12 Reasons to Date a Curvy Girls

sexy curvy girls

What can be said about the ideals of beauty in the 21st century? Any girl immediately says that the category of “ideal” includes only a flat tummy, trained muscles, tight buttocks and nothing more. All kinds of roundness, located not in the chest or buttocks – this is the trouble with which it is necessary to fight. Fight it with all your might. Pay for renting giant metal monsters with a bunch of levers and chains, each weighing at least a ton, and fighting, fighting, fighting … until the last extra “roundness” falls. That sounds crazy, right? Harsh modern beauty.

And what about the girls who are not in this category? Just look around: almost all your surroundings, almost all passersby on the street do not match these harsh parameters of beauty. So are they really unhappy? Of course not. Moreover, recent studies have shown that most of the men approach to curvy girls at least with sympathy, and some even consider them to be the ideal of sexuality. For them, curvy girls are the object of lust. Want to know why? Read our new article and then go to a curvy dating site! You will not regret it.

What Makes a Curvy Girl so Different?

If it seems to you that physical forms, if they do not go beyond the generally accepted norm, do not in any way affect life – you are mistaken. So the people are arranged – they need to “treat” everything, label, classify. That’s why curvy people (mostly girls) live a more complex life than their thin brothers and sisters. That`s why curvy women dating is not so popular as it could be today. What is it expressed in? We can study the simplest examples that are constantly encountered in a society:

1. Men think that fat girls always want sex.
This is the most common misconception, from which girls suffer. Self-taught pickupers for some reason think that the best goal for training seduction techniques (and for raising self-esteem) is a fat girl. She has extra weight and she does not have the figure of girls who advertise swimsuits, it means her intimate life is … not very regular. They think that dating for curvy women is a sort of fiction. Oh, she’s ready to surrender to the first man she meets, if he makes her a couple compliments (or jokes about her?) And pats her head … how unfair this is. Only girls with very low self-esteem can behave like this. And it’s not at all in the figure. So behave politely and respect all women!

dating curvy women​2. Some guys do not think that curvy women dating is serious. And not because these guys suffer from prejudice. No, they do not mind a couple of extra fat folds. It’s just that they do not look at curvy girls, like at potential brides. They can be friends with curvy girls, share their secrets, share joys and sorrows … but to love like women? No. It’s just natural for them to fall in love only with skinny girls and show them to friends as another trophy. Oh, these guys look very funny! Dating curvy women IS REAL and it is AWESOME. Sorry for that caps…

3. The rest of women constantly advise curvy girls to involve in fantastic (and even dangerous) diets. God, how difficult it is for people to accept those who do not look like a drop at all. And if the majority of the representatives of mankind descends to low emotions and begin to hate the object of misunderstanding, then some of us who have a good heart try to help. If they only knew how much trouble this concern brings! Look, many curvy girls used to be thin before. And they did not feel sexy at all. But it was worth to gain a little weight, as they began to like their own breasts, thighs … ass! Oh, yes, and their men shared this enthusiasm. Some of them even forbade their wives and girlfriends to say the word “diet”. Believe me, this happens all the time. Therefore, direct your desire to help those who really need help.

4. Cute clothes are always small in size. All this looks like some kind of conspiracy! Why did designers decide that cute and beautiful clothes are good only for thin girls? And why did the designers decide that beautiful clothes do not fit in any way with the big breasts and ass? Where did this trend come from? But now this is not such a big problem. Every year there are more and more young designers who see the beauty in curvy girls. And they create really cool clothes. So dating curvy women does not mean that you will see your second half in the same dress year after year.

5. Dating curvy girls evokes a desire to talk about health. Oh, how annoying are the faces of these savvy professors who talk about diabetes and heart problems due to obesity. Firstly, all your information about medicine – it snatches of phrases from TV shows and from cheap women’s magazines. Secondly, no REAL physician will make conclusions about health, based only on the weight of the patient … is it really so difficult to get it? And yes, to any girl who has more magnificent forms than yours, it is clear what is hiding behind your false arguments about health, behind your false care … you are just assholes who want to condemn, criticize and scoff, but who are afraid to do it in eyes.

So, we see that things that make curvy girls special in the eyes of society are often negative. But it is worth saying that curvy people usually do not care about all these minor problems. After all, dating curvy girls have so many advantages! You will be surprised to learn that most of the overweight people (what an ugly definition, it’s time to get rid of it), everything is fine with their personal life. And in many respects it is better than the personal life of thin and dull photomodels with a stooped back. Move on, if you want to know what you will gain from a relationship with a curvy girl!

