How to Date an Argentinian Woman

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The following article is dedicated to all those restless and ruthless men who want to get the most out of dating. My name is Eric Sullivan and today I’m going to talk about Argentina girls. I lived in Argentina for about a year, in its capital Buenos Aires, to be specific. Before I came there I thought I knew a lot about dating. Moreover, I thought I knew a lot about girls. But my knowledge and experience were nothing compared with what I gained from experience as an expat in Argentina. Simply speaking, you won’t meet girls like those in Argentina anywhere in the world. They are unique and special from every perspective. Their amazing looks and rich beauty cannot be compared to anything.

Then, their dating culture is so liberal that love is like a game for them, a pretty exciting and adventurous game. Visiting Argentina is a must-do for all pickup artists out there who think they tried everything there is to try. Visiting Argentina can very easily widen your horizons and introduce you to the whole new level of dating. Argentinian girls have originally different mentality. Among all the girls in the world they, perhaps, like men the most. It is not only the fact that dating Argentina women is easy. It is more about the quality that goes along with accessibility. You probably often thought that the more beautiful a girl is, the harder it is to get her.

That is not so in Argentina because beautiful girls there don’t get cold when you approach them. And they can disregard your looks in favor of your attitude, courage, and confidence. Without any doubt, girls in Argentina are worthy of your attention. Avoiding this wonderful possibility you might lose the world’s best dating options. So, let me share my experience in the following comprehensive guide to women in Argentina.

Top 5 Features of Argentinian Women


So, what are Argentinian women like? You can pretty easily get hit by a car being inattentive in Argentina. Stunning looks of girls will just shock you and distract you from your thoughts completely. Most of Argentina girls really look like models. They have beautiful hair, incredible figure, amazing legs, and, of course, cute and sexy faces. They are always in a good shape disregarding the circumstances. They look magnificent on any occasion because being beautiful is their main hobby. An ugly Argentinian woman almost can’t be considered a woman. And it really is more difficult to find an ugly Argentinian than a beautiful one. That is because being beautiful is a daily routine for them. Finally, an Argentinian girl is a mix of all girls. In the 20th century many Europeans came to Argentina. Therefore, Argentina is a lot like America regarding the ethnical diversity. But, of course, American girls are nothing like those in Argentina.


Argentinian women look good disregarding their age. You will be amazed by how 35- and 40-year-old Argentinians can look. Age is not a problem for them and even older women look young in their fifties. You can only imagine how young girls look. Just do a quick search on the Internet and see for yourself.


You will know better towards the end of my post that Argentina girls adore dating. Just as well as guys, they can have many dates. Love is a game for them because they are naturally passionate. Their mentality allows them to be liberal, so casual dating is not a problem for them at all.


Women in Argentina are very attentive to their health. They know that it directly affects their looks. Therefore, they tend to have the right diet, do fitness and other kinds of sport, attend gym, and have a healthy lifestyle. That is why they are always in good shape. It can be seen by the old Argentina women that they don’t look like old people because of their healthy habits.


Of course, girls in Argentina are not only beautiful. They are smart as well. Most of them speak a couple of languages. They are proficient in different arts and activities. They’re really interesting to talk to. They like to dance, travel, play games, etc.

What You Need to Know Before Dating a Girl in Argentina


Argentinian girls like courageous men. And they disregard suckers and losers completely. Forget at all about being miserable. It’s never sexy. It may go unnoticed somewhere else but not in Argentina. The more confidence you have the better.


You need to perform great in bed or at least pretend that you can. Beautiful Argentinian women are very efficient in bed. They will simply exhaust you. Therefore, you need to do your best to please them. Try to excel because otherwise you won’t be able to hold the reputation. And reputation is everything in Argentina because, you know, girls talk.

First Move

Even though girls in Argentina are very progressive, the tradition that a man should always make the first move is still observed. Whatever you do, don’t expect a girl to make the first move. It is just not done that way.


