How to Date a Girl that’s out of Your League?

Attracted by a girl out of your league? Wonder how to get along with her? Don’t panic, first of all. Actually, the problem is not in you or her being out of your league. The fact she is different from you in your status, income, appearance, etc. doesn’t mean that you aren’t able to be together. Let’s, however, define some of the peculiarities of dating with such a girl.

Why are you so attracted by her?

Well, maybe she is a star for you that you have always wanted to reach in your life. She may be a goal you have always wished to achieve. She tempts you to reach her, and it is difficult for you to do it. Therefore, she is so desirable.
Secondly, it is like a forbidden fruit in Eden: you are allowed to taste every fruit from the garden except this one. Thus, you want to get it more and more because it’s forbidden. Even though, dating girl out of your league may not be better than you thought.

Is it really worth dating woman below your league?

Sometimes it might seem that she is similar to other girls. Moreover, some of your friends may even say that there is nothing unique in her. But if you think deeper, you will begin to ask yourself questions: “Why is she out of your league?”, “How did she manage to achieve such a status?” And then, you will answer that there is definitely something in her that makes your heart beat faster. Probably, it is the way she looks, smiles, dresses, earns money. What is more, there might be a thing she could teach you in this life. Therefore, you are so excited about her. Therefore, you do respect her so. If she can help you to upgrade your status, why not to date her?

How to ask such a girl for a date?

At first, it might seem extremely difficult and almost impossible to get her positive answer after asking her for a date. But it is only a fear, which actually nothing itself. Each girl wants to be loved, respected, and taken care of. If you like her, don’t hesitate to offer dating lady not on your level. If she says “Yes”, you will be happy, if she says “No”, you will be wise. You see, you won’t lose anyway.
Just be polite, and sometimes even persistent. Such a girl might be busy or a picky one, so it may take time to get her positive reply. Remember, it’s you to choose, and it’s her to choose. You both are in equal relationship status, even though, she is out of your league.

What to do if she disagrees to date with me?

Don’t worry. Don’t panic. Don’t commit a suicide. It’s not the end of the world. The Earth is big. There are about 7 billions of people living there, so you have a lot of chances to find somebody for you. If she says “No”, it is not a disaster. Also, sometimes a girl wants to test you by saying “No”. In such a way they would like to check out whether to continue to fight for her or stop. It’s normal because each girl wants to be with a hero.

How to behave during while dating a woman below your class?

1. Be yourself.
It might seem to be easy to be yourself during a date, but still… It’s not a secret that everybody tries to impress each other on a date. Each tries to look natural, but not everyone succeeds. Albeit, it is difficult, but try to relax and smile. Breathe, just breathe.
2. Tell the truth.
There is nothing more repelling for her than to be unpleasantly surprised with a fact that you live with your parents if you said you didn’t. Being honest is one of the qualities of a reliable person (and each girl dreams to be with a guy like that, especially a girl from a different league).
3. Dress up.
No trousers in socks, dirty shirts, and an unfresh smell of your shoes are allowed. Be tidy. It is a legend that women like bad men. Even though, they like them, but would rather marry the one who cleans his clothes and teeth.

Is it possible to lure her on the first date?

It is more than obvious that the answer is “No”. This is simply because the girls out of your league clearly understand that they are like that. Meaning, they realize that they outperform you to some extent, and want to take advantage of it. That is why you want them so much. It is like a game: each player has his or her goals and advantages, no one wants to lose. So, don’t even try to lure her after a date. Upset?

Why is it great that you won’t lure a girl below your league when dating?

It’s awesome because those girls are born for marriage. So if you take your relationships seriously, go man! The woman out of your league tends to be loyal. They believe in love at the first sight but wants long-lasting relationships. She is not a one night lover. So cheer up!

How not to scare such a girl on the first date?

Women have intuition, men have logic:) (Do you agree?) A girl feels and even is able to foresee your further relationships. But you may scare her at the initial steps of your relationships. Therefore, it is important to create a positive impression. In order to do it, just realize that you communicate and deal with a GIRL, not a boy. You know, men and women are different not only from the point of view of physiology but also psychologically. Their brain works in an absolutely different way. For example, women are more emotional than men, which is not a downside. So if you want not to scare her, treat her like a gentle and fragile flower.

How long should I date her before making the proposal?

It depends on the level of your openness to each other. The degree of interpersonal trust to each other is very important. So it’s absolutely not about time. For instance, you may date for several years, but still, don’t share with your real feelings for each other, or you may have been dating ten times, and decide to get married at the eleventh date. Each case is unique and individual. But the most important thing is, of course, love. If you really love your partner and he or she loves you the same, nothing should separate you. Note that you have to be able to make the difference between love, passion, and compassion.

What is the most important thing to check out during the first date?

Sincerity. If a person you date with is sincere, your relationships will last for a long time, if she is not and telling lies, don’t expect much from her.


Now hope that you understand that there are no reasons to be afraid of a girl out of your league. So do invite her for a date! Wish you to be happy and find your real love! Have a great day!

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