How to Date a Chilean Girl

chilean girls

Compared to women from other countries of Latin America, such as Peru and Argentina, Chilean girls remain grotesquely underrated. That’s terribly unfair, but it seems it’s not going to stay this way for long. Hot Chilean girls are slowly drawing attention of western men. Although beautiful Chilean girls are known less than Chilean wine, these hot-tempered ladies are really worth noticing. So, what are Chilean women like? Why these gorgeous females with andean features are making more and more men fix their gazes on them? Are Chilean women attractive? Certainly, but that cannot be the sole reason for the growing interest of men.

How Easy Chilean Women Are?

Hot Chilean girls are way easier to lure, compared to women from Argentina or Brazil. Moreover, Chilean girls are easy in going along.

Online Dating

It is not that hard to get a Chilean girl interested in you via online chatting. All you need to do is to be good at flirting. Asking about Chile and Chilean culture is welcomed, but the key to success is having at least basic knowledge about this Latin American country. Don’t forget to be polite. And don’t expect that she will fall for you only because you are American. Unlike Peru or Columbia, there is no worshipping of Americans in Chile.

sexy chilean girlsOffline Dating

Actually, you may already consider yourself successful if your online dating proceeded offline. Still, you must really understand what you want from a Chilean girl. Chilean women like everything clear, so no need to play hide and seek. If you are in for one-night stands, she will take it okay. If you are into building serious and long-lasting relationship, she will take it okay too. What she won’t take okay is when you try to fool her. So, abandon all the ideas to pretend that you are into one, while you are into another. Hot Chilean women, no matter how hotness may be associated with stupidity for you, have their special radar for guys who try to trick them.


You are unlikely to have any problems with understanding Chilean girls if you’re communicating in English. In case you want to practice your Spanish, get ready for troubles. Among all the existing variants of Spanish in the world, Chilean Spanish is the hardest to comprehend.

In a Nutshell

So, if you want to start dating one of those beautiful Chilean girls, you won’t have problems with that. But, it doesn’t mean that you won’t have troubles with handling relationships with a Chilean girl. In order to succeed in dating sexy Chilean girls, you must follow the following list of rules.

What to Know About Chilean Girls?

Chilean vs American Women

Whenever you think about a hot Chilean girl, you think she will be totally different from the American girl. There is a difference, but a gap between them is not as big as the gap between American and Slavic women. While Chilean women are quite feminine, their level of feminism is not that far from that of American women. So, mind that with all her respect for her dignity a Chilean girl may, sooner or later, start demanding equal rights with you. So, partnership is welcomed, but if you are looking for a girl who would serve you and do ‘her duties’, probably Chile is the wrong place to start from.

A Typical Date in Chile

So, what’s the difference between typical date in Chile and typical date in the US? Actually none, as in both cases you are most likely to spend the evening having a dinner in a cafe or restaurant trying to get to know each other through a conversation. After a dinner you may go for a walk, which can often culminate in continuation of the date in your house or room in the hotel.

a chilean girlThe Development of Relationships

Here is the major difference. In comparison with relationships’ development in the US or in Europe, the development of relationships in Chile can be considered a little bit fast-paced. Which means that your intentions and plans must be clarified on the third or fourth date. The acquaintance with her parents will happen much sooner than it will happen in the United States. So, as we’ve mentioned above, you must be sure about your intentions before starting to date a Chilean girl.

What Is Chilean Attitude towards Foreigners Dating Chilean Girls?

Well, you know an attitude to domestic people dating foreigners differs from country to country. Somewhere it is absolutely negative, while it can be ultimately positive in other places. When it comes to Chile, their attitude to dating foreigners can be described as mixed. Dating foreigners is viewed by some as having more possibilities in future, while other view it as quite a risky business, as they consider ‘gringos’ to be very self-centred and egoistic. Mind that when you are up to dating a Chilean girl. Once again, you must show her that your intentions are clear and that you are really interested in her.

What Chilean Girls Like

Chilean girls like men who respect foreign cultures, who can be romantic, caring and passionate. Also, Chilean girls like men who are smart and educated and have a lot to tell them. So, you are either a fusion of all of those qualities or make one of those qualities stand out. She may forgive you the fact that you are not educated enough, if you are really passionate. One thing you must keep in mind if you have serious plans on your Chilean girl. Proposals are made out in public. Forget about that intimate moment where there’s only two of you and the ring. The proposals are done in public in order to show that you don’t care for the rest of the world and your lady of choice is all that really matters to you.

What Chilean Girls Don’t Like

Knowing what Chilean girls like is great, but it’s unlikely you are going to succeed if you ignore things that Chilean girls don’t like and appreciate about men. As we’ve mentioned above, a Chilean girl won’t date you because you are a foreigner. So, whatever you do, try to avoid any slightest hints at that she owes you a date because you are American or something.

Chilean girls, like most of the girls in general, are not fond of disrespectful behavior. So, if a Chilean girl is your lady of choice, treat her with respect that she really deserves.


While you may think that it is quite a lengthy article, managing to follow all of the above-mentioned rules may help you in dating your Chilean woman.

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