How to Date a Girl with a Broken Heart

broken hearted girl

It is sad but almost every person experienced the pain of unrequited love or of a breakup when relationships seemed so strong and trusting yesterday. In such situations, it remains to hope only for the best healer — time.

So, you met a beautiful girl with charming eyes and good body, and she agreed to your offer to meet and walk somewhere, and everything was fine. But the more you communicate with her, the more you become convinced that her heart is still occupied by someone else, namely, by her ex-boyfriend.

There are signs of her ex in all her actions. When communicating with you, she always compares you with him. And it’s good if you show yourself from a better side. But if it is not so, then the situation begins to take on a critical character. None of the guys want to share their girlfriends with someone else, but it’s simply impossible to fight with an unseen opponent. So, in this article, we will give you tips on how to date a girl with a broken heart.

How to date a broken-hearted girl

broken hearted girlBecome friends

No matter how banal it may sound but, first of all, you have to become good friends. It will be easier for her to build a new relationship with you, and her ex-boyfriend will be forgotten much faster. You have to understand that the young girl’s heart is still occupied. You don’t need to impose your feelings and your company, especially if she wants to be alone. If you want to get to her as close as possible, you can do it as a friend: with understanding and compassion.

Be patient and sympathetic

Now, it is important for a girl to realize that it is an understanding and patient person next to her. She should know that you will not pressure her and hurry in order to make her quickly forget the past. You need only to support and give advice sometimes. However, of course, it is difficult to establish relationships with a woman who always recalls her ex-man and doesn’t know how to heal the broken heart. In this situation, your jealousy is understandable but you have to try to restrain yourself. It will pass soon.

Let her vent

And you should listen to everything your girl wants to tell about her ex-boyfriend. Try to learn as much as possible about him and carefully note the shortcomings of a person, his obvious disadvantages. You have to do it very carefully — a girl will be able to look at her ex-partner from another side and understand that they broke up not in vain. Remember the information about the shortcomings of a guy you just discussed and don’t repeat his mistakes.

Remove all that reminders of your girl’s past

It can be photos, gifts, souvenirs, or other memorabilia. Try to get rid of everything that reminds your broken-hearted girl about her ex-boyfriend. Also, avoid those places where a girl walked with your predecessor. Remember that the broken hearted girl is an atomic bomb — today she loves you, tomorrow she doesn’t.

Find a new hobby for two

This should be interesting for both of you. You need to rest more together, relax. Just sitting at home together in front of a TV is not what you need. Give your girl with a broken heart positive emotions and the image of her ex-boyfriend will gradually erase from her memory.

Give more attention to her

Pay more attention to a girl when you are together. Take care of this girl, show how much you like her, give her gifts and surprise her, and she will forget about her past serious relationship very soon.

how can you mend a broken heartDon’t console her

Many guys try to calm their broken-hearted girls and mitigate their pain after a breakup turning them into “girlfriends”. Don’t do this. You should listen to a girl and persuade her to discuss intimate questions, her personal life, and not the stories about her ex. Thus, you will connect with her faster.

Move on to the new level

How to fix a girl’s broken heart? The answer is simple: the faster you start to move on to the new level of your relations, the greater the probability of success is waiting for you. We are talking about sex. It will be a sufficient victory at your own expense. Therefore, it is necessary to be with her and constantly raise the level of intimacy and trust in a relationship. And this means: embraces, kisses, talks about intimacy, talks about her desires and what she likes.

Don’t be angry when she compares you to him

The most effective attack against the girl’s memories is to trigger her emotions. But if you just start to argue with her, she will intuitively begin to defend her ex-man. After all, she had so much good and bright with him. And you are an unfamiliar person who wants to blacken everything.

You just need to turn around and leave a room when she begins to say something about her ex. You can add a couple of phrases like: “If you have a desire to walk with me without your ex, then call me.” Do this, of course, not on the first date, but after some time of dating. Thus, she gets into position: you or him. If her choice is not in your favor, you will not lose anything.

Cheer her up

Girls like it when they are told pleasant words, but not trite and typical. For example, she will be especially pleased to hear: “You are somehow especially beautiful today” instead of the simple phrase “You are beautiful”. Be sure to tell her how pleased you are to spend time with her, and also that you hope that you will definitely meet in the near future.

Try to be with her in difficult moments, support her, do everything that you can and cheer her up. This is necessary for a girl to feel that you need her.

Say what you think

The most important thing is to prove yourself as a person, that you also have an opinion that is very valuable. Smile a lot. After all, a smile plays a significant role in communication with a girl.

Be proactive

If you have decided to achieve reciprocity of a girl, never be afraid to be the first. After all, excessive shyness is very bad and can undermine. All the girls are waiting for guys to do this or that by themselves without any clues. So don’t be afraid to be the first in everything.

No conversation about her ex

Don’t try to look more profitable in comparison with her ex-boyfriend. Don’t start talking about him first. Don’t mark his shortcomings and don’t expose your merits. Her heart still belongs to him, so your attempts to become better can fail, and you will not cause anything but anger and pity. Talk about neutral topics. Show her that her ex is nothing and you are much better.

how to heal a broken heartBe romantic

Girls like traditional bouquets, interesting romantic souvenirs, candlelight dinners, and outdoor picnics but without undue pathos. Obsession is inappropriate in such moments. You just have to make her feel needed. That is how you are able to get over a broken heart of a girl. Of course, there will come the time when your relationship will move to a new stage, but your tactics should change slightly. So, be as romantic as possible at first stages of relations.

Be a charismatic person

Be a person that she wants to be with and be proud of the fact that a man like you is next to her. Do everything that can interest a girl. It may help her forget her ex. It is better to avoid repetition and you just have to be much more interesting than her ex-boyfriend. After all, girls love those guys who act and don’t keep silent.

Don’t lie and don’t embellish your life stories

How can you mend a broken heart of a girl you like? You should look confident and reliable in order to be better than her ex. So, be honest with your chosen one communicating with her because you can’t build strong and lasting relationships without trust.

Never hide what you feel

If a girl refuses, you shouldn’t be upset and worried because girls are strange people and this may be some kind of test for you. Get a hold of yourself and show your emotions, feelings, and find the right moment when you can date her.

Your relationship should reach the point when you can ask for her advice

And don’t just find out her opinion, but do everything the way she advises you. This will convince you whether it is worth continuing to develop a relationship or just stop everything once again.

Remember, girls need bold and simultaneously sensitive men. And this means that you have to get rid of the complexes and don’t be afraid to look nice and courteous. Yes, such behavior is not in fashion now, but women know what they want from their partner. Follow the above tips systematically and your girl will not experience any emotions remembering her ex-boyfriend very soon. The main thing is to do everything quietly; don’t rush and don’t make a girl hysterical! Thus you make a girl forget her past love.

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