Dating with Venezuelan Women: Main Tips and Information

venezuela dating

What is a secret of the beauty of Venezuela females? One explanation is that the population of the country was formed by immigrants. Mixing blood gave this amazing effect. For example, the characteristic eye shape of Venezuelan ladies has originated from their Indian ancestors.

The second reason why women from Venezuela look so stunning is the customs of the country. Venezuelan women want and make efforts to be beautiful. Since childhood, girls are trying to take care of their health and beauty. Neatness in clothes, make-up, and hairstyle are things without which a Venezuelan girl cannot be imagined. Messy hairstyles are practically not allowed for the female (as well as the male) population of this country. Their long dark hair is always neat and smoothly combed. A rare girl wears a short haircut. Makeup in Venezuela is a must too. Without it, Venezuela females will not leave the house. And it shouldn’t be bright and bold, these women know how to emphasize their natural beauty without looking too provocative.

Even girls from ordinary families who are not able to attend gyms find time to go jogging and swimming in the ocean to stay fit and healthy. As for clothes and shoes, the women of Venezuela try to combine sexuality with convenience. For example, they wear shoes with high but wide heels. Studs, as well as sneakers, are not honored.

About Venezuelan Women

In Venezuela, where almost everybody strives for the ideal body, people start taking care of their appearance almost from childhood. It can be said without exaggeration that participation in various beauty contests has turned into a national hobby for girls from Venezuela. Beauty, as we know, requires a lot of work, including material costs. It is not surprising that Venezuela is in first place in the world both in cosmetics purchases and in the number of plastic surgeries. The operation to correct the nose or chest has long been considered the most popular gift for the 16th anniversary. The best friends of the girls are not diamonds, but plastic surgeons and the main Venezuelan dream is the crown of the beauty queen.

dating venezuelan girlHow to Date With Venezuelan Women

Venezuelans, for the most part, are Christians. The church plays a big role in everyday life, every life decision and aspect is connected with religion, so you should know this part of the life of your partner and respect it. What is more, Venezuela is famous for its musical traditions. Popular music genres are “gaita” and “yanero.” Famous dances are “salsa” and “merengue.” That means the residents of this country adore dancing, and you can see their wild energy and sexuality in all their power during the dance. As you can see, tranquility and humility combine with passion in the blood of Venezuelan girls. They know the value of their beauty but honor the traditions and are great family people at the same time. That is why sometimes dating a Venezuelan girl can be very tricky.

Learn cultural features Venezuela

Venezuela is a Catholic country, so many local traditions are based on adherence to Christian norms of behavior. The church here is the center of political, cultural and spiritual life, and the priest usually enjoys unquestioned authority in the community. Spanish is widely spoken, but English is used much less – you will deal with it only in business districts of large cities and on some islands in the Caribbean. So, it is better for you to learn Spanish before going to the country, but of course, English can work in some cases.

The main center of all local life is the family. Venezuelans spend much more free time in the family than even residents of Spanish-speaking countries, and often even men give up their traditional hobbies in favor of children and stay at home. It is considered a quite normal thing and men are even proud of the amount of time they devote to house chores and children. That means, if you plan to tie a knot with any of Venezuelan women, you should better be prepared to devote a huge part of your life to family traditions.

Grow together

Dating a Venezuelan girl is not only about her beauty but also about intelligence and self-development. Women from this country spend so much time on their appearance, but they do not forget about the children and working at the same time, it means they are really versatile. Chances are your beloved will not be satisfied with sitting at home, cooking, and cleaning, she will want the world to see her beauty. Your future spouse will want to travel, get to know new things or create a business together. You should really devote time to doing something together and learn new skills as a couple if you want your Venezuelan wife to stay with you.

Give her compliments

As we have already mentioned, Venezuelan women dating is tricky because they know they are beautiful and will demand you for compliments. Do you think she has spent so much time on a new hairstyle for you even to not notice it? You will have to constantly remind her about how beautiful you think she is because if you do not do this, someone else will. If you want her to feel your love and see that you appreciate such a beautiful woman near you, you have to learn how to make compliments and practice every day. But always be honest, women from Venezuela are particularly sensitive when it comes to lying, and they will feel if your kind words are not coming from your heart.

