How to Date a Woman from the Czech Republic?

Wonder how to date Czech women? Truly, Czech Republic women are very attractive. Therefore, it’s not a miracle that you like them. But how to get her attention, and maybe, even marry her? Here I am to help you because I have successfully been dating with Czech girls, and managed to marry one of them. I am happy about that and want to help you with my experience. Ready to get to know how did I do it?

What are Czech women look like?

  • Czech girls are very attractive. However, some men consider them to be less feminine than girls from Slovakia. A Czech lady does not use a lot of makeup, because they prefer to look natural.
  • These girls are very friendly and easy-going. So you won’t have problems starting to talk to them.
  • They are very fashionable. You are very likely to meet her in outstanding T-shirt, dress, or jeans. They like to be creative and innovative.
  • Czech girls are very traditional, however, they are not very religious ones. They have strong connections with their relatives.
  • Czech Republic women are very smart and educated, so you will definitely enjoy talking to them.
  • They are more likely to date with men from the nearest countries such as Germany, Italy, France, and England.
  • They are reliable and have family values. Frequently, they become very good wives.

Reasons to Date Czech women:

As long as Czech women are very friendly and traditional, they want to establish healthy relationships. Therefore, they do their best to maintain quality relationships. They aim at achieving strong and reliable relationships with their partners. Therefore, just flirting is never enough for them because they value something real and long-lasting. Due to the fact that a Czech lady knows exactly how to please her man, you will feel happy in her company. Also, Czech women are rather independent and open-minded so they would not mind dating with a foreigner, even if it leads to relocation to another country. So if you are from France, USA, England or Germany, you are welcome to appoint a date with her.

General tips on how to date Czech girls:

  1. Czech woman dating might be a trouble for those men who can control themselves. Why? This is because these girls are very educated so that they know how to read your body language. So don’t even try to lie to her because she will definitely figure out the truth.
  2. As long as these women are rather well-funded, don’t try to impress her telling that you are very rich. Even if you do, she will be happy for you, but not more. Talking about your career achievements is also not necessary while dating her.
  3. Be a leader. If you want to date Czech ladies, be prepared to be responsible for your relationships and dating. She will not stand you not knowing where to go or what kind of food to choose. So you have to impress her by being a strong personality.

Do`s and Dont`s

  • Don’t buy expensive gifts (more than $15). Buying some flowers or candies is okay, but if you are trying to present her with a car or some expensive jewelry, it might repel her from you. Why? That’s because for Czech girls it means an attempt to buy her feelings, which is unacceptable.
  • Do pay for her on a date. This is obligatory, so make sure you have enough money for going to a restaurant or wherever.
  • Do dress nicely. Czech lady expects her man to look good. So if you want to be with her, you have to look attractive.
  • Don’t handshake with her. She is not a man. In this country offering your hand for a handshake is supposed to be made only to males. A kiss on a cheek before saying “Bye-bye” is what she is expecting from you.

Where to meet Czech women?

You can meet her on a dating website. Just text her, telling your expectations from her. Tell about yourself. But note that Czech girls do not like the concept of selling themselves as a brand. Meaning, they will not show off on such websites, trying to impress a man. Secondly, you might meet her on the streets of Prague, saying some phrases in Czech. But you should be able to laugh at yourself and be easy-going. Also, you may speak English or any other language to her, be nice, and polite. So she might like you, in the aftermath. The attempt to draw her attention in a bar is 99% a fail.

Places to meet Czech women in Prague:

1. Jam Cafe

This is a great place for those who like to dance. So if you invite her to dance, telling “Chcete tančit?”, she is more likely to say “Yes”. Jam Cafe is a place where you can not only meet a beautiful girl but also shake your booties. However, it is better to take some dance lessons before you come there. For instance, you may practice Lindy Hop, Salsa, and Jazz there.

2. Nebe (Křemencova street)

This is a club where you can meet the most desperate women to get acquainted with. The club is placed in underground. There is a good music to listen there. What is more, if you come here at three o’clock, there still will be young ladies to meet.

3. Bio Oko

If you are a cinema fan, this place is for you. You can watch film festivals, documentaries, underground films, and more there. Moreover, you can find friends there to enjoy the time with.

First date with Czech woman

Czech woman dating is like an exam of the ability to be yourself. Even if you try to pretend like you are macho, she will definitely figure it out from the very first moments of your date. So don’t even try to do it, even if you are a good actor. Just be yourself. The next important thing is to propose. If you like her after several dates, you should give her a ring. Traditionally, after her telling you “Yes”, you have to announce this to her family during the dinner.

What to do after the first date?

Actually, you are free as a bird. You are not obliged to do anything. So you can either keep on communicating with her eye-to-eye or go to your country back. However, I recommend you to take some time to think over and analyze every detail of your first date at home. It’s a fact that the distance makes the love stronger. So if you separate yourself from her for a little time, it will even make your relationships with her stronger. Don’t rush to go to bed with her. Wait. Patiently wait. Czech girls like men who can control their sexual libido. In general, after the first date, the destiny of your further relationships is being solved.

Marrying a Czech woman

First of all, be ready to have a visit from the Czech love police. They have the authority to check whether your romance is true or not. How will they do it? Well, very simple: they can come unexpectedly into your house to figure out whether your love is true or not.
Secondly, you need to be very patient because there must be made a lot of paperwork. Due to the high level of bureaucracy in the Czech Republic, you should keep on waiting. What is more, the rules have recently become even harder to get a family-member status there.
Thirdly, a big minus of Czech girls is that this nation is very open to extramarital affairs. These ladies are very tolerant if it comes to sex. Therefore, if you are looking for a girl with other ideas regarding sex, you would rather be very lucky, selective, or choose a woman from another nation.
The last thing, but not least regarding Czech brides is that prevalently they are all atheists. So if you are a believer, it will be difficult for you to find a girl who believes in God. This is because the Czech Republic is one of the most xenophobic and atheistic countries in the world.
Note also that the level of divorces in the Czech Republic is the highest in the European Union. The statistics claim that the average marriage there lasts for not more than 13 years. Shocked?


It’s a challenge to date with a Czech lady, but still, it’s worth doing. If you fall in love with her, nobody will destroy your marriage or separate you from each other. Therefore, you shouldn’t worry whether your marriage will succeed or last for a long time. Just take care of her. Show your love to her. Tell her how you love her and don’t forget to make some little presents. Be yourself and remain polite. I am sure you will impress her if you follow these tactic and pieces of advice. I managed to marry a Czech girl so you can do it either. Why not?
Wish you to be happy with her. Have a great date!

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