Detailed Guide: How to Date a Colombian girl

beautiful colombian girls

Colombian women definitely deserve your attention. They are, without any doubt, among the greatest girls in South America. They have many great features and can amaze you with their appearance. Many Americans and Europeans come to Colombia for the purpose of dating. Beautiful Colombian girls possess various incredible qualities. They are exotically gorgeous, interesting to talk to, caring, skillful, and passionate. They, perhaps, have the most original and distinguishing beauty compared to other Latin American women. They like men and, especially, foreigners.

Tourists and expats visiting Colombia have all the chances to hook up with these magnificent women. Women in Colombia are also open-minded and understanding. They’re able to tolerate even the most masculine behavior. Unlike more progressive European or American women, girls in Colombia respect manhood and expect you to act as a man at any occasion. Being a true man is the best way to achieve success while dating a Colombian girl. Colombian girls are also very attentive to their looks. More than anything else they like to dance. So, prepare to dance hard and for long.

Even though Colombian women are very hard-working, they expect you to sponsor them seeing as how you’re a man. Therefore, you need to be financially secured which is easy to do because Colombia is not a rich country. Your money will be twice as more valuable there. So, don’t be afraid to spend it. In order to impress your Colombian girlfriend you need to become friends with her family. Knowing Spanish is also a plus. Your efforts won’t go unnoticed and will bring you the winning points. But you need to know exactly what to do and how to succeed. Thus, read the following guide to know how to date a Colombian woman.

Role of Women in Colombian Culture

National traditions have a real authority in Colombia. This country is very traditional. It is an unwritten rule that the attitude of machismo dominates social life in Columbia. Women have secondary roles and are expected to care about household activities and raise the children. Men work and provide money. Women are housewives. In case a woman works she receives a lesser salary than a man. In other words, patriarchic inequality is a traditional ground rule in Colombia. Nobody seems to mind and it is a lot like Europe or America 50 years ago. The only different thing is that Colombian women don’t seem to mind it and are completely okay about that.

beautiful colombian womenWoman and Colombian Family Traditions

Family traditions are strong not only in Colombia but in the whole South America. It is expected from everybody to respect and honor family. Even though a man is a head of a family, a woman is its center. A man can be away doing the job. A woman is required to raise children, educate them, keep the house clean, and deal with family problems. Men in Colombia provide their families with money while women do everything else. Every Colombian woman dreams to become a mother and have a house to look after. Being a mother is the most desired and important thing for a Colombian woman.

Character Features to Know Before Dating Colombian Girls

Beautiful Colombian women are very special. They have unique original qualities that distinguish them from all other girls in South America. Knowing them you are more likely to succeed because you will be prepared. Speaking in broad terms, you need to know what you’re dealing with. Therefore, read the following features of Colombian girls in order to achieve success.


Colombian girls are very feminine. Therefore, they are very sensual and passionate. Love and sex mean a lot for them. Because making a family is their #1 priority they like to form relationships and date occasionally in order to find just the right guy. They like everything most women like and even more: to kiss, to hug, to cuddle, to be romantic, to dream, etc.


Colombian women are also very jealous. They are definitely among the most jealous women in the world. They can stalk you and will go crazy if they see you with another woman. They think they own you once you start dating them. It is possible that they will monitor your browsing history and go through your pockets. They can ask you numerous questions about other women and keep track of your schedule. Be prepared to it.


Colombian girls are naturally beautiful. They have amazing bodies. Those who were not born beautiful do everything they can, including plastic surgery, to be as beautiful as they can. An average Colombian girl have astonishing figure, perfectly cute face, wonderful eyes, really big titties, and, of course, buttocks that are famous all around the world.

Neat and Stylish

Colombian girls are obsessed with personal hygiene. They are always clean and well prepared. They use perfume, make up, body lotions, and other skin products wisely. They also like to wear fashionable clothes, again, to be as beautiful as they can possibly be.


Your Colombian girlfriend is probably not going to cheat on you. Their jealousy indicates their devotion. Once they get a man, they like to stick to him. And they rarely initiate breakup. They are very faithful and it is not in their nature to cause infidelity. One man is enough for them to be happy in case they really like him.


Colombian girls are truly hardworking. In case you happen to live with one, she will make your house cleaner than it was before you moved in there. They like to work with their hands hard and are not lazy. Those of them who work devote themselves completely to their jobs. Those raising children spend days on their feet in order to get the best result. They are, if one may say it so, restless. They have so much energy you’re going to be surprised where it comes from.


Colombian girls are very polite. They just don’t like to be rude. They rarely shout or use bad language. They never fight or get drunk. They are polite to strangers, family members, and friends. They don’t like to offend people in any way.

colombian dating cultureDomestic

A house is a natural habitat of a Colombian woman. Even if she’s not married she still likes to be in the house and look after it. She might grow flowers or redecorate the furniture. She may clean something that is already clean because Colombian women like to be in-house. It doesn’t mean that they’re not partying. It only means that they feel comfortable at home and like more for you to be a guest rather than be invited themselves.