Don’t be boring

They are passionate, interesting and extremely curious. These women would like to see the world, know about different cultures and learn something new every day. That is why they often choose foreigners as their partners. Not only to move to another country but experience something new and get rid of the boundaries of their native country. Tell her about living on your motherland and she will be surely interested, remind her about how big the world is and take her into a journey. Do everything for her not to stay bored because these women will not stay near a man that is uninteresting and can’t bring anything new to their lives.

Be the leader

It is also vital when Venezuela dating that you stay the leader. Help her solve her problems, give advice and come up with a decision when she cannot do this. She is probably so tired of trying to look like a bombshell all the time, taking care of children and working at the same time. Let her feel week and protected, give her all the conditions to bloom and stay forever young, and she will do it. She will give you the maximum love and support and provide you with all the care she can produce. You need to be a strong man and a respected individual, and you will conquer her heart.

Where to Meet Venezuelan Women?

To start dating Venezuelan women, you should try to get to know any of them. Of course, it is easier to do that in their natural environment, and the best idea would be to visit Venezuela. There you will be in great demand as a foreigner, and if you do everything right and try to interest the local women, they will be really attracted by you. Hopefully, now you have so many tricks on how to make them fall in love with you and how to approach a Venezuelan girl in a proper way. But, of course, with today’s technologies, you can meet and talk to females form this country anywhere in the world, using online dating services and many platforms designed for this.


Actually, no matter where you are, you can meet women for Venezuelan dating. You will immediately identify them. Those will be tanned, beautiful, with great makeup on, well-dressed women having a strong character and curvy shapes. Because the Venezuelans love traveling, you can meet them at any part of the world and exchange contacts to later continue communication. And who knows, maybe one day you will go to visit your new love in Venezuela.

venezuelan girlsMaracaibo

Not a surprise this place is called La Tierra del Sol Amada, which can be translated as “The place beloved by the sun.” This city with a population of about 3.2 million citizens is also a land of beautiful Venezuelan women. If you want to get to know any of them, try going to the Bella Vista or Wings night club, these spots are popular in the city. If you prefer a chilling atmosphere and want to spend a date in a good restaurant, Mi Vaquita Steak House & Bar and Pentos Restaurant are worth visiting.


This quite big picturesque city is located in northern Venezuela in 125 km far away from Caracas. Here you can enjoy the magic beauty of the Valencia lake, the rich history of the city that used to be the capital of the state as well as meet some stunning girls. The best places to do it will be clubs like Sanchez or Sando music club or cafés like Helas or La Dulceria, where the best ice cream and waffles are served.


It would be a crime not to mention a stunning city, the capital of Venezuela and the biggest town of the state. Its long history, hot climate, different people, great eating spots and the Cordillera de la costa mountain ridge attract tourists from all over the world. Apart from spending an unforgettable weekend here, single men also come to Caracas to meet the love of their life. And if you are interested in this, visit the places where crowds of Venezuelan beauties love spending nights dancing. Those are clubs like Juan Sebastián Bar, LeClub or La Lagunita Country Club. And during the day you can go to places like Franca Coffeecakes or Bodega Villa Avila to eat.

Dating Sites and Apps

When it comes to e-dating, there are apps that have proven to be extremely popular and effective and which work all around the world, we are not going to focus our attention on those applications everyone knows about. Instead, try to focus on, or, those sites will come in handy while looking for ways to communicate with women from Venezuela.

Now you know that there are many ways to meet Venezuela girls and find love of your life among them. You will definitely notice it when they will flirt ogling with you and give you signs you can interpret as a green light. In this case, you should approach them first and start acting. Be the leader, show her that you are ready to take the initiative, and you can start talking about your country. Ask her about any cultural features of Venezuela and do not forgive to give compliments.

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