7 Advantages and 7 Frustrating Things about Marrying a Russian Woman

russian woman

You are planning to spend the rest of your life with a Russian woman, but hesitating whether it is a wise decision or not? What does the life after marriage look like? To start with, you should consider all possible advantages and disadvantages of such marriage.

marrying russian girl

1. If you are dating a Russian and have the intention to make a legal and spiritual decision to spend the rest of your lives together… and not to have sex with anyone else, ever, you should know that the first obstacle will be to see your Russian bride. The thing is that Russia is quite a bureaucratic country and you’ll face some issues while getting a visa. The same is for you beloved woman. Russian passports are not very popular among European countries, as well as in the US.

2. Another thing, you can be mad about is saving. Be ready that your future wife may need to spend more than 10 years abroad with you to learn how to save. This is a specific feature of Russians. They can waste a mint of money on food, considering the fact that half of it will be thrown away or fed to a dog. Spend five-seven times more on water than a foreigner would spend in Russian. For instance, during the Soviet times, it was not reasonable for a Russian to save water, because of the specific payment system. All the water used by one house was divided equally among the residents. So why would a single woman pay more than she uses? This is why Russians tend to use more water – it seemed fairer. Another thing, which makes Russians a not-saving nation, is that the economic situation makes it not safe to save money. What is the reason to make savings if the other day the will cost twice less?

3. The next drawback marrying a Russian woman is her desire to stay attractive and be in a great shape.
Likewise, if you gain some weight, do not expect her to remain positive and say: “Yeah, it was devastating when we lost everything in that fire, but it’s kind of nice sleeping out here under the stars, and it’s a good thing you’ve got all that body fat to keep us warm.” Not even close. She expects you to do sports and be in a good shape too.

4. An international marriage is likely to face some disputes and argues, based on political, cultural and religious differences. However, nowadays the majority of Russian women, who are searching for a happy life in the marriage with a foreigner, are disappointed in Russian politics and values. If it is so, your Russian bride will be happy to start with a clean sheet. So work out her political and cultural views in order to avoid all the possible disagreements and argues.

5. You will never understand her fear of catching a cold. Be ready, that your Russian bride will be overprotecting. She may tell you not to sit on a cold surface (even if it is not cold to you), or not to put ice to your beverage. The point is that Russian specific climate features strike the fear of catching a cold into people’s minds, which makes them irrationally overprotecting.

6. Marrying a Russian woman is a wrong term here. In reality, it seems like you are marrying the whole Russian family. Be ready to have close relationships with her parents. Likewise, your newly made mother-in-law will tend to nose in your private life and feed you to death.

7. Make sure you are okay with her jokes. A Russian woman may sound rude sometimes. Likewise, she is likely to use racially themed jokes. The thing is that she will have no idea they offense you unless you two have a conversation on this matter.

Still want to marry a Russian woman? Then, you’ll probably be surprised with the list of benefits you will receive.

1. Russian brides respect their men. They do all their best to make their men happy. Unlike many American wives, they believe that family is of the greater importance. They keep the family heart beating. They adore children and take care of them, replacing even doctors and psychologists if needed.

2. Your Russian bride is 100% know what to do to stay beautiful and be in a good shape. She will teach you how to do that and will share all the family receipts. You’ll get to know, for example, that it is better to use a yolk to wash your hair instead of shampoo. Isn’t it brilliant?

3. Furthermore, the majority of women in Russia possess natural beauty. They mostly have sand glass or pear shaped bodies, which makes them look so womanly.

4. Some may say that Russian women often overdose with bright and colorful clothes as if they were fans of “kitsch” style. The passion for gold and silver jewelry, as well as for precious stones may be based on the influence of East Asian culture. Truly speaking, they look gorgeous in such things and exotic. In addition, Russian women are crazy about fur. Russian cold climate made it really popular. It is fashionable and prestigious for a Russian woman to wear a good and expensive fur coat.

5. Another thing that may attract you is her patience. She is able to bear a lot of things in life. She will support you; she will never give up the attempt, even in despair.

6. Your Russian bride may surprise you in terms of Russian traditions and religion, which make her sympathetic and powerful simultaneously. The thing is that in real life, as well as in their religious views, Russians respect women, as they give birth to new lives.

7. Finally, the intellectual level of your future bride will appear to be better than you could
It is just a myth that Russian women are uneducated and are not able to learn a foreign language. Instead, they have a great sense of the world and are able to catch up fast enough on how to live abroad and become a great wife and a partner.
You’ve read the equal number of positive and negative features here. Now, consider the above-mentioned stuff and make the right decision.

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