Wise and Intelligent

Colombian women are very intelligent. But not because they are educated. Most of them are naturally wise. They like to think rationally and deal with life problems on their own. They are independent but they’re not going to show it. They want to be treated and taken care of but, at the same time, they do pretty well on their own. They are easy to communicate with because they are very understanding.


Colombian girls have a good sense of humor. They like to laugh and make jokes. If you make them laugh you have a pretty good chance to seduce them. It is a lot like Chaplin’s quote with them: “a day without laughter is a day wasted”.

Love to Dance

Girls in Colombia are obsessed with dancing. They dance every day. They attend dance lessons in order to become professionals. Salsa is the most popular and common dance in Colombia. And Colombian girls devote so much energy and effort to dancing that it might definitely be called their primary hobby. That is why they like going to clubs so much. Their drive will shock you and exhaust because it’s really hard to keep up with them.

They Respect Men

Colombian women think highly of men, especially if you act like a man. They respect manhood and masculinity. They are attracted to everything that is manly. They are encouraged by the behavior that indicates machismo.

Open Minded

Even though Colombian women like to meet men to create family, they like casual dating as well. It is their way of getting to know you. They like to try different men in order to find the most suitable partner. Therefore, they are open-minded about relationships. They’re also frivolous in bed and like to experiment.

Sexually Experienced

It is evident from a lot of different sources that Colombian women are incredible lovers. A Colombian girl in bed will make miracles with you and your body. It really is difficult to keep up with them because they are crazy about sex. And they’re absolutely not shy about making everything possible to please you.


Women in Colombia love children enormously. They are obsessed with children and the amount of love they give to them is amazing. That’s why they make such good mothers. Being a mother, an aunt or a nanny is like a sacred task for them. Whenever you’re going to see a Colombian woman with a child you will see how much they love to care about kids.

Tips For the First Date With a Beautiful Colombian Girl

Now that you know what the Colombian girls are like, it’s time to reconsider your behavior. You need to have the right approach and attitude if you want to date a Colombian girl. The most important thing you should keep in mind is to be as much a man as you can be. You should express masculinity and be a macho to make the right impression on a Colombian girl.

Make a First Move

You need to pick up a girl in Colombia. It is a golden rule of dating that holds in Colombia. Making a first move is a must do. It indicates your courage and shows that you’re the one making the decisions approaching a certain girl. First move decides everything. Don’t just stand or wait because nothing is going to happen. A Colombian girl will never make a first move. It is up to you to do it. So, don’t be afraid and just approach her being completely confident, ruthless, and courageous.

date a colombian girlTreat Her

A Colombian girl will expect you to pay for her at any occasion. So, don’t expect to cut the bill in half. You will never be able to get far if you want to save your money. Be prepared to take care of all the expenses. She might even ask you for money to buy something for herself. It is not unusual in Colombia. Even those women who work don’t earn a lot. Moreover, economic situation in Colombia makes it one of the poorest countries in the world. Being a foreigner it will be automatically implied that you’re rich, at least, richer than most of the Colombians.

Make Compliments

Colombian girls like to be flattered. Any compliment would do. Just pay her as much compliments as you can come up with. Do it all the time. She will be glad. Women in Colombia like to be reminded that they are appreciated. You should compliment her looks, hair, clothes, behavior, style, language etc.

Learn Spanish

Learning a new language might seem a bit too extreme to you. Nevertheless, Colombian girls respect foreigners who can speak Spanish. It is definitely a plus. Consider learning at least some words or phrases. You can pretend you’re learning it by using it occasionally. Just make it seem like you make an effort. It will do. Or, you can really learn Spanish because it equally works that way in Brazil, Mexico, and Argentina. It will come in handy because it is one of the most widely used languages in the world.

Pay Attention to Her

You should be focused on a girl you’re dating because, as it was said earlier, Colombian girls easily become jealous. Even a couple of wrong looks or some moves indicating that you’re bored can disappoint her. Therefore, concentrate on a Colombian girl completely when you date her. Act like she is a center of the world for you.

More Tips for Dating Colombian Women

Here are some tips for you to know Colombian dating culture. You need to befriend her family, stay clean, wear cool clothes, learn how to dance, and, of course, continue acting manly. Moreover, you should communicate with a Colombian girl constantly and be ready to stay in touch daily. Finally, be prepared to adjust your schedule because Colombian girls never arrive on time. They just can’t help themselves but be late.

Befriend Her Family

Making friends with a girl’s family is important in Colombia. Colombian girls respect their family members very much. Therefore, they speak with them about everything. A Colombian girl will more likely dump you than go against her family’s will. Your task is to make a good impression first on her brothers and sisters and then on her parents.

