Christian Dating Advice All Singles Should Know

Christian dating tips

We reckon that Christian individuals who are marriage-oriented need something more than just Christian dating tips when it comes to the moment in their lifetime when a potential soul mate appears on the path. Those people would blossom with Christian dating rules and guidelines that they can accept with a help of the Holy Bible and introduce those guidelines into their lives. We feel not really great about giving relationship advice. The reason is that it is difficult to give enough wise and well-balanced recommendations on a personal matter through a usual article. It is especially difficult to offer the Christian dating pieces of advice when we do not know the people involved in person, not considering all of the issues involved, and if we are only exploring one side of the story. We do not claim to speak for God in giving the following relationship advice to Christians.

Dating for Christians: rules and guidelines

As born Christians, we have to bear in mind that the word “Christian” denotes that we are the followers of Jesus Christ. If our manner of behavior in romantic relationships is the same as those who obey the norms of society, we only bring a disgrace on the God’s Word. Everybody in the world is watching each other and those people want to conduct their lives as true followers of the Lord. We must walk our walk by accepting and obeying the Christian principles in every sphere of life.

As believers, our goal must be to establish true and sincere friendships with those of the opposite sex, avoiding selfish desires. If we skip this stage and get involved in global manipulative games, we could end up with a string of broken relations, unbearable pain, regrets and plenty of wasted time as well.

There is always a chance to date in a godly way. Here are a few practical dating guidelines based on certain Christian books about dating for the Christian singles dating. By following those guidelines, you will be able to build up and develop godly romantic relationship.

Christian advice for datingStart and maintain a solid friendship! A healthy “romantic” relationship may only be constructed on the steady basement of friendship. This allows you to share your thoughts and feelings and enjoy one another’s company with no pressure. Accordingly, make it as clear as possible that you want your time to be spent forming a friendship and that you are not presently looking for a deeper commitment.

Try hard not to send the wrong message! You are awarded with a responsibility towards the person you are dating. Be candid and soft-hearted of his/her feelings. Don’t send mixed messages or try to manipulate a person in a relationship neither of you is ready for.

Avoid flirting or expressing needless hints about your sexual feelings neither on the Christian dating sites, nor in real life and do not grow close too fast by using “pet” names.

Set limitations! Evade spending too much time on your own, especially at night time. Plan up your dates during the day or early evening.

Stay watchful for not to indulge in excessively passionate kissing and petting. Those actions are the forms of foreplay that lower your guard and may eventually lead to sexual intercourse. Store up your good passion and all intimate actions until marriage. By obeying this principle, you can build excitement and foretaste your honeymoon night.

Just watch and wait. Watch the individual traits you can see in a person. Pray for direction and then await for God to give you inner harmony and peace and the plan you should stick to in order to keep moving forward.

Find a decent Christian dating website to carry out some Christian online dating.

As you can see, with a little preparation and originality, Christian dating can become amazing and a lot of fun, without the temptation to fall into sexual relations. The whole dating process should simply be a time when two people of the opposite sex go out enjoying each other’s company, while learning about each other. The more information you gather about your partner, without becoming emotionally involved, the better chance you have at making the right decision when selecting a soul mate.

9 tips for Christian singles

Communicate and attend group dates

Getting to know each other reveals your ability to be a good match for the other person. Sharing opinions, ideas and thoughts help the Christian singles dating determine if a relationship possesses a possible development. Group dates help encourage a positive and healthy Christian environment.

There’s no such thing as “too fast”

Rushing things often comes with a sense of awareness and certainty when one person has made the right choice. Thus, if you feel you have to slow down, take your time and ask yourself if you’re able to see your potential partner’s positivity or what The Creator has expressed through the virtue of your partner’s character.

Use social media wisely

The truth is, some of the Christian dating sites for the Christian single men and women with a superior pairing and matching system can bring together single Christian women and unengaged Christian men from all around the world in a totally private meeting that might otherwise have never happened.

Christian advice for dating includes interactions on social media services without flirting or teasing a partner. However, if there is a real confirmation that a man is pursuing a woman with the intent to establish a relationship and wants to make the commitment, then that is a more than acceptable use of social media.

Christian dating sitesA man should lead his girlfriend

In accordance with the Holy Scripture, a man should always lead his wife – not simply because this reflects the supplementary nature of both partners, but also because it is just practical to adhere to this structure. Yet, if you’re just getting to know each other, it can get pretty tricky trying to know just how far a guy can or must lead.

Remain pure

Let us understand the following thing: if the situation has not even presented itself, what could be the matter for talking about modesty or purity? Right. None.

Set the right desires

As it often happens, Christian tips on dating don’t take into account that the desire to be married is not only real but very good. Stepping up together as a husband and a wife is not sinful itself, but a direct expression of God’s own will.

The Lord has injected such a beautiful and natural desire into our hearts so that we may act upon it. Modern dating tips for Christians mean that you are not only expecting to find someone who will not only be equal to you in education, family background, personality and other aspects, but also somebody whose faith will complement your own and help you improve, ideally.

Luckily for you, there are thousands of online Christian dating resources with thousands of unique personalities signed up out here, with approximately 65,000 new lone souls signing up every week.

Simultaneously, perfect matches imply more than just an alignment of the surface characteristics. It also calls for a much deeper self-analysis straight into the aspiration to build long-lasting relationships. Many Christian singles will often shun their beliefs in desperation to escape their loneliness or the deliberate assumption that online (and the real life) dating always results in nothing.

So always take it lightly and easily. Do not jeopardize your own beliefs simply to find someone that may “match” you but does not actually share your values. Take your time to form the right desires and pay all the due studiousness- or use some dating services that can do that for you!

In one way or another, it continues to be admirable, worthy and godly to go about your single life with just as much devotion and dedication in apprenticeship as if you were with a potential partner.

Stay open to a friendship

One of the truly best pieces of Christian dating advice is something that not only Christian single men and women can possibly benefit from: even those singles that are looking for marriage and family-oriented partners would do well to keep in mind that the basis for any whole-hearted partnership is often friendship first and foremost.

Here we mean the friendship that is born between the people of the opposite sex as a shared summation of interests, beliefs, passions and fellowship. Yet even Christian singles often demonstrate concern about being physically attractive to their possible partners when all the other “pieces” of godliness recede into the background. The only thing to remember is the following: it is totally normal to pursue a woman with an intention of friendship hoping for some romantic continuation.

Pursue God’s wisdom

When we talk about dating, God’s wisdom is doubtlessly needed. There can also appear many other issues which aren’t directly addressed by the Holy Writ, and therefore require certain wisdom. For example, is it sinful for a couple to go to a secluded place at night in order just to hang out? Seems it’s not, still it may not be the wisest thing. Or does a young man need to possess financial stability before he can ask for a girl’s hand? Again, not necessarily, but it is quite wise for him to think over his current financial situation.

Embrace self-control

Work hard to avoid the temptations of the flesh, as the Christian church calls for its parishioners to remain a virgin until marriage. Christians in a relationship may spend time in a couple without engaging in the sexual intercourse.

Summing it up

For the Christians, maintaining a relationship filled with pure joy and love has to be connected with self-limitations and the strict adherence to faith. Sometimes, Christian principles of chastity, loyalty and spiritual bounding may create certain challenges, still these same fundamental guidelines also stand for a favorable and healthy relationship based on trust, love and respect. These are the vital qualities required for building a healthy and durable Christian relationship.

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