How to Date a Girl Who Travels for Work


You can face many different life circumstances like a long business trip, study in another city, an alluring prospect to make a round-the-world trip on a kayak that will scatter you and the girl around different ends of the country or even continents.

It is not easy to find the right person and start dating, so when you hear from her, “I travel a lot for work,” it might upset and makes think about the future. “A lot” can mean on average, two weeks or more a month.

The below-given pieces of advice on how to date a girl who travels are for those who are already dating with such girls and temporarily maintain relationships at a distance by fate or think about travel women dating. People in relationships do not always endure separation even in a couple of months and do not know how to overcome possible difficulties and maintain their relations.

Work on the speech

The main problem of dating travel girl and distance relations per se is that your communication will proceed mainly in the verbal plane. Simply put, you will mainly be talking on the phone, and this can be a problem. When you have face-to-face communication, non-verbal means (gestures, pose, eye-rounding radius and other artistic and mimic techniques) play the main role.

People perceive the talker, whose face they do not see, as more cold and detached than he really is. You date a woman who travels and you talk with her in an even voice or answer in WhatsApp with quite unhappy “ok”, but she fancies that you are withdrawn and upset.

silhouette of pairSo, remember: it is important not only what you say but also how you say that. On the one hand, try to be a little more emotional than usual: adjust the tone and timbre of the voice in order to reflect your emotions adequately. Do not speak mumble and carefully choose words, beware of monosyllabic answers. On the other hand, when you think about ladies dating, learn to read the intonation of the girls in advance. For example, pay attention to the duration and density of pauses, occurring in conversation.

Practice shows: the more often you (or one of you) have a feeling that the conversation does not sound right, the less will be your confidence in being soul mates. If suddenly it seemed to you that the conversation ended on some unfortunate note, then, most likely, you did not imagine that. You should better call back and insinuatingly ask if everything is okay, and add another “love-kiss” to this.

In general: video calls on Skype, FaceTime, Viber, etc. are better than usual calls on the phone and texting in instant messengers (no matter what a high level you have in emoji using).

This will certainly not be easy. It is exhausting. In some places, it is a little dramatic. Nevertheless, there is one thing that can make you feel better. When you are involved in travel woman dating, you are able to improve your oratorical skills to the level of “Master Yoda.”

Keep calm

It is not enough to be persistent in the face of temptations, not to flirt of boredom with the secretaries at work and not to call the ex.  There are people who are initially “vested” with an ability to maintain long-distance relations, and there are those, who are not. Psychologically unstable people suffer the most.

The more the person is prone to neuroticism, affects, depressions, etc., the more difficult it will be for him to be separated and the less chance that the relationship will stand.

Therefore, if you dream about one of these girls who like to travel and you are quite a jealous and suspicious person, you should better twist to the fullest your inner sensor for emotions controlling. Moreover, perhaps, you can try to strengthen the defense with light sedatives. After all, if you want to see the shadow of treason, you can do it even in a random “like”.

Do not give reasons for jealousy

When your girlfriend is on a business trip, it makes sense to reduce your activity in social networks, like Instagram, and not post your photos in the mode of a graduated SMM. Firstly, because the girl may get the impression that you, instead of yearning and falling asleep with her photo, swagger on bars, wash down lobsters with “Don Perignon” and dance in the company of models Victoria’s Secret (pictures with tags # in the toilets of nightclubs make irrefutable evidence). The feeling that you live such a full life will inevitably cause jealousy.

business-trip-girlThe same rule applies to “likes” and comments to other girl’s statuses. If your girl suddenly frees up an hour or two, she will certainly spend it studying your correspondence with divorced classmates/ colleagues and other “potentially dangerous” female subjects. So, you should know: it is better to ignore the photo of a friend in a wonderful bikini, which literally asked for “like”, than to explain to your own girlfriend what you had in mind by that unholy emoji.

Create the illusion of presence

Unfortunately, the life of most couples is predictable, like a change of seasons. Only temporarily separated, you understand how important was the secret rule to go together to the gym three times a week, to play “Mafia” with friends in the Friday evening, and to go to your parents in the first week of the month.

Such rituals give birth to a sense of security and play the role of “cement “, strengthening the relationship. However, there is another side of the coin. The more rituals people have, the higher the risk that the distance will ruin their relationship. In separation, you simply will not have the opportunity to maintain a familiar way of life for your couple, in the light of which there may be a feeling that the relationship is falling apart.

Is there no way to maintain full-time rituals? Temporarily get new, “virtual”. For example, send each other selfies after visiting your gym. Alternatively, you can synchronously turn on the TV and Skype on the day of a new movie release and comment on everything, going on there as if you are sitting on the couch together. Habitual, repetitive actions from time to time soothe not only the babies: you call at the agreed time, she answers and that means life goes on as usual, and nothing foreshadows catastrophe.

Use the advantages of the situation

When you face the challenge of travel girls dating, you should look at all the advantages of such a relationship. Each time when your girlfriend travels for work, you will get a facilitated version of the relationship, where there is less responsibility, fewer obligations, more space for imagination and painting the partner’s image.

Forced separation is an excellent occasion to awaken your inner romance. Some men start writing poetry or sonnets to the glory of their beloved girls’ impeccable knees or such piercingly lyrical posts in the social network that thousands of women are pressing for “repost” and crying with emotion, “That’s true love!” Others, being at the far end of the world, manage to organize the delivery of flowers (which, by the way, is not so difficult if you know how to use any searcher). Some others organize meetings in fits and starts at railway stations, airports, in unmarked hotels of transit zones. They buy a ticket for the last money on the plane and rush to spend a weekend together with one of these girls who travels.

Is it preposterous? Is it funny? Reckless? Madly? Magically!

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