Dating an Argentinian woman requires you to be attentive to how you look. Unlike Europeans, Asians or Americans, women in Argentina care about their looks and expect the same from you. You should be stylish and fashionable. Reconsider your wardrobe. Go to the barber and always look great. Being cool is nothing if you can’t make the right first impression.


You should be able to make a conversation with a girl. Because everything starts with talking. Be ready for an intimate talk on personal subjects. Unlike many other girls, Argentinians are not shy. It’s just not in their blood.

Taking Care

Your primary task is to take care of your girl. You should be financially secure and be ready to spend money on her. Yes, Argentina girls will treat you according to your wallet. It is not the only thing because being attractive and smart is not any less important. Nevertheless, girls in Argentina like their men to pay for them and give presents.


Girls in Argentina are very passionate. And they like to flirt. You should flirt back in order to play the game.  One of the best ways to flirt is to make stories. You should consider creating a legend. Make yourself look like a hero, add a little lies, and make the story of you exciting. Argentina girls don’t care about the truth. They want you to be exciting and interesting. So, even if you’re not, pretend that you are.

what are argentinian women likeBad Guy

In order to know how to date an Argentinian woman you might become a bad guy. The appearance of a bad guy definitely works in Argentina. Don’t be afraid to start a couple of fights in a local bar. No matter what the outcome is, the next day you’re to be popular there. You can be rude to men and you should be masculine in your approach to women. So, don’t be a nice guy because it doesn’t work. Women in Argentina like machos, not gentlemen.

Play Hard to Get

Playing hard to get works perfectly in Argentina. Girls like most what they think they can’t get. Being accessible and easy to get will only hurt your chances. Therefore, pretend that you’re not really interested. Be a little less enthusiastic about the whole deal. Think twice before doing anything and make her wait for you or your decision. Perhaps, Argentina is the best dating place to play hard to get. That is because this attitude will make a girl think that your tastes are better. It will make her compete and struggle for your attention. And when she is going to be desperate, it will look like a merciful gesture to just finally give it to her. Believe me, it really works.

5 Important Facts about Argentinian Girls

They are fashionable but simple

How often you were afraid of a girl that looks very stylish? You probably think she makes shopping in the best places and orders her clothes directly from Milan. Girls in Argentina are very attentive to their looks. Nonetheless, they are pretty casual at the same time. This may seem as a paradox but, in fact, they perfectly combine being cool with being normal. Unlike European or American women, girls in Argentina like simple clothes like jeans, shorts, leggings, and skirts. They rarely wear some expensive or distinguishing dresses. They’d like to look good and that’s it. Looking expensive is definitely not their prerogative. They look stunning because of who they are and not because of what they wear. Moreover, women in Argentina usually start using make-up or skin products only after 30. On the contrary, in Europe and America girls start to do it being only 15 years old. Therefore, the beauty of an Argentine woman is more natural.

They are the perfect mix of the world’s best girls

Nowhere else will you find such feminine diversity that is present in Argentina. As it was said earlier, Argentina accepted a lot of European immigrants in the 20th century. A lot of German, Swedish, Scandinavian, Norwegian, and, especially, French people came to live in Argentina. It made Argentina girls look like Europeans. Argentina girls have the palest skin in all South America. But their mentality and cultural traditions make them way more interesting than European women. Perhaps, it is hot weather and exotic climate that makes them hot, or plain Argentinian passion which is in their blood. No matter what, you’ll get better results in Argentina than in the whole Europe put together.

They are open-minded

Dating men is like a game or art for women in Argentina. Due to that they are very open minded about playing the game. They don’t have strict rules. A guy in Argentina can be married, engaged, poor, in relationship or on the brink of death but that wouldn’t stop him from playing the game. The same applies to women in Argentina. The term “macho” originates from Argentina. By the way, the world’s most passionate dance tango was also created in Argentina. Thus, because men in Argentina are very masculine and value women more than anything else, Argentinian women are feminine beyond any expectations.

