10 Pros and Cons of Having a Russian Wife

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Male westerners often say “I want a Russian wife” but do they really understand what it’s like? Online dating is already a well-established norm but in a case with international marriages, the situation is not so clear. If you are about to use a Russian wife finder, there are many peculiarities to take into an account.

Pros of Marrying a Russian Woman

1. She will surround you with her love. As a rule, female humans are more into monogamy than male ones; they want to feel loved and needed. If you are lucky enough to meet your wife in Russia, you can be sure that nobody will love you as strong as she. Feelings always come first for Russian women – they outweigh wealth, luxury, and even sex. These ladies believe that any other issues are easy to fix if there is true love between spouses. Of course, they understand such harmony requires a lot of working and they are ready to make efforts. How about you?

2. You can count on her. Before it became possible to divorce as many times in a life as you want, people had built families once and forever. To a certain degree, Russian society remains loyal to traditional values: here, an unmarried woman at the age of 30 is rather a loser. Yes, local girls get more emancipated but they still live under these old-fashioned laws. What is this all about? A Russian wife is supposed to respect and cherish her man – and, believe me, she will! Likewise, you probably realise you should act towards her the same way.

3. She will respect your culture. In contrary to stereotypes portraying Russians as hostile and sullen people, this nation was always famous for its exceptional hospitality. Despite all the current political conflicts, most Russians realise that human relationships have no boundaries. Local girls are interested in foreign boyfriends – primarily because there aren’t enough young men living in their mother country due to the demographical imbalance. Your future wife will be happy to meet your family members and learn everything about your culture.

4. She will help you build a strong family. If you’re already looking for a Russian wife, you probably know about a super strong sense of a family distinctive for these women. Although contemporary Russian girls have careers and many interesting hobbies, they are convinced a family is the greatest value on Earth. Most of them can’t stand the childfree movement because this is a female mission to give birth to kids and raise them successfully. That’s why dating with Russian girls isn’t something you can take irresponsibly.

5. Your house will always be in order. This is obviously not the main reason why so many single westerners search for Russian wives online. But these women indeed are great housekeepers. Particularly because their fellow countrymen are earners first of all. Since early childhood, Russian ladies learn many skills from their older female relatives so they know how to organise the budget and maintain your home well. I don’t mean your spouse will be eager to do the entire work on her own, she will expect you to give her a hand.

Cons of Marrying a Russian Woman

1. It takes more resources to register an international marriage. When you find a wife in Russia, the time of paper chase will come. Long-distance relationships may work but during a dating stage only. Once you’ve made up your mind to tying the knot, you are supposed to undertake responsibility for your woman’s immigration. It requires you both to invest your time and money. So if you don’t feel ready for going through such procedures, it may be too early for you to think about marriage.

2. She will need time to get used to a new environment. Yes, registration of your marriage is just the first stage. The next one kicks off when your Russian wife arrives in your native country and starts trying to get adapted to all those new things around. Mentalities are different all around the world so anyone has to survive trough the culture shock upon moving abroad. In addition, she will likely miss her relatives and friends she left behind to be with you. To wrap it all up: you should not only invest material resources in your marriage but also pay enough attention to your significant other during this period.

3. There might be a language barrier. When you will be looking for a Russian wife, keep in mind your match might not speak English fluently. This doesn’t seem to be a very big problem but it is quite hard to express your mind without having good foreign language skills. Relationships are always about communication. Bridal agencies in Russia typically provide translation services, which is helpful for the beginning but they can’t assist you forever. Well, Russian brides, fortunately, understand how important this factor is so they do their best to master English at least.

4. You will have to abandon your bachelor habits. A serious relationship requires both lovers to sacrifice their old habits as compatibility is what no marriage can last long without. Surprised? Look, there are no people who 100% match one another. Yes, some basic features of your characters and worldviews will be similar – yet there are usually many other contradictory elements. Be ready to constantly learn and do deeds in the name of love. Good news: your wife will definitely estimate your growth!

5. You should treat her in a special way. This is not precisely a minus of marrying a girl from Russia. Yet remember these women desire to be treated like jewels by their partners, which includes a lot of intimate communication. You will be also supposed to sometimes buy gifts for your Russian wife to demonstrate your affection. I must tell you that Russian ladies aren’t picky but they long for romance. All in all, you know what to expect from a marriage with a Russian woman now. Approach this matter carefully. I wish you find your only one!

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