Tips for Dating a Ukrainian Girl

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So, my dear friend, you have been lucky and you are close to dating a Ukrainian girl. You worry because people say so many things. If you believe in all myths and legends, they are not just girls – they are creatures from another planet. But in reality things are completely different. These pretty girls are also easy to understand like any others. The main thing is to know a few simple rules, features of mentality and to read our guide. And then your meeting with a Ukrainian girl will be perfect.

How to Impress

You do not need to look like Brad Pitt or ride a Corvette to impress the Ukrainian girl. Such things alone will almost never work for a Ukrainian woman. If you want to date a Ukrainian girl, then you need to know how to make her feel special.

1. Give her a unique compliment. If you want the girl to immediately feel special and turn her on, then you must let her feel that you see her not just as “the next goal.” Let her know that you think she’s unusual, talk about her unique features. Tell her that she has amazing freckles, a good sense of humor, a fantastic laughter, or the most incredible sense of style that you have ever seen.

2. Ask questions about her. Most people like to talk about themselves when given a chance. If you want a girl to feel special, and really not indifferent to you, ask her some questions about her life and her thoughts. Do not give her an interrogation under torture and do not make her feel as if she is on an interview. Just ask some personal, but not obtrusive questions, it really will show her what you are interested in. Here are some things you can talk about:

dating Ukrainian girls – Who are her closest friends? How are they having fun?

– Does she have pets? If so, ask her to describe them.

– Does she have brothers and sisters?

– What are her favorite movies, bands, books?

– Her hobby.

– What is her job or where she studies.

3. Be a gentleman. If you want to make a good impression on the most beautiful ukrainian girl, then you definitely need to be a gentleman. You do not have to impose or try to do something that does not fit with your personality, but if you want her to feel special, you must make her feel like a lady. To be a gentleman, you must treat the girl with respect, be kind and affectionate, and let her feel your attention to her, both on the jubilee date, and just over a cup of coffee.

First date

The first date is always a very important thing: you need to be able to balance and not cross the line. Do not pretend to be better than you are, do not give away all the trump cards, do not brag, do not flirt like a steep macho. At the same time, this should not be a dull and boring spectacle, when you just sit and keep silent because you have nothing to say or you are just shy. In general, in order to date Ukrainian girls successfully there is a certain set of rules which we will share with you.

1. Decide where you will go. Instead of wondering what to do on the first date with cute ukrainian girls, make a very detailed plan of action, choose a place, and then look at the situation. This place should cause positive and pleasant emotions in her and leave good impressions after. And, of course, it should be a little…unexpected. A type of surprise. This is how you can stand out and look better against the background of other guys. Beautiful ukrainian girls are used to the fact that any organizational issues are solved solely by men. Remember this.

2. Tell her where you will go and what you will do. At least so that she could choose the appropriate clothes. And that she will be able to have a general idea of ​​how you’re going to spend this day. Briefly explain your plan for the first date but try to maximally get her interested in your proposal so as not to be refused. And remember that hot ukrainian girls do not like surprises that put them in an awkward position.

3. Talk about something neutral. Remember that your main goal is to find out who she is and what she is. Therefore, you do not need to choose any specific topics, you do not need to be too witty and self-confident. Talk to her so that it allows her to open up and reveal herself as much as possible.

date Ukrainian girls Gifts

Many men are interested in what to give Ukrainian women. And many of them make a big mistake: they believe in the myth that a Slavic woman can be pleased only with expensive premium gifts and rush to jewelry stores or the gadget store to buy latest smartphones. It is not right. Such gifts are appropriate with the girl with whom you have already established relationships, when you already have something that binds you together. For example, time and important joint memories. So it is accepted in Ukraine and in many other Slavic countries.

If on one of your first dates you present a gift to a Ukrainian girl with a solid price tag, chances that you’ll get a slap are high. If the girl is sufficiently restrained, she will refuse your gift, she will leave and you will never see her again. Such gestures on the part of men are regarded as attempts to get a quick sex or a personal girl on call. Dating Ukrainian girls is impossible in this way.

Do you want to please a Ukrainian girl with a gift? Buy her some not expensive but stylish jewelry. Give her a book. Give something memorable, something that evokes pleasant emotions. Going to the spa at your expense is also a great idea. She loves music? Buy tickets for the concert. That’s what Ukrainian girls need – sincere care and the same gifts.

