7 Reasons Why Russian Girls Are So Beautiful

russian girl

Beauty, charm, sexuality, sensibility – they seem to possess everything. They make men love, tremble, dream, desire them. A lot of scientists spend many hours in vain to guess their secret trying to explain sexy Russian beauty using some scientific terms. But it’s impossible. Physiologically they are the same as other women. The real reason is a bit different. It is connected with the mentality, traditions and the lifestyle.

1. Every woman always looks like a model.

Occupation, position, kind of activity they are currently doing – do not matter at all for them. They should be the best everywhere: in the prestigious office and in the small typing center, in the library, at the factory, in the library etc. They believe that the possibility to meet The Prince can occur even when you go to the nearest shop to buy some foodstuff or go to throw away the rubbish. Looking well concerns everything – any small detail is important for them. If a woman leaves home without a make-up, she is unlikely for beautiful Russian girls. Going out without a make-up is equally to being naked. Other women will look at her as though she had committed a terrible crime in the case. It sounds strange but we are really dependent from the views and thoughts of surrounding. And the system is already stable and doesn’t seem to change, at least, in the nearest thousands of years. Being beautiful is not enough; it is needed for women to be competitive and unrivaled. Being special is in her blood, thus, this quality is unborn.

2. High self-esteem.

There is such a tendency that beautiful women have higher self-esteem than the usual ones. In this case we can’t say for sure, what was the first: their beauty or high self-esteem. But really they are very confident, persistent and never doubt if they are to achieve success or not. They just act. They prefer acting rather than talking about. They love themselves and it’s the main factor of forming the self-esteem. If a woman likes herself, men will like her as well. It’s waste of time making a perfect make-up, haircut and putting the best clothes if you have rickety walk and tentative movements. Beautiful Russian women should, no…they have to be self-confident.

3. Good genetic.

Many Beautiful Russian Ladies are ethnically Slavic with nice features, light completions, blond hair (sometimes real, sometimes with help from a box). They are neither fat nor slim, just normal, with good proportions, and of middle height. There also exists a very popular theory that Russian beauty is uniquely beautiful thanks to uncontrolled mixture of genes and blood during numerous invasions and also assimilation of folks and nations. History tells us that in different times ethnic Russians and their lands were invaded by powers of Mongols, Khazars, Poles, Lithuanians. And it is already explored that mixture of genes looks more beautiful than the original. As a result we have such cute girls in Russia.

4. Healthy nutrition.

Russian women try to eat only healthy products, with low level of starches. As the agriculture is developed very well, pretty Russian girls have opportunities to eat a lot of vitamins without pesticides, especially if grown on their own field. Eating fruits and veggies is much more common there rather than eating fast food. Cafes in big towns are very popular among people, but what is interesting; they offer healthy dishes, nutritious products. Be healthy and eat healthy is in trend nowadays. That’s why Russian Ladies can’t allow themselves to look bad. They’d better choose juice and apple than a bun or a glass of beer. Different structures and institutions are situated not so close to each other, that’s why walking is much more a part of getting somewhere in Russia. Moreover, Russian women do not consider walking or gardening to be a kind of exercise. They do then even more. They go to the spot gyms, fitness centers, yoga center, and practice jogging or running in the morning. That is why, they are always fit, healthy and beautiful.

5. Gentle thin skin.

Scientists established that Russian women have thicker skin than women of other nations. And that explains why wrinkles appear much later. Besides, in western countries aging is a broadly spread issue because women there are more influenced by the sun, while in Russia people do not get so much sun. What is more interesting, it is believed that faces of Beautiful Russian women are more symmetrical, having high cheekbones and nice-looking beautiful features. There is no denying it that Russian women also do a lot of procedures in saloons or at home with their skin. But usually the result is more important and it superb. And very often such a reason as a lack of money is a stimulus to progress. Pretty girls in Russia aren’t very rich; they live within their means and some of them even from hand to mouth. This fact provokes many of them to spare money, avoid visiting saloons. They become inventors and find out cheaper and better ways to care about their beauty.

6. Russian women are very sexual.

They love themselves a lot and can find a balance in everything. That’s why they don’t spend their sexual energy in vain. They love their body, their skin and care about it. Moreover, they are unborn care-givers. They will whatever you want, help you to use your sexual energy and fell than your soul and your body are in a natural balance like hers.

7. Russian girls value their femininity.

This reason sounds awkward and outrageous. It would be natural to think that all women do, why wouldn’t they? But when learn attentively what’s going on in the world, you would also come to the conclusion that not all women cherish their femininity. We live in a very strange time. Women do not value their role in the society and the role in men’ life any more. Everything changed ups and downs. They invented their own role, which substitutes the role of men in the life. Women and men seem to have changed their social roles immensely, and it’s not that simple anymore. Women perform jobs that were thought to be occupations only for men, while men start working in womanish fields. This has significantly changed the world view and affected positions that men and women occupy. Feminine movement has brought something to the table too. All these factors point out that women who are not spoilt by feministic slogans and do cherish their femininity are in high demand. This is what makes Russian brides so unique – they can be both beautiful and feminine, and at the same time they can make you feel like a real man. They will really appreciate what you do for her, give you the dominance in your relationship and won’t struggle for her superiority. Russian women are unborn caregivers. They want to be a success, to be a breadwinner while she will be your supporter, your zone of comfort and manifestation of a perfect wife and mother.

The list of the reasons can endless. But the main reason of woman beauty is her man. He is her stimulus to look better in any case. If she is looking for a partner, she tries to do her best to attract him. And she already has a partner, she should care about herself not to let the fire of love go out.

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