10 Signs that a Shy Girl Likes You at Work


Many psychologists and relationships experts claim that our work environment is the best place to look for a life partner. There we can see how people take responsibilities, perform different tasks, communicate with other co-workers or clients, and resolve problems. Moreover, we meet different types of personalities there and learn something new about human behavior every day. So, pay attention to some of your colleagues. Maybe you have to meet someone closer and arrange a date in a coffee house.

By the way, have you ever noticed a shy girl at work? A modest, cute, and quiet college who blushes every time you enter the office? Such girls are good for building relationships with and further marriage. They are faithful, intelligent, good at listening, but they have a small flaw – they never make the first step. Signs a shy girl likes you are almost invisible and you risk losing the opportunity to know about her feelings. I made a list of 10 signs a shy girl likes you at work, so don’t miss the chance.

1. She offers her help often

Sometimes we need a hand at our workplace. It may concern our everyday professional tasks, updating software, working with different programs, using office machines and so on. When a shy girl likes you, she will offer her help anytime whatever you do. For example, she can offer you pouring a cup of coffee, fix the Xerox machine, teach you how to use anything at the office even if you don’t ask her, and bring you dinner from the nearest cafeteria. This kind of girl tends to make you pay attention to her by some kind actions that show you mean something more to her.

2. She is always somewhere near you

This sign is very easy to notice if you both work in different departments or rooms. The shy girl wants to spend more time near you in order to be noticed. For example, she may have dinner or a coffee break at the same time you have, or she appears near your workplace very often. She also can visit all the meetings after work in bars if you go there too. Moreover, she comes and leaves the office at the same time as you. Don’t treat it like she pursues you. In fact, she waits for a moment you speak to her or tries to gather the courage to do it herself.

3. You often notice she is looking at you

flirting-with-businesswomanThis sign is relevant even for a communicative girl, but shy girls tend to look silently at the guys they like more often. She tries to make eye contact with you sitting in another corner of the room or always looks straight into your eyes when you talk to her. If there are more attractive men in a room and she’s looking only at you, then you’re a lucky guy!

4. She changes her appearance

Imagine a situation when everyone comes at the office in the morning. Your co-workers are busy with looking through the current tasks, the whole room is buzzing. Then suddenly you notice that a girl who’s left the office a few moments ago comes back with another look. She brushed her hair or made another hairstyle, put on lipstick, applied rouge or put more eyeliner. Another effective way to conquer your attention.

5. She started dressing more feminine

Among all the signs a shy girl likes you this must be the most obvious one. Nowadays it is much easier and convenient for women to wear pants, jeans, casual shirts, and flats at the office, especially if your company doesn’t require a formal dress-code. But when it comes to becoming more attractive for one man they have a crush on, they suddenly change their style. They surely choose skirts and dresses, blouses with low neckline, high heels, and skinny trousers every day to impress you. If it is allowed in your company, she even wears more colorful clothes and more accessories. However, even if you have a strict business formal dress code, a shy girl in a sexy business suit can also look striking. If you find yourself thinking she started to look more attractive, then her plan is good. Pay attention to her clothes and style. This is a vivid sign she is ready to change for you.

6. She smiles at you more than at others

There’s no secret that a smile is the strongest women’s weapon on the way to attractiveness. Even if a girl from work has a bad mood, she will do her best to make a positive impression on a guy she likes. Men simply cannot stand gloomy and sad women, and they know it. Watch her behavior. Does she smile at you more than at other co-workers? Does she do it despite her bad spirits and unlucky day? This is a clear sign a girl likes you and she is trying to break the ice.

7. She is trying to make a physical contact with you

Being close to the person a shy girl likes is very difficult for her. She is always looking for the right moment to make a physical contact and make it look accidental. For example, a shy girl can brush against you and lightly touch your arm in conversation or when she passes you anything. At the first moment, it looks like a simple clumsiness, but pay attention at its frequency. In addition, she will innocently blush and apologize after that if she is really into you.