Pros and Cons of Dating Ukrainian Woman


1. They are real beauties. Poets and artists just admire the beauty of the Slavs, and especially of Ukrainian women. And absolutely not in vain. It happened so that mother nature awarded the Ukrainian nation with beauty. And especially women have received many gifts of nature. Why are ukrainian girls so beautiful? Only heaven knows the answer.​

2. You will understand what it means to eat the most delicious food in the world. People tell incredible stories about the culinary skills of Ukrainian women. And not only the Ukrainians themselves, but also American men. Ukrainian cuisine is full of nutritious, delicious and healthy dishes. Agree, this combination of qualities is extremely rare. Ukrainian girls learn to cook from their childhood, so it will not be difficult for them to implement the menu of a chic restaurant in your kitchen. Cool, right? So, if you meet a Ukrainian girl looking for marriage and you are hungry – treat this occasion like a God`s sign for you.

3. For these girls, there is nothing more important than family. Traditional upbringing in Ukrainian families implies a cherished attitude to family values. The main path that a Ukrainian woman must pass in order to realize her potential is the way from the Girl to the Wife and the Mother. And there is great wisdom in this.most beautiful Ukrainian girl

4. You have the best friend in the world. Ukrainian girls have a special approach to establishing contact with a man. First she wants to be your friend. She wants to become a person with whom you can discuss everything in the world and not be afraid to remain misunderstood. This makes your relationship, when you become a full-fledged couple, even stronger.

5. Insignificant language barrier. Most Ukrainian girls speak English well. And even if at first there are problems with this, nature endowed the Ukrainians with a talent for learning languages. Among them there are a lot of good linguists. And the ability to quickly remove the language barrier will significantly save you time that you can spend in full communication.


1. Excessive emotionality. Some men will find it hard to get used to the fact that sexy Ukrainian girls react to the world around quite… loudly. You will need to be patient in order to get used to the new style of communication.

2. The difference in cultures. It is quite significant. Therefore, tune in to listen carefully and to delve into information about the lifestyle and the way of thinking of your beloved.

Why Men From the USA Like Ukrainian Girls?

What is so good about these women that middle-aged men from Western countries pay money for the opportunity to meet them? The main reason is their willingness to give birth to children, to devote themselves entirely to their upbringing and to take care of the house. Not just to wash the dishes and clean once a week, but create a cozy atmosphere in the house where you want to return again and again.

The second reason is the loyal attitude of Ukrainian women towards men. If a spark of love has broken out between you, it does not matter what your age difference is and what your social status is. If you take care of your woman and love her, you do not need anything else. A Ukrainian girl will be happy.

What Kind of Man Do Ukrainian Girls Like?

Ukrainian girls prefer mature men over 35. That’s why they are perfect for marriage. They reach mental and psychological maturity early. Their view of the world is honest and wise. Therefore, they are looking for equal men. And can you expect something like this from 25-year-old boys? Of course, there are exceptions, but mostly – not.

In addition to a mature view of the world, Ukrainian girls like men who know how to treat a girl beautifully. Beautifully does not mean to buy expensive gifts, remember this thesis. Beautiful in the understanding of Ukrainian girls – this is the original compliments (and not banal flattery), dates in interesting places, meeting interesting people from your circle of friends, long conversations about important things. That’s what is beautiful.

Many men are afraid to get acquainted with Ukrainian girls because of the myths about their temptation in sex. Yes, they are hot things and they really dedicate themselves to the beloved completely. But this does not mean that every time a girl will arrange a sex show at the highest level and if your skill is not enough, she will run away from you. It is not true.

Major Differences between Ukrainian and American Women

– Ukrainian girls prefer family, American – career.

– Ukrainian girls are accustomed to follow the diet, and Americans are inclined to plumpness.

– Ukrainian girls consider a man to be the main person in the house, Americans are eager for “partnership”.

– Ukrainian girls prefer to cook on their own, American wives often use ready-made products.

– Ukrainian girls prefer an active lifestyle, Americans – watching TV shows, sitting on a couch.

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  1. An outstandingly honest and positive guide, which I think applies to most women, let alone Ukranian, if you are in the right place at the right time. Thanks for the insight.

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