She’s Going to be Late

It is a usual thing for a Colombian girl to be late. So, you shouldn’t be offended by it. It’s just the way they are. They can be late for half an hour or even hour. Perhaps, they like you to wait and do it on purpose to see how much you’re attracted to them. Or they may just be inattentive and disorganized.

Be Neat

Prepare to take a shower 3 times a day, use hygiene products, shave, and do everything else properly and at the right time. Colombian girls are very attentive to personal hygiene. They won’t stand you being sweaty or unshaved. They like everything to be perfect. So, be thorough about the way you look. Pick the best clothes you have, visit a barber, shave, and look good when you go on a date with a Colombian girl.


You definitely need to dance. Moreover, dance studios are among the best places to meet Colombian girls. Dancing improves your chances at getting it done with a Colombian girl because, as you know, they all like to dance. Start with just simply moving your body. Then, learn some new moves. Keep in mind the best advice: dance like nobody sees you.

Frequent Contact

You should talk on the phone, chat, and meet with your Colombian girl frequently. The more often you do it the better. That’s because they really like your attention. They desire to inhabit your life completely. So, never ignore a Colombian girl or make her wait for you. Playing hard to get or being difficult to catch up with won’t make you any good.

They Are Superficial Attention Seekers

Colombian women dating men do everything to attract men’s attention. They compete between each other and go at lengths to possess you. Moreover, most of them will treat you according to how you look. They will carry about your wallet and appearance more than your mind, brain or soul. In other words, they are very superficial.

how to date a colombian womanIt’s Okay for Them to Date Older Guys

Colombian girls have nothing against dating older guys. There is no social stigma against this kind of relationships. You can see that many girls in Colombia date guys who are twice their age.

Being a Foreigner is a Plus

Every Colombian girl dreams of marrying a foreigner. Perhaps, this is because Colombia is a pure country. Dating you will make her think that you want to marry her. You can play along but don’t tell her that you’re not looking for something serious and long-term. Because that is exactly what they seek from you.

3 Dates Are Enough

On average, 3 dates are enough to have a sexual intercourse with a Colombian girl. The first one won’t probably be that intimate. They like to invite friends and acquaintances. But the next ones with put make you closer to each other.


Colombian girls like to flirt. It is in their nature. You can get kisses, petting, hugs, and even see her naked on the first date. But that doesn’t mean that she’s ready to go all the way. So, don’t think that every girl you kiss will fall madly in love with you. More likely it is their way to encourage you to see them again. It is possible that you won’t get any one night stands in Colombia. As it was said earlier, at least 3 dates are necessary for you two to get really intimate.

Sex is Great

Colombian women in bed will amaze you with their skills. They are among the world’s best skilled lovers. They will do things you’ve never even dreamt of. They will most likely compete with you in bed and make everything to outplay you. Get ready to be pleasantly exhausted.

Where to get acquainted with Colombian girls

There are three options for you to meet with Colombian girls. They are dancing classes, websites, and clubs.

Dancing Classes

More than half of all girls in Colombia attend dancing classes. They like salsa and other Latin-American dances.  It is a great place to meet them. Knowing that you’re learning how to dance will make them respect you more. Keep in mind that a dance is an intimate form of expression. Dance is sexy in its nature. It is like a romance of the moves with the bodies of you and your girlfriend moving together for the purpose of pleasure. Almost like sex.

Online Dating

Online dating is pretty popular in Colombia. Consider visiting such sites as Colombian Cupid, Latin American Cupid, Badoo, OKCupid, and Tagged. The first one is the most popular Colombia dating website. It has a lot of profiles, good reputation, and well developed navigation system. Unfortunately, there are no Colombian dating apps. But you can access the sites from your phone or use Tinder.

Bars and Clubs

Bars and clubs are always the best places to meet women. Colombia is not exclusion. You will find a lot of girls there. Try local bars in the city center of Bogota or Medellin, the best cities in Colombia. Most popular bars are always crowded with women. You will see more women there than men. Therefore, you will get a great variety to choose from.

Final thoughts

All in all, now you know what Colombian women are like. And even more important is the fact that you know how to date them. Colombian women respect men and care about their looks. They are beautiful and experienced in bed. The respect manhood and want you to act as a macho. They respect their family even more. And they like children. They are crazy about dancing, so you definitely need to dance. They are hardworking and stylish. You should always make a first move in order to get a Colombian girl. You shouldn’t be offended if she’s late. Speaking Spanish is definitely a plus. So is being a foreigner because Colombian girls like men from abroad. You should look good and compliment a Colombian girl as often as you can. Prepare to pay for everything and stay in touch in case she wants to see you. Without any doubt, Colombian girls look spectacular and are very passionate in bed. You will remember sex with them for the rest of your life. Good luck!

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