How to Date a New Zealand Girl

I want to immediately warn you – a relationship with sexy new Zealand girls will not be an easy walk. Yes, these ladies possess the character of Maori, even if outwardly their habits resemble the habits of the girls from the Downton Abbey if you know what I mean. But for a real man, this state of affairs only adds to the excitement and desire to get one of these beauties.

new zealand women

So, if you have enough time, you are single and you recently arrived in New Zealand (or you read this article on the way there), then you got to the address: I will tell you everything I know about new Zealand women and even give a couple of tips, which will help you win the heart of one of them. Good luck and have fun!

About nationality

Let’s probably agree with the fact that New Zealand is an immigrant country from the very beginning. The data for the 2018 census is still not available, however, based on the 2013 census, 74% of New Zealand’s population refers to Europeans, 15% to Maori, 12% to Asians (which includes Indians as well), 7 % – to Pacifics, and 3% – to other ethnic groups. Some of the respondents ranked themselves in more than one group, so the total number of percentages turned out to be more than 100, however, you can get a general picture.

Most New Zealanders are somehow the direct descendants of European settlers: mostly English, Scots, Danes, and some others.

Specifically, Oakland stands out from the rest of the “European” New Zealand in that you can meet dozens of different nationalities, whose representatives come to the country for permanent residence, to study, to find a job or just to travel. This is really a “melting pot” or, as some say, Babylon of New Zealand. It is logical that all those who come in large numbers can always be easily distinguished from New Zealanders in appearance, clothes, and manner of behavior, but we’ll talk about this later. Among the indigenous population of New Zealand, the Maori and Europeans, mixed marriages are common: several of my former colleagues with Scottish or English surnames in fact also have Maori roots.

It is important for you to know how the hot new Zealand women understand the question of nationality because this determines the line of behavior that you will be building with New Zealand girls.

Are new Zealand women attractive?

new zealand women

Sometimes, you hear from our men that the white New Zealand girls do not watch their weight. To be honest, looking at the critics themselves, sometimes I want to advise them to send their own wives to the gym, and, at the same time, join themselves too, just to remove the beer belly.

You know, everyone sees what he wants to see. To me, for example, on the contrary, I want to note that among New Zealanders there are quite a large number of tall girls. More than I met for example in my native city.

In general, if I was asked to describe the appearance of New Zealand girls in one word, I would say that they are … tough. As an explanation, I heard a theory that at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century, when the ship was the only way to get to New Zealand, only the healthiest women were able to withstand two or even three months of chaos in the sea.

As for the obesity of individual New Zealanders, one of my Kiwi friends answered that in his opinion, girls just eat too much ice cream in summer and too many burgers in winter, that being multiplied by physical strength eventually results in excessive weight, especially if a person does not go in for sports. Again, many people simply eat cheap take away food and do not cook themselves. New Zealand ranks third in the world in obesity after the US and Mexico. At the same time, it is one of the most sporting countries – three out of four adults are engaged in sports. We get up at six in the morning, do sports, come to McDonald’s by eight, and eat a burger. Everything is fine, “I deserved it”.

Another characteristic difference is that New Zealand girls look slightly older than their exact age is. First, it is due to the active subtropical sun. Secondly, photoaging caused by solar radiation. Thirdly, which of you personally uses sunscreen before going to work at 8-9 in the morning?

What are New Zealand women like?

Alas, if compared with Russian girls, New Zealanders in their majority are slovenly and sometimes even behave uncivilized. Well, for them it may be normal to put feet on the seat in a bus or chair in a lecture room. Or take out washed clothes from the dryer, put on without ironing and go out into the street like that, or even come to the university for classes. Guys, I’m not saying that it’s all done every day, but it pretty much stands out for foreigners. It’s just another culture, the origins of which come from the kindergarten when all the children are allowed to practice everything – even if they even eat the mud.

Children in the primary classes of New Zealand schools are left to themselves. Nobody demands from them a proper posture at the desk, to sit elbow to the elbow and other rigor of behavior. And as a result, the output is what we have. It’s not even about New Zealanders only – any other child thrown into this environment at an early age will equally absorb this culture and the same attitude to life. For example, in the same university, you can immediately figure out those Chinese women who grew up in New Zealand and those Chinese women who grew up outside of New Zealand and came here to get education – primarily in manners, style of behavior and clothing.

About attitudes towards cosmetics

The first thing I noticed, you can very often see girls who just do not know how to use makeup. Forgive me, but sometimes you meet such girls with multi-layered foundation and blush on top of acne, and that is just…horrible. It seemed to me that girls in New Zealand did not particularly favor the visits of cosmetologists, dermatologists, and other beauty specialists. You see, they may be happy to visit them, but this is extremely expensive.

About feminism

Hot new Zealand girls are very independent. They can easily sit on a horse, drive an off-road pick-up truck, pick up a rifle with an optical sight and shoot a deer.

The bill on a date in the restaurant most likely will be split. However, no one will start a scandal if you, for example, give way to a lady, hold the door in front of her or just let her go first. This will be regarded as the most common courtesy and this is in the order of things. Hot new Zealand girls respect such a gentlemanly behavior.

About sex

Sex for beautiful new Zealand girls is just part of the relationship, it is not a taboo or something shameful and especially not connected with social condemnation. To men from Eastern Europe, this state of affairs may seem strange. So, if you were born and raised in Russia or Ukraine, but you dream of a Kiwi girl – be prepared for the fact that she will be absolutely frank about talking about sex and other “forbidden” things. If you start to protest against this, you risk appearing strange and uncivilized.

About family life

The New Zealand family is an unusual mix of classical arrangements and liberal values. The wife watches the children, takes care of their upbringing and family life. A man earns money, keeps the house and never tells his woman what to do.

Tips for Dating Kiwi Girls

Inviting the girl to a date, make sure that it will be interesting for her. This does not mean that you have to organize an unforgettable show with fireworks and private performances by famous artists. You can invite a girl to a restaurant, have a delicious dinner and drink a bottle of good wine, after which you will go to the cinema, watch a romantic film. However, after that there must be something else: Kiwi girls believe that dating is necessarily fun, and the fun should be different.

Do not be shy to offer a new Zealand girl to go to the bar and drink a couple of cocktails. Local girls are very fond of having fun and they know how to drink alcohol the way an experienced man does. Do not let this frighten you: while they are drunk, girls do not behave aggressively. They are very nice and good-natured. The maximum they are capable of is an extravagant but absolutely harmless trick.

Beautiful new Zealand girls are not mercantile at all. They do not care much about your bank account. If you are able to provide your family, then everything is fine. But at the same time, Kiwi girls hate greedy men. If you do not know how to spend more than you planned, you will not succeed with these ladies. Learn to have fun like it’s the last time.

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