How to Date a Girl 15 Years Younger?


Men like young, hot chicks, don’t they? Of course, the demand for the girls that are younger than a man is higher than the demand for women older than a man. But what are the benefits of dating with a person who could have been your daughter? And, actually, are there any advantages of hanging out with such “babies”? Let’s figure it out.

Why is it worth to date a girl 15 years younger?

First of all, younger girls are less demanding. They are not tempted (most of them) and do not expect much from a man. To tell the truth, they don’t know what life is because of their age. These girls wouldn’t tell a man what they want directly, but would rather drop hints. Men like their company because they can relax, be entertained, and feel like machos.
Some people, or even such girls themselves, call those men “papis”. And they even don’t mind. From the point of view of psychology, their relationships are based on the model of “father-daughter”, in which the “father” protects, feeds, and “loves” such a girl the way he loves. Is it a true love?
Who knows? Sometimes such couples feel tender feelings for a long time (especially, if a man has been initially single at the beginning of their relationships). But if we remember the relationships of the ex-president of the USA Bill Clinton and his secretary Monica Levinsky, the perspectives of their development were not really promising (Bill has been older Miss Levinsky in 30 years). But it’s not about age, regarding Bill and Monica…

Reasons to avoid dating with the young girl

1. Such girls are not wise enough. Well, it’s true because they simply do not have enough life experience, helping to grow in wisdom.
2. They behave like infants. Due to the fact that girls 15 years younger are not equally developed in character, they can act inappropriately in the situation. For instance, she can get too upset if you have been late coming on a date, that she will cry, scream, and flap her hands. However, in some cases, it can be treated as a norm, if her temper is choleric.

How to remain confident with a girl 15 years younger?

Sure, age matters. However, if a girl 15 younger has decided to have a date with you, it means that she trusts you and wouldn’t mind your relationships to continue. You see, the vast majority of girls 15 years younger doesn’t want to date with men who are older. But don’t worry about that. If you found a girl and she agrees to date with you, enjoy your time together and be happy. Nevertheless, be careful: some girls 15 years younger are extremely materialistic. Meaning, the only thing she wants from you is not love, sex, or friendship, but money itself. Shocked? Money is the root of all evil. So, you would better not fall head over heels for her, until she ensures you in her sincerity.

How to behave with a girl 15 years younger during a date?

1. Be a gentleman.

Open a door, help her to take off her coat, etc. Demonstrate her the degree of your interest towards her, and she will appreciate that. Even though some girls are a bit feministic and hate such signs of love and kindness, they would not resist if you are tactful.

2. Don’t look at other women.

(Do you really think that younger women are stupid?) For her, if you are dating her, it means that she is the only one for you, at least, for this evening. Scanning butts and busts of other girls will be treated as a sign of ignorance. What is more, if such a behavior is typical for you, it may irritate or hurt her. Let’s care for the feelings of each other, bro.

Tips to impress a girl 15 years younger during a date

1. Flowers and candies.
A big bouquet of fresh flowers and sweets will definitely break the ice. To add more, you may also present her with a toy like bear, cat, elephant. Girls like gifts, even little ones.
2. Don’t pay for her.
Yeah! It might sound ridiculous, but the attempt to pay instead of hers for dinner might be treated as an attempt to buy her or her feelings. Even if you don’t believe in true love, there are girls who do so far. Fortunately:)
3. Don’t invite her into your flat or house.
Sex on the first date is not a thing you can impress her with. This is because there are many pick-uppers nowadays that are willing to have sex with a girl just like that. More and more girls are becoming victims of their rude behavior. So if you behave like a pick-upper, she will say “no” to you, if you proceed.

What do you need for an amazing date with a girl 15 years younger?

1. Good mood.
Come to the date in high spirits. Seriously! Play jokes and make your date memorable, and she will put a big plus near your name in her diary.
2. Stay confident.
Plan your date beforehand. Girls hate men unsure of themselves. There is nothing more idiotic than him, not knowing where to go and what to do on a date. Be a man!

Is it possible to fall in love at the first sight with a girl 15 years younger?

Yes, of course. If you don’t believe in love at the first sight, why are you reading this?:)

What are the perspectives on dating with a girl 15 years younger?

Dying together might be such an issue for you if you decide to spend your life with her. However, a plus is that she will be able to inherit your property. Another plus is that she will remain beautiful longer. Also, the differences in your age might become your benefits one day.

Is it easy to lure a girl 15 years younger after the date is over?

Well, some girls are easy pickings, some are hard candies. It depends on the upbringing, character, and moral standards. If she assures you, she is a religious person, don’t trust it even then. Just check it in the way you want and choose, according to the law, of course.


All in all, dating a girl 15 years younger is not easy, but interesting. Note that before you ask her to go out, make sure you feel young and beautiful yourself because girls intuitively tell the difference between the truth and fake. Be yourself and act naturally, to sum up.
Have a nice DATE!

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