How to Date a Vegetarian?

How to Date a Vegetarian?

Want to date a vegetarian? Sounds interesting? Nowadays vegetarians are quite spread phenomenon. More and more people are becoming vegetarians. But how to behave on a vegetarian dating? Let’s discuss several nuances.

Places to meet a vegetarian to date:

  1. On author readings.

Often, vegetarians gather together in a place such as book signings. They like to discuss vegetarian questions in public. So if you raise your hand and ask smart questions, many girls or boys might like you. So just be prepared to discuss some book and pretend as if you like a vegetarian author if you don’t. That will work.

  1. Vegetarian festivals.

Also, there is the other way to find your soulmate. You might come to a vegetarian fest and participate in various activities. Moreover, you may taste vegetarian food and share with your ideas regarding food with a cute girl or guy next to you.

  1. Participate in activist protests.

Demonstrate your point of view regarding vegetarianism. Definitely, you will meet there someone who has the similar values as you have. But before you come, get prepared and plan everything.

  1. Use vegetarian dating services.

In the era of the Internet, it is hard to imagine even a vegetarian without a gadget. There are also services to help vegetarians find the love of their lives. So do utilize them to have a vegetarian date!

Vegetarian festivals 2

Reasons to date vegetarian:

  1. It is cheaper to date a vegetarian girl.

As long as the price of meat is higher, the vegetarian one is lower in cost.

  1. They have a better smell.

According to the recent studies, scientists have proved that those people who avoid eating red meat, have the sexier smell to attract the opposite sex.

  1. Vegetarian singles are kinder.

Since they care about the animals and do not want them to die, they will be kind for you too, even if you are such an aggressive representative of homo sapiens.

  1. They live longer.

It has been proved that the risk of diabetes, cancer or heart stroke is minimal to the people who don’t eat meat.

How to Date a Vegetarian 3

Problems when dating a vegetarian:

  1. It’s difficult to find a restaurant.

There are not so many cafes and restaurants that offer vegetarian food options. Also, there are not so many good cooks of such food. So finding a restaurant to go out might become an issue.

  1. Family dinners might become a nightmare.

For instance, if you invite your vegetarian girl for a family dinner, she might refuse to eat with you, and that may be treated as a sign of impoliteness, which is not good.

  1. Vegetarians are too touchy.

You can hurt him or her and make them mad, not even noticing that, but they will get offended. So you have to be very attentive to things you want to tell.

  1. Vegetarian singles might push you to become a vegetarian too.

Since you don’t know exactly what is on her or his mind and how they are going to change the world, it might be intimidating for you. Some of the vegetarians might impose their opinion on you, which is not very pleasant.

How to Date a Vegetarian 5

General rules on dating a vegetarian:

  • Understand them.

Some of the vegetarians chose this kind of lifestyle because they do not want animals to die, some do it because of religion, some don’t eat meat due to ethical reasons. Therefore, try to figure out to which category of non-meat eaters they belong to.

  • Do not play jokes.

It might be very impolite and rude to show the signs of disrespect to their food choice because it’s a part of a person’s culture. Besides, it is very personal. So he or she might even break up with you if you keep being sarcastic about their food preferences.

  • Don’t argue with them.

Even if you really feel sympathy about the fact he or she is too skinny because they don’t eat meat, keep your mouth shut. Vegetarians hate discussing their decision about their food culture. You would better prepare some other topic to talk about.

  • Eat whatever you want.

It’s interesting, but vegetarians are very tolerant of the way other people eat. So they will not judge you if you order a steak.

How to Date a Vegetarian 6

Conversation no-s:

  • Never ask whether they would eat meat in case of starvation.

When dating for vegetarians, it will be very impolite to ask him or her this question because you put them in an awkward situation.

  • Don’t ask whether they miss eating meat.

Maybe, they do miss, but they will never show you. However, if they have decided to be a vegetarian, it means that they have already made up their mind finally. No reason to turn back time.

  • Avoid asking a question about the source of protein in her or his life.

Well, the answers are too obvious for an educated person. But if you do not know the answer, go, Google!

  • Don’t ask a permission to eat meat in front of him or her.

At veggie dating, there is no need you worry so much about their reaction about meat. Being a vegetarian does not mean he or she is still obsessed with an idea of grabbing some meat. Come on! It’s is not a diet, it’s a lifestyle!

First date

If he or she`s a vegetarian, first of all, it’s important to find a good restaurant. You may ask your friend or surf the net to find the feedback about this or that restaurant. For instance, you may check the website to get to know more.

Secondly, try to avoid asking the questions to your vegetarian woman or man such as:

  • Politics,
  • Religion,
  • Money,
  • The source of protein.

Thirdly, if you date a vegetarian, try not to focus too much about the fact they are vegetarian. This is because it is only a part of her or his life. Meaning, he or she is not only thinking about food all the time. Probably, there are some other topics to talk about on vegetarian dating.

The last but not least, do not carry your leather jacket because you might hurt his or her feelings. Note that on a vegetarian date you have to do your best to make them interested in you.

How to Date a Vegetarian 8

–°an a non-vegetarian date vegetarian?

If you are dating a vegetarian girl or guy, do not worry too much about food. The thing you really have to worry is the fact whether you respect your spouse or not. Many couples live happily together, having one partner who is a vegetarian whereas the other one is meat-eater. They say that it’s a matter of understanding each other. If you love him or your vegetarian woman, it won’t be a problem for you. The only problem you might have is about planning common dinners. However, this is even not a problem, but rather is a challenge where you have to show how much you respect your partner.

So if you plan to have dating for vegetarians, do your best to find the best restaurant. Also, get prepared with questions to impress your spouse on veggie dating, but not to irritate. The fact he or she`s a vegetarian does not mean that she is thinking all day long what kind of food to eat for a dinner. So be creative and interesting.

Where to have a date with the vegetarian?

As long as vegetarians like animals so much, you might impress her or him by inviting to visit a farm or a zoo. You can enjoy the vision of many various kinds of fauna. Moreover, your vegetarian spouse might really get inspired. Also, you may grab some food for animals there and feed them. Such a date might be a very memorable one.

However, if your beloved one thinks that farmers or zoo workers are cruel to animals, you would better go somewhere else. For instance, you may visit a local park or garden, where you can not only take wonderful pictures but also eat some of the fruits.

How to Date a Vegetarian 8


All things considered, if you chose a vegetarian guy or female, lucky you are. It means that if she or he feels so much sympathy and compassion for the animals, can you imagine how tender they would treat you? However, the thing you have to keep in mind is that you are to accept him or her with their food preferences. Note, that you cannot change them. Never, because nobody can. So if you love them, be with them, but if you think you can play jokes or criticize them about the fact they don’t eat meat, you would better stay away from them.

In general, dating with a vegetarian might be such an interesting thing. For instance, you might get to know a lot of fun stuff about food, animals, cooking, etc. If you are curious about dating a vegetarian, do not hesitate to try it. Who knows, perhaps, your “only one” does not wear fur.

Have an incredible date!

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