They are immature and have pre-sex craziness

It is important to know that out of 10 girls flirting with you, giving you telephone number, or playing eye games only 1 or 2 will actually be accessible. As you now know, they are passionate and like to flirt. But that doesn’t mean that women who flirt are ready to go all the way. They are more into knowing whether you really want to get them than actually giving it to you. It is their hobby to know how many men want them, especially if you’re an expat. Therefore, don’t fall for each and every girl that will give you looks. Be thorough and attentive in your choice. Because a girl in Argentina can clearly state that she wants you but at the same time never give you a chance only to see the look in your eyes. Thus, they are a little immature in that they talk about sex more than do sex. Nevertheless, those accessible girls will be amazing in bed.

They like expats

Girls in Argentina really like tourists and expats. Well, they have their Argentinian machos all the time, so why not try something else? Moreover, Europeans and Americans are wealthier on the average, so they’re also in pursuit of your thick wallet. And it may very well be thick by Argentinian standards even if it’s not that thick in your native country. Anyway, they like men from all around the world because they actually desire different dating experience. I was once in a truly native bar where only I and a couple of my friends were of Caucasian origin. You should’ve seen the looks on the Argentinian guys’ faces because all the girls paid attention to us. So, being a foreigner is definitely a plus.

Some Tricky Situations with Girls in Argentina

how to date an argentinian womanLateness

Be ready to wait for an hour until she finally shows up. It is either she is playing hard to get or maybe she just has a mess in her head.


Be ready not to hear anything from her for a day because she visits her family. Family traditions and gatherings are highly appreciated in Argentina. So, she will dismiss you completely in order to visit her grandmother or uncle. Don’t even try to talk her out of it.

Public date

The first date you’re going to get should happen in a public place. Otherwise, she wouldn’t agree. You can’t have her at your home on the first date. Maybe, if you’re lucky, you’re going to do it afterwards.

Expect the guests

Argentina women dating men like to have some kind of support. Your first date with a girl in Argentina most probably won’t be that intimate. She will invite her female friends in order to get support. You’ll get the chance to be one on one only on the second or third date. So, don’t be surprised. Moreover, some of her female friends might like you. It is possible that you will like some of her friends more than her. So, stay positive and look on the bright side.

Pitfalls and Achievements of Daring an Argentine Girl

Next I’m going to tell you about my personal experiences with adorable, cute, and spectacular Argentine girls. Nobody wins all the time. You’re going to learn from my mistakes. You’re also going to be encouraged by my achievements. Visiting Argentina gave me an opportunity to explore the whole new level of dating. Some of the girls were great, others not so good. But they all taught me something. One thing is certain and it is the fact that one day I’m going to come to Argentina again. And I’m going to do that because of the girls.

Case #1

Her name was Margarita and we met at the nightclub named Niceto in Buenos Aires. The atmosphere was electric. The music was playing loudly and people were simply going crazy. There were a lot of girls and lot of boys from all around the world. But I was certain that day that I want to date a native Argentine girl. It happened casually when I was ordering drinks at a bar stand for me and my friend. We both gave each other flirty looks. Even though I noticed her first, she became interested in me as well pretty quickly. I approached her and all the time she was looking me right in the eyes. I noticed that women in Argentina are not shy about giving flirty looks. Anyway, I tried because she had magnificent black hair, enigmatic eyes, beautiful figure, and seemed interesting. She told me that she was 26 years old and originally from Cordoba, another beautiful place. The party was going to last till dawn. I asked her for a dance and we danced. Then, I ordered drinks for her and her female friends. It turned out that she was part of a company not without guys. She told me she was going to go soon and couldn’t leave her friends.