8. Her moves talk about her feelings

shy-girl-at-workIt doesn’t matter if a woman is shy or communicative. The body language is more obvious and clear than words sometimes. Did you notice how a shy girl plays with her hair or accessories? Does she copy some of your moves sometimes? Maybe she leans toward you while you’re talking to her? Then it is all clear, my friend. It is time to approach her.

9. She laughs at your jokes

A shy girl may be indifferent to other guys’ jokes if she likes you a lot. When she laughs at your jokes despite they are dumb, she definitely has a crush on you. She can even compliment your gags every time in public. However, be careful. If she laughs at every single stupid joke in the office, she just has a bad sense of humor. Maybe other signs will be more accurate.

10. She ignores you

This last sign is a bit weird and in this case, it is hard to tell whether she likes or not. However, if she really does, it happens because a shy girl is afraid to be rejected. Another reason is the fear of looking awkward, because women of this type feel hard at acting natural. And the last reason why shy girls ignore the men they like is cunning. They can demonstrate all the previous signs of attraction, but pushing you off is another way to have your attention.

Dating at Your Workplace

After reading the previous paragraphs, it is evident that finding a girl to date with in a place you spend the bigger part of your life is pretty easy. You might also wrongly think that dating at work will even take less efforts. However, often such accommodation will only pokes spokes in a wheel of your love. Gossips, bosses, the lack of time are just the several things to ruin even the slightest sparkle. What if this little sparkle is the beginning of that flame that happens only once in a lifetime? Are you ready to get rid of it in a blink of an eye? If the answer is NO, keep reading and you will see that office affair cannot only bring the joy, but lead to something serious. Just make the right steps.

1. Spend some time outside the office

First of all, find out more about the policy of the campaign you work on. Dating someone you work with may deprive you of job. If you found such a point in their protocol, do not worry and go to town…literally leave your office and head to café or restaurant. Try to pick the place where nobody of your colleagues will show up. This way you will be the ones to announce your relationships, nott some secretary two departments away from you who was buying donuts. In addition, spending time away from office you will see each other real and will be able to demonstrate the feelings. This very step usually determines all the further development of your romance.

dating at work2. Remain competent

If dating someone at work is not prohibited at your company, you can act freely. However, do not forget that job stays on the first place during your working hours. Flings are flings, reports in turn remain reports. Do not close the doors after your date enters your office or talk on strange topics with her near your colleagues. Do not kiss or hold hands, because that will only ruin your professionalism. By the way, never use your partner to go up the career ladder. Otherwise, you will feel like you owe something even after a break up. That burden will not let you live calmly.

3. Try to pick the date of your rank

If you are a boss and do not want to get into a big trouble, just forget about the office affair. Your subordinates can make a mayhem out of the office, having such a careless (in their opinion) boss. It is better not to date somebody you can either fire or promote. The reason is clear.

4. No job talks

Never speak about work during your dates. When there is just the two of you, talk about something that will make you know each other better, like hobbies and other interests. Never mix up your professional and romantic life. This way work will not swallow you completely. Let this sphere of your life be a separate one.

5. Do not hurry

The person you will date at work can become boring at the very beginning of your relationships. You have to know that this is totally OK. What is more, it is even supposed to happen as you surely spent months talking during the break or through e-mail. You know each other pretty well, so, unfortunately, the complicated stage will definitely come much sooner that you expected. Wait for it to go, trying not to annoy each other even more. The second reason to wait is thinking about the consequences. If you break up, you will have to work despite the negative experience and even pain. Finish the relationships only when you are completely sure about it.

Anyway, now you know how to date someone you work with. You can still wonder whether the term office fling is right or not. Some people say, it is immoral and only distracts from work. Others are sure it only makes you more productive. Well, we are sure that only you are the only one to decide it on your own. Listen to your heart and good luck to you!

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