12 Reasons to Date Curvy Girls

1. There is nothing better than hugging sexy curvy girls. You will be surprised, but the figures of curvy girls are made just for hugs. Each line, each roundness causes in the man a state of peace, joy and happiness. Maybe it sounds too … poetic, but it really is. Do not believe me? Try it yourself! Just do not have to rush to the first curvy girl, otherwise you risk getting a kick in the ass! These are very temperamental creatures.

beautiful curvy girls2. One word: boobs! The vast majority of men go crazy with a beautiful, lush female breasts. Do you know what is a major trump card of curvy girls? That’s right, beautiful and lush breasts. It’s nice to look at them, it’s nice to touch them … and how it relieves stress! No spinner can do it. But curvy women dating can. So make your choice, buddy: to spin or to touch!

3. These girls have a better sense of humor than your best friend. No one knows why, but curvy girls know a lot about good jokes. If you consider yourself an excellent humorist, simply invite one of the “ancient form” ladies to the bar … one or two tequila and you’ll lie under the table with laughter. You may think that all this humorous charm is based on self-irony … but it is not. Experience shows that curvy girls tend to be more intelligent sarcasm than to “thick jokes”. So do not enter into a verbal duel with her, if you are not sure of your abilities.

4. They always win. Professional wrestling, competition in cooking, weight lifting … curvy girls always win thin models. So you can no longer be afraid of bully attack in the dark night if you are dating curvy women!

5. They are not obsessed with calories. They do not care about the benefits of carrot juice or the harm of the triple cheeseburger that you just ate. They do not attach as much importance to food as other people do. A curvy girl will not count the number of calories you eat, fat, carbohydrates and other boring micronutrients, spending time with you in a restaurant. And you will be surprised when you find out that she is eating much less than you. Not because she can not eat much, but because she does not want to.

6. Hot curvy girls are in the trend. Do you like Jennifer Lopez? Are you crazy about Monica Bellucci? But these ladies have magnificent forms. And they do not just have them, they make it look so hot, that all men dream of them at night. They are able to be proud of their body and demonstrate its sexuality. Recently, curvy girls follow their example. Especially for owners of such forms is sewing incredibly seductive underwear, dress, blouses, sarafans … oh, a curvy girl needs only to work a little on her image and she will conquer any man!

7. Curvy girls know how to drink alcohol better than your dad. Do you know what phenomenon is less common than a total solar eclipse? Drunk curvy girl. Nobody knows the reason: they are just moderate in everything, and especially in drinking. So if you, buddy, decided to give a drink to a sexy curvy girl and take advantage of her condition, prepare for a hell of a hangover somewhere in a dirty ditch. You will lose it!

hot curvy girls8. They are very good at cooking. Do you like peanut butter sandwiches? A curvy girl will make you such a peanut butter sandwich, that you’ll forget what your name is. Contrary to the popular stereotype, not all curvy girls are fond of cooking, but if you’re lucky enough to meet one of Jamie Oliver’s fan … it’s a gastronomic jackpot, buddy! Soon you will read articles about curvy men.

9. They have a kind heart. Beautiful curvy girls know what it’s like to be different from the rest. Therefore, they are ready to listen and understand anyone. There is nothing more valuable than this quality in the modern world. So if you are tired of endless tension in society, if you do not accept a popular style of communication, when everyone tries to ridicule each other at any cost, start paying more attention to the ladies with an unusually large size of clothes. Underneath is not only excellent boobs, but also a big, kind heart that wants to love you.

10. Curvy girls like to have fun. Have you ever had a relationship with a girl who takes care of the figure, food and other “healthy” things? Then you know that your proposal to invite friends at your place, order a huge pizza and drink a couple of boxes of beer – this is something from the ranks of unrealistic hopes. But with the curvy girl it’s different: what madness you would not invent, you can always count on support!

11. A curvy girl will not spend a day at the mall. These ladies are not so inclined to endless, exhausting any man shopping, than others. Usually they know what clothes they need. They are not so obsessed with all these “material” sources of self-confidence.

12. Curvy girls are great mothers. This is another axiom. All the attention of these ladies is directed to the outside world. They are created in order to give their love, and not to admire it alone. Any woman knows that the best object for love is children. Curvy girls give 100% of attention to their children and at the same time they have a bit of caress and understanding for you.

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