreciate freedom and independence. They are rather doers than leaders; it is much comfortable for them to work alone or in some inner circle.

It may seem that female INTP are cold and aloof in communication, but it is only at first sight. In fact, such personalities have a sharp sense of humor, they like conversations and spending time with friends. They just need more time to gather the information when you first meet them. That’s why it is hard for them to get closer to new people, both men and women. They try to find someone similar to them.

Pros of dating an INTP woman

INTP women are strong individuals and meeting them is very rare. However, you never know when your heart will choose your beloved one. It can happen that the girl you’re attracted to may be an INTP. So, what advantages will you get then?

They are rational. This type of women has one of the most logical and sensible personalities. They take their decisions calmly and wisely, so in most of the situations, there won’t be any spontaneous and rash actions in your relationships. Speaking clearer, you may not worry about your credit balance when she asks for your card for shopping. Actually, they even won’t ask for it, because they appreciate independence in everything.

They make an interesting company. The extraordinary and sophisticated personalities like INTP are exciting to meet. They are intelligent and open-minded, they read a lot and they adore getting new knowledge. They can lead long conversations about everything. Moreover, they are good listeners. INTP women carefully meet strangers and tend to get to know them better, so they do listen and analyze everything you say. They will be a perfect support.

extravagant-womanThey are open to experiments.INTP women dating may be very extravagant for most of the men. According to their mindset, these girls usually avoid the common social traditions and don’t accept something that everyone does. They don’t fit into the stereotypes, so be ready for some non-traditional relationships. However, we must warn you: ‘non-traditional relationships’ do not always mean ‘freedom for cheating’.

They make no scenes.INTP female dating is usually devoid of hysterics and excessive drama. Such women don’t demonstrate their feelings, especially in public. If you have some crisis in your relationship, she will undoubtedly discuss all the problems and you will find a wise solution together.

They are sincere. These women don’t demonstrate their emotions, but it doesn’t mean they’re hypocritical. Quite the contrary, they never act the way everyone wants or says them to. They are always as they are and never pretend.

Cons of INTP women dating

They seem cold. We all see women as sensitive and emotional personalities. INTP girls don’t fit into this pattern, and it may be a challenge for most of men. They may think that their girlfriend is just a robot and she can’t feel anything at all, but most regrettably they’re wrong. INTP women are capable of deep and strong feelings, but they just keep them inside.

Their independence is irritating. We live in the age when the outdated stereotypes are broken every day. Maybe, most of men got used to strong and independent women, guided by the global trends. But the independence of the INTP is a completely different phenomenon. These women like being alone and do everything on their own, which may be a huge insult for their boyfriends or spouses who wish to be the leaders.

They seem weird. Well, they only look like ones. Frankly speaking, intelligent, cold, and eccentric women have never been in favor among men. But if you meet an INTP girl closer, you will understand that there is nothing to worry about, she is just not like others. However, they may struggle to get understood by your friends and relatives.

They can be smarter than you. Because of their intelligence, dating an INTP woman is a challenge for the average men. Some of them just can’t put up with the fact that their girlfriend is smarter. This serious blow to the ego can ruin relationships easily.

It is hard to get to know them better. INTP women are careful in communication. Therefore, trying to ask them out on a date may be difficult. They need to know you better before you deserve their trust.

So, if you feel that such woman is the only one, be patient, don’t be afraid of rejection. Just take into account that it is hard for INTP girls to fit into this society with their eccentricity. They are open for love and relationships; they just need to be understood.

3 thoughts on “10 Pros and Cons of Dating an INTP Female

  1. I’m an INTP woman and thought this was an Awesome article. I wish something like this was written sooner. After I read the “their independence is irritating” section I said out loud to myself “get over it” and then laughed. Spoken like a real INTP lol

    I do think some points are a little sexist. Like men wanting to be the woman’s leader…really? Are we advocating that a man is a woman’s leader in a romantic relationship?

    1. No, that is not what the post says or even implies. Men wanting to be the woman’s leader is not the same as saying as ‘men should be the woman’s leader’ or ‘men are the women’s leader’. It is only saying that men want to be. It is a broad generalisation but it is mostly true, at least in my culture- West African. They have been socialised that way and some do really want to be the leader. So the post is not sexist. It is just telling things as they are generally are. I wouldn’t say men want to be as an absolute statement. I probably would have qualified saying “most men” if the statistics show it or if I am not sure and only relying on experience just say “a lot of men”.

  2. Sincerity is a quality I’m proud of and I appreciate my own eccentricity so exactly like Ashlee “their independence is irritating” and all that ego shit I def say “get over it”!!

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