How to Date British Woman?

Do you like British women? If you fell in love in one of the representatives of this nation, there is good news for you. Here you will find all the things and tricks to help you draw her attention during the date. Ready to check it out?
First of all, we would like to inform you that British women are not easy to get. This is because of their mentality. They are like no other girls. In other words, they are special.

Why British women are unique in the whole world?

Perhaps, this is because Great Britain is separated from the continent by waters, which has been influencing British people for ages. Therefore, the behavior of British people are explainable: they are extremely independent, confident, and proud to be called British residents.

But how to make her fall in love with me during the first date?

If you were lucky enough to grab her attention when you met, step number 2 is to ask her for a date. This might not be easy because British women are very intelligent. They like to play games, but in general, they know exactly what they want. Meaning, if she treats you only as a friend, you should forget about a plan to lure her and what is more, become her boyfriend.

Why British women are such hard candies?

No doubt, British women are strong. Moreover, there are many feminists among them who believe that they are equal to men and deserve being treated the way men are treated. Most of the British women are well-educated and have a proper cultural background. That means that you will not get bored with her if your dating goes well.

What do other nations say about British women?

Well, other nations respect British women and claim they are admired by the level of intelligence of these women. However, at the same time, they admit that there are also downsides in female representatives of this nation. For instance, they state that British women do not look good. Despite the fact that these women can afford themselves to wear quality and beautiful clothes, visit barbers shops regularly, or spa salons, they don’t care much about their appearance. For example, they may wear baggy clothes, which does not underline their natural curves of the body. Therefore, many people from other nations criticize them.
However, if you like British woman the way she is, she will not let you down. The reason why British women prefer not to take care much about their appearance is that of their upbringing. They are brought up with an idea that the most important thing in a person is not body and appearance, but a soul. Maybe, this is due to the fact that there are many religious people around in the UK.

How to impress a British woman?

1. The way you speak.

For some British girls, it is more than impressive if you are speaking English. They find it very attractive.

2. Accent.

Many British women like an accent. So if your pronunciation is far from perfect, there is good news for you.

3. Be a funny guy.

If you can make her laugh, then nothing else matters. For them, a funny guy is a very attractive guy.

4. Appearance.

Of course, it matters if you are attractive. If you stay in shape and care of your look, she will find you attractive.

5. Talent.

However, some girls like guys for talent even more than for the things mentioned above. If you are very good at something, a British girl will find it very attractive. People who are a top of the game, a head of the field, f.e.

6. Trustworthy.

British women also like guys to rely on and trust. Someone that does what they say they are going to do.

7. Makes expensive gifts.

Some women from Britain like to get presents, especially if they cost a lot of money.

8. If he is thoughtful & surprising.

If a man thinks in advance and plans what he is going to do with a woman on a date is very attractive to some girls.

9. Little caring gestures.

Some girls like when a guy takes care of them and treats you like a princess. They like the attention to detail.

10. Thinking out of the box.

If a man has his alternative point of view, then a British woman will like him.

Pros & Cons of dating with a British woman:


  • You’ll love the British accent.
  • British women are classy & gorgeous.
  • British girls are genuine.
  • British ladies are well-mannered.
  • British girls are humorous.
  • British women are wordly.
  • British girls have different taste in music.
  • British girls are fascinated by foreign men.


  • British girls do not show their feelings easily that you sometimes do not know what’s going on.
  • Many British women do not eat healthy food.
  • Sometimes the British accent is difficult to understand.
  • She likes drinking alcohol.
  • She keeps challenging you.
  • She wastes a lot of time on social media.

How to behave on the first date with a British girl?

1. Dress smart.
A good appearance guarantees you 90% of success during the date. Pull on comfortable clothes, so that you feel ok with. Don’t scare her with the extraordinary and bizarre look.
2. Plan your date ahead.
Try to forecast every detail of your future date because a British woman likes everything to be in order. Also, reveal your plan to her so that she will be able to know whether it suits her or not.
3. Prepare good introduction of yourself.
Tell her what things you are good at, what your life achievements are. She will definitely appreciate her.
4. Play jokes.
As long as the weather in Britain is rainy most of the time, these people are struggling with depressive moods a lot. So if you make her laugh, you will impress her, meaning, she will like you.
5. Learn English.
As long as British women like when foreigners speak English, if you can do it, it will be a big plus for you. However, don’t worry if you have an accent because many British girls find it sexy.
Analyzing all this stuff…
In general, British girls are open-minded and easy-going. However, still, this nation is considered to be rather a conservative one. So if you want to proceed in your relationships very quickly, you might be refused to date with her. So if you want long-term relationships, it will better for you to keep being patient, reveal and prove your intelligence. Also, it’s very important to demonstrate your character and open up your heart in order to attract her. Nevertheless, you should be careful concerning these things because not all the ladies are ready to hear some of your personal and intimate things, so you would rather be wise.
All in all, a British woman is not a woman to be afraid to invite for a date. She is very attractive and smart so that you will enjoy spending your time with her a lot. Besides, she likes foreigners, which is a great advantage for you. Being wise and polite will make her think of you often. So if you like her, don’t hesitate to invite her for a date. Who knows, maybe it’s your destiny woman?

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