We exchanged contacts and met the other evening, this time at a more quite place. Small talk elevated to more serious subjects like job, study, family, etc. We danced again and had a beautiful walk by the seaside. She told me she had a boyfriend but was thinking about leaving him which is the reason she wasn’t with him the previous evening. It wasn’t my first time I involuntarily became a lover. When I offered to go to my place she refused. In spite of it, she offered to go to her place. When we came there, some small scale party was going on that her roommate organized. That was the first time I became confused. I was forced to greet some of the people, most of whom I forgot instantly. I sensed that she led me to her place to feel safe and confident. I, on the contrary, became less confident because she was constantly distracted by them. But after some of them left, she invited me to her room and told me she wanted me, for tonight only. I thought: okay. And it was great, even though she was very demanding in bed. It became even greater on the next day when she decided to see me again. We dated for a week after which I was rejected completely because her boyfriend made amends. That is the story.

beautiful argentinian womenCase #2

This girl’s name was Olivia. She was 28 years old and working in the office. I did not manage to get her in bed but I struggled to do it for a week. And it was a terrible week. Each evening we met I thought that it’s going to happen. But it kept on not happening. She wasn’t shy or secluded. She wanted everything but sex. There were huge amounts of petting, kissing, hugging, and flirting but not sex. I wasn’t at her place and she wasn’t at my place either. She was so sexy and smart that I couldn’t but follow her everywhere. We went to bars, concerts, parties, etc. And it was great that we were alone all the time so I made myself think I can influence her. She was texting me all the time. But after one week I realized that nothing is going to happen soon. She was hot with words but cold in action.

Case #3

This girl seemed accessible. She wasn’t a model and didn’t look like a star. It was more like 5 out of 10. But because I grade myself to be between 6 and 7, I gave it a try because there was something about her I liked. In particular, it was the way she moved and dressed. She wasn’t formal and had tattoos. She was also easy to be with. She wasn’t hysterical, enigmatic or problematic. We had long conversations about culture, movies, and music. I liked her hair and considered her worth a try. We first met in a park where I approached her to ask for directions. She responded and I instantly invited her to a cup of coffee. First she said that she has a boyfriend but when I asked again, whether she’s sure about it, she agreed. We exchanged contacts and had a couple more dates. Finally, we ended up at my place and after a couple kisses found ourselves in the bedroom. Some say that bad sex is better than no sex. I don’t think so and even though it was possible for me to have her again, I didn’t do it. She also wasn’t really satisfied because there was no mutual affection. At that point I realized that Argentina is big enough to have diverse girls with different kinds of attitude. Some of the girls you want you won’t get. I was rejected tons of times and only told about cases where some action was involved. And some girls are going to disappoint you no matter how great they look at first.

The Best Places

Two best cities in Argentina to live are Cordoba and Buenos Aires. Cordoba has a lot of college students, so you can look for young girls there. But not on holidays when they all go to visit their families. Buenos Aires is vibrating with energy. What you need to do wherever you are is to find bars and clubs that are not on Google maps. Otherwise, you’ll end up dating Europeans, Americans, and Mexicans or Brazilians.

So, you definitely need to visit Argentina if you’re looking for sexy, exotic, smart, and unique women. Without any doubt, Argentina girls are the best in South America. And they have little competition in the world. They are unique from every perspective. They are at the same time beautiful and accessible. They like to flirt and play the game. For them making love and having fun are more important than anything else. Your masculine attitude will work perfectly fine in Argentina. This country is definitely one of the best places for casual dating. It has the right atmosphere. Moreover, traditional Argentinian culture encourages casual dating. Being a foreigner is a great advantage. Exotic beauty and diverse dating opportunities will make you forget about your native country. There are certainly fewer cons than pros about dating women in Argentina. You task is to be confident, attentive, passionate, and thorough in your choice. Girls in Argentina care about themselves, dress great, and have diverse beauty. They’re also smart and interesting to be with. Treat them well and be a macho. Or look like one. This way you’ll definitely be rewarded for your efforts. Good luck!

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