Dating for Men over 50: Basic Rules, Do’s and Don’ts, and More

dating in 50's

Love knows no age. This simple statement has changed so many lives! Why would anyone ever decide otherwise? Well, people from all over the world have quite different ideas related to age gaps between lovers and the appropriate age to marry and have children. Since our attention is focused today on men over 50, we are going to talk mostly about them.

There’s a popular opinion that the older man gets, the more attractive he becomes. Clearly, what actually makes men attractive is intelligence and experience, so the aforementioned opinion totally makes sense. However, the society (no matter how tolerant it has recently become) often isn’t willing to understand why a fifty-year-old man looks for love. Modern society, westerners, in particular, have a great variety of misconceptions, and this one is one of the best examples. That is why you should not pay much attention to what people have to say (but it does not mean that you should shut the mouths of your family and friends; people who care about you might appear to be right).

Apart from social treatment and opinions, there are also many unwritten rules of dating for men over 50. Here are some of them:

1. Know what you want. When you look for a woman, you should understand what kind of relationships you are interested in. It will define the type of female you should seek. If you want to have children, you should better seek a younger and healthier woman. Why? Because 50-something women have a great risk of miscarriage; likewise, it’s quite hard for such female to give birth to a healthy child. As well, if you get too old for taking care of children (which can itself be quite an assignment at times), your younger significant other will take this responsibility and devote all her time to kids while you will provide her with everything she and children might need. If you are not interested and marriage, you may find a same-age partner for sex and spending time together. In fact, a 50-something woman would understand your needs and interests much better than a young girl. Basically, your requirements define the type of relationships and females you should shift your attention to.

2. Don’t rush into things. We often assume that adolescents are always in a hurry because they want to get everything from life and don’t miss a single opportunity in life. Well, it’s rather understandable that older people rush into things for the same reason. Nonetheless, in the case of a young guy, such rush would look all right while an older man in such hurry seems awkward. As an experienced person, you should know your worth. Therefore, you definitely shouldn’t fall for every young and merely attractive woman. Likewise, you should not start relationships too soon. At any age, you should sufficiently learn your prospective lover before getting committed. In the end, why would you devote your time and efforts to someone who wouldn’t even appreciate it?

3. Think about yourself. When we are young, we often do whatever we want without thinking about tomorrows or assessing how our actions will affect our future. However, as you get older, your health and life conditions become essential to ensure your comfortable being. Unfortunately, keeping track of your health become exceedingly important after your 50s. As well, you should not devote your time and life to someone who would make you nervous and stressed all the time. People can at times be quite selfish and self-absorbed (even if all other qualities traits that your partner possesses are attractive). Therefore, you should choose someone who would make your life comfortable instead of making it a living hell. Of course, you should never fall for gold-diggers. However beautiful and sexually attractive such females might seem, they always come accompanied by destruction and disasters. Thinking about your significant other is important; thinking about yourself is even more important in your 50s.
Based on the peculiarities of dating in your 50s, we pointed out some basic don’ts and dos, which include:
Don’t let your new relationships consume all your time and energy. It might be harmful to your health and life overall.

mature dating4. Do check your partner’s intentions. She might seem absolutely sincere and accurate in her sayings. But don’t be blinded and try to understand if this woman actually loves you or not.
Don’t underestimate the force of romance. Older men often assume that picking up a woman is not that important when both of you are mature. Any woman in her late 40s wants (and needs!) to be loved even more than 20-something girls. Taking her out for a dinner ONCE does not make you two a legitimate couple. Pay her some attention, make her feel young and sexy again.

5. Do look for females who match you intellectually. You indeed don’t just look for physical intercourse between you and your potential girlfriend. Being with a woman who can keep the conversation going and can help you in any possible situation is more likely to make you happy.

Don’t stop taking care of your body and overall physical appearance. Clearly, your skin and hair change, but your body structure and muscles can be 100% fit at any age. Of course, it requires some extra effort but it pays off in so many ways (including your outer handsomeness and the state of your health).

6. Do go for something new. Being conservative makes sense at any age, especially in your 50s. Nonetheless, it does not mean that you should cut yourself off from everything new. Learn how to use modern smartphones at their full capacity, sign up for cooking classes, travel and read. Be open-minded!

Nevertheless, the most important thing about dating for men in their 50s is that searching for love at this age is ABSOLUTELY AGE. If you are for any reason feel lonely and want to find a loving and caring woman to spend time and get older with, go for it. Don’t listen to anyone! Your life is in your full control, and if you feel like having a relationship – just do it. Love is definitely one of the very few phenomena that make our life beautiful and complete.

Sex Advice for Men Over 50

We all need intimacy, no matter how old we are. Good thing there are almost no age limits when it comes to sex. Sure, intimate relationships in your 70’s are a bit different than those in your 20’s or 30’s. The problem is that a lot of men over 50 don’t believe in their strength, putting an end to their sex life. But it’s not over yet – all they need is a couple of over fifty sex tips and tricks.

Pay more attention to your partner

When going through natural changes, it’s crucial to share your desires, thoughts, and fears with your partner. Try to encourage your sex partner to open up. You may not be used to talking about sex openly, but sharing everything that concerns both of you will bring you closer and give new emotions.

Discussing sex

Such subject as sex for over fifties is hard to approach, but once you begin, it will be a bit easier. Besides, you’ll see that discussing such an intimate matter is sexually arousing. Follow these tips to start from the right spot.

sex for over 50 Be honest but playful, and don’t hesitate to discuss new ideas. Talking about sex is much easier when at least one of the partners is in a playful mood. Add a bit of teasing or humor to your intimate conversation. Honesty helps achieve much-needed trust and relaxation. If you always wanted to try something interesting and new in bed, just tell your companion about it. Sex at this age is perfect for experimenting and fulfilling secret desires. Don’t fear to talk openly and sincerely.

More physical touches and intimacy

Here’s one thing you should know: a good sex for over 50 men is more than movements back and forth. It should involve intimacy, and it can’t be achieved without touches. Try to receive pleasure from that closeness between you and your partner. Don’t dwell on your old beliefs and ideas of how “the right” sex feels like. Make physical contact and tenderness the basis of your intimate relationship.

Don’t rush things

Now that the kids are in college, and your job doesn’t take most of your time, you can afford to devote more attention to the intimate part of your life. Start preparing your night of passion from making a romantic dinner, for example. It doesn’t really matter what you and your companion do before sex. Just be sure that you do it together.

Tell her what you enjoy about her most and fantasize on how your sex will feel and look like. Take a bath together and turn on relaxing music or make her a massage. Sex is much more pleasant when both partners are relaxed and feel comfortable.

Accept the changes

The fact that sex over fifty is not like sex over twenty is obvious, but who says that this is a bad thing? Actually, intimacy at such age can be much more pleasant. Once you realize this, you can do the following:

Take advantage of your experience. You won’t believe how attractive the benefits that come with age (like self-confidence or independence, for example) can be to your potential dates. At 54, you know yourself and your body much better than at 23. This means that you already know “what buttons to push” to make every sexual experience truly unforgettable.

Say goodbye to your past. Try not to concentrate on your expectations for intimate relationships at your age. Don’t compare them with ones you had 20 years ago. But if you couldn’t live without sex when you were younger, you don’t have to slow down.

Learn to love the older version of yourself. Your body has changed over the years, and it will continue changing. You can’t go against nature. But if you manage to embrace these changes, you’ll get much more than a confidence boost. You’ll become more attractive to people around you. And what can be sexier than confidence?

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