How to Date Armenian Woman

Dating Armenian woman might be either a great experience or such a challenge. Why? You see, it all depends on the upbringing of the Armenian girls. Some of them are more conservative and willing to follow the Armenian traditions, while the others are more cutting-edge and modernized. However, you shouldn’t worry about that because Armenian girls are open-minded, talkative, and communicative. They absolutely don’t mind dating with foreigners, even though sometimes their parents are against it. Therefore, an Armenian woman dating can be really desirable.

How Easy Armenian Women Are?

If you want to lure Armenian girl at the first date, you would rather know that her parents have brought her up in a way she is prohibited to have sex. Armenia is a country of strong traditions. Parents appreciate their children to remain the virgin till the wedding.

Online Dating

Armenian singles wouldn’t mind dating online. If only you were polite and respected them. These women are very smart. So if you want to ask her to go out soon, she is likely to test you. What does it mean? First of all, it is worth mentioning that Armenian girls are not frivolous. Before dating in a restaurant or a cafe, they would rather make sure you are not a dangerous person. How will they know it? The IQ of Armenian girls is very high, therefore, it is possible to assume that they will figure out your motives very soon.

Offline Dating

Apart from Armenian woman online availability, these girls are okay about offline dating. However, you must know that often they are not alone. WHAT? It means that their father or brother may be monitoring you in the restaurant you decided to spend your time on and watch you. Armenian fathers are very strict about their daughters. They would definitely not tolerate sex on the first date. Even, if you have somehow succeeded and tempted her, just wait. And soon her father will meet with you and discuss all your future perspectives about her. Note, it is such a big problem for an Armenian woman to have premarital sex. So if your motives and plans are not serious, you would better leave Armenian girl alone.


Armenian Girls can speak Armenian, Russian, and some of them speak English. So you wouldn’t have any problems communicating with them. These girls are easy-going and light-hearted.

In a Nutshell

All in all, an Armenian woman is a nice person to chat. She is intelligent, however, likes to keep the traditions of her origin. So it is better to get along with her family first.

What to Know About Armenian Girls?

Armenian vs American Women

Armenian girls differ from American girls a lot. They are meeker, milder than American women. Besides, American girls are very independent. They want to succeed in their career while Armenian girls are more about being a wife and raise children. Nevertheless, there are some exceptions in some cases. But in general, Armenian women are raised with an idea that their future husband should earn money and she should cook and be more like a housewife. The American women are more determined and purposeful. They want to have some life achievements and will not agree to play a supporting role. They are brought up to be leaders and winners. What is more, the Armenian girls are very hospitable. If you come to her home, she would definitely feed you, of course, if her parents don’t mind.

A Typical Date in Armenia

A date in Armenia is not very striking and weird. It’s normal and with only slight differences. For example, before you ask her to date, it is better to get acquainted with her father, brother, or other male relatives. You would better discuss all your future perspectives and ideas regarding her. If her closest male relative blesses you for the development of the relationships, then begin dating. Invite her to the cafe or restaurant. Armenian girls would not mind if you pay for her, unlike the American girl. Feel free to ask her phone number and communicate. Be careful: no sex before the wedding! Or else, her relatives will be very angry with you, and can even cause injury. If it has already happened, and you don’t know what to do, it is better to run away or get married, if you love her.

The Development of Relationships

Typically, after you have had the first date, you relationships begin to develop. You may visit several places together, attend family celebrations, etc. But note, that before you decide to propose her, ask her father for a blessing. If he blesses you, then move on and propose. Note, those Armenian girls are absolutely okay to marry after 21. These women are very talented and know how to manage the household.

What Is Armenian Attitude towards Foreigners Dating Armenian Girls?

To tell the truth, Armenian hate foreigners dating their Armenian girls, but… There are exceptions. Nowadays, more and more foreigners are marrying Armenian girls. The reason why the Armenian don’t prefer foreigners is that they want to keep their traditions. According to their family traditions, the parents of the Armenian girl are to find the Armenian husband for their daughter. Sometimes, however, it happens even without the will of the bride, unfortunately. Nevertheless, the vast majority of Armenian girls are autonomous and able to choose their partner on their own.

What Armenian Girls Like

The Armenian girls like responsible, reliable, and confident men. They prefer someone to protect her and be able to provide for the family. Also, they enjoy being in the company of sociable men. Speaking about appearance, they are not very demanding. They like to be in relationships with a man of a strong character. This is because they are strong women and like to spend time with equal partners. Armenian women believe they will find such a person. Who knows, maybe, it’s you.
To add more, Armenian girls as well as their fathers as presents. So if you want to win not only her heart but also her father’s heart, make a little gift for them. It doesn’t have to be something significant, but at least something memorable.

What Armenian Girls Don’t Like

One of the things the Armenian woman would not stand is being unpunctual. They respect men and, therefore, appreciate the respect for themselves too. Armenian women do not like rude people. They hate those who do not keep their promises. Also, they don’t like to waste their time on communication with men who want only flirting and sex from them. Armenian girls are hard candies, aren’t they?
To be honest, like any other girls Armenian girls hate mean people. So pick a bar of chocolate, buy some flowers, and pay for her in a cafe, and there you go. Not a big deal? Sure.


All in all, the Armenian woman is very beautiful, talented, strong, but at the same time very meek, gentle, and hospitable. She is a potential wife for you, friend. Ready to meet the challenge? Don’t be scared, more and happier multinational marriages are being formed. Why not try? You will be either lucky or at least, wise then. Be brave and courageous! Armenian women like such men.

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