Best Places to Take a Russian Woman Out on a Date

russian women on a date

Planning a date is often stressful for men. Especially if you are going to meet a woman from a different culture. It is also significant whether you are in relationships with a woman you are going to ask out or you haven’t met her before. Let us consider both situations and come up with the best places to go on a date.

Planning a date with a woman you’ve never met before.

A place, where you’ll be a duck to water.

The sites, you’ve already been to for a couple of times, tend to become back yards. You grow in confidence there. People say “Hello” to you and smile kindly.
It is essential here to understand that she hasn’t developed any feelings for you, other than a desire to get to know you. Therefore, you should make an attempt to intrigue and kindle her interest. This is a number one thing to do.

Where to take her in order to kindle her interest?

Note, that it is not necessarily neither to try any possible way to please her nor to go into actress mode. There is no need that you brag, as well. Being interesting is being yourself and being mysterious simultaneously.

Most Russian women believe that they are the ones who choose the place. Likewise, they want a man to do his best to win her. If you do play fair and square, you will fail to kindle her interest eventually. It is much more effective to make her feel less confident with you instead so that she will be the one, who is doing her best… Therefore, it is perfect to take her somewhere you are a frequent guest, but she has never been before.

Active leisure options.

How do you think, what is the difference between a place one enjoys visiting and the place one does not enjoy. The point is that in the first situation you get positive emotions, while in the second the emotions are negative.

The same is about dates. If a Russian woman, you are asking out, gets positive emotions, she will associate them with you. This means you will be even more attractive for her after the date. An amusement park, rope jumping, roller rink – these are some general places to take her out. Furthermore, a Russian woman will understand immediately that you have an intention to check her physical shape and will do all her best to please you.

Planning a date with a Russian woman you are in relationships with.

As time goes on, things begin to change. It often happens that relationships lose their passion. That is why it is important to preserve both relationships and passion. If you feel that your relationships are losing momentum, you should search for a special place.

Where did your first dates take place?

Love affairs tend, to begin with the brightest emotions. Considering the ability of our brain to associate everything, it would be great if the date, you are planning, causes the same emotions, both of you experienced during your first dates. In other words, take your woman out on a date somewhere you’ve been on your first date (or the brightest date).

A perfect place for you.

Once you are there, you will feel the touch of the past emotions immediately. Mind her mimic, it may tell a lot about the way she feels. In order to intrigue her, try to keep the place, you’ve chosen, in secret. But do not try too much. It should not look as if you are jumping out of skin to show her that you are planning something big. Be patient.

Places, which are significant for both.

This point should stand alone. Just think of the best moments and the most romantic quiet corners, you’ve visited. Take your beloved woman there on a date. For instance, you may plan a romantic dinner or something.

Short trips.

So, you have durable relationships with the Russian woman and are 100% sure she likes you. Go on a trip together.

Choose a place, which won’t take much time and money. You may go to the lake not far from your city and rent a cottage there for a few nights. This way you may check if she is serious about you as well.

Another idea for the short trip is to visit some hideaway castle or restaurant. Something like the Grotta Palazzese restaurant in Italy. This one is situated in a cave and is overlooking the sea. You may find similar things all over the world. Just choose the one which is easier to reach and enjoy the trip.

All the tips we have mentioned above are general. The point is that may be useful for you if you will add something special, something from you experience, something she will associate with you exclusively.

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