How to Date Bulgarian Woman?

How to Date Bulgarian Woman 1

Do you see dreams with Bulgarian girls, participating in them? Want to get acquainted with one of them? If you do not know how to start your dating with such a girl, here I am to help you. I am not Bulgarian, but I know a lot about these girls because I have lived in this amazing country for several years, and of course, did not miss a chance to date with Bulgarian girls. Want to know more about dating in Bulgaria?

What are Bulgarian women like?

Most of the Bulgarian women have black hair and dark eyes. They are very beautiful, maybe, this is because of their mix of genes. These girls are sexy and they know it. A typical Bulgarian lady is the one who is self-confident and have a normal self-esteem. Besides, even though this country is not very rich, still, these girls manage somehow to look fashionable and elegant. One thing you have to know about them is that if they nod, that means “NO”, and if they turn their head to the sides, that means they agree or say “Yes”. This is one of the things which is typical only to Bulgarian people. So read her body language the right way. Also, many girls in Bulgaria are religious, but not so many of them are strict believers. So if you are a true Christian, you would rather test her.

What qualities do they like in men?

First of all, if you want to create the right impression on Bulgarian brides, you have to be shy about your finances. It means that you would better not show how much money you carry with you because you might attract the wrong ladies who only want your money, but not you.

The next thing you have to note is that Bulgarian women like masculine guys. Almost every man in this country goes to either gym or exercise to be more handsome in the eyes of a Bulgarian lady. Meaning, there would be a competition on a way to her heart, but if you like challenges, Bulgaria is ready to offer you such an opportunity to try your luck.

The last but not least thing to note is that you are supposed to be a leader in the relationships. So it means that it’s you to ask her to go for a date. Bulgarian brides like strong and confident men.

How to Date Bulgarian Woman 1

Where to meet Bulgarian girls?

Bulgarian women are easy to be found in many public places in Bulgaria. For instance, you may meet her in a cafe, shopping mall, restaurant, exhibition, gallery, etc. Also, you may meet her directly on the streets of Bulgaria. For instance, you may start approaching to her and ask something. Even though it is an unusual kind of behavior for getting acquainted, still, sometimes it will work. However, if you know some other methods to grab her attention, I am happy for you.

Nightlife is very active in Bulgaria. Girls and guys like to hang up in nightclubs and drink a lot. If you want to find your charming lady there, you would rather be careful because some of the Bulgarian boys might behave very aggressively.

In general, don’t be afraid to ask her some question. These girls are very sociable. If she understands that you are trying to flirt with her, and she does not mind, lucky you are.

Things to know before dating Bulgarian girls

Bulgarian dating is similar to any other kind of dating all over the world. A man plays the role of a hunter, whereas a woman plays the role of victim, of course, in the figurative language. So if you want really to have a successful dating Bulgarian woman, be a leader and don’t be afraid to take a responsibility. If she believes you are a reliable and trustworthy person, you have far more chances to appoint the second dating with Bulgarian girls. But if you treated her without respect, behaved incorrectly, and the atmosphere of your date was far from being called a romantic one, you would rather become more humble and try once again. In general, you won’t have any serious problems on Bulgarian dating because the vast majority of the female population of this country is friendly. They are easy-going, but a little bit conservative, which you have to take into account as well.

How to attract Bulgarian woman?

  1. Pay compliments.

When dating Bulgarian woman, don’t forget to say a few words about the way she looks. Bulgarian girls do like compliments as any other girl.

  1. Behave.

Being a gentleman is very important for a man when dating Bulgarian girls. For instance, you may hold the door before she enters or give her a jacket when it’s cold. So you have to be attentive to her.

  1. Pay for her.

Of course, she is independent enough and even living in such a poor country she is able to pay for herself. However, if you do pay for her, it’s a good sign, which means you care for her.

  1. Be patient.

Even if you really like her, don’t push her. Don’t get obsessed with her, because it may be treated as aggression. Just calm down and wait.

  1. Give her a present.

By doing this, you shouldn’t give her something very expensive but something valuable. It will prove to her that you are attentive.

How to Date Bulgarian Woman 2

Do`s and dont`s:

  • Don’t use obscene language. This will make her feel uncomfortable being with you. Remember: she is a girl, she is tender, and needs to be treated like a fragile flower.
  • Don’t insist on having sex on the first date. It will only irritate her and push away from you. Moreover, she will treat you like a person who is not serious enough to fight for her heart.
  • Do be interesting. Prepare some jokes or stories to tell her to make her smile. Plan the dating day. Every girl likes when a man is responsible and does something from all his heart.
  • Do listen. Girls like to talk. So listen to her. You can support the conversation with just saying “hm” or “okay”. There is no need to give her any solutions to her problems because she just wants to be heard.
  • Do dress nicely. Looking good is a very crucial thing for the first date. She would like you to be neat and tidy.

General tips on dating Bulgarian woman:

  1. Lead the date.

A great date is like a great dance. There are two partners in it, where a man has a leading role. Therefore, you need to be a leader and guide her.

  1. Keep your promises.

If you told her you will get a star for her, go, get it. Or else, she will not trust you anymore, These girls value those men who do what they say they can do.

  1. Be real.

Dating with a Bulgarian girl, make sure you are not tangled with so many rules and laws. For instance, if you really like her, ignore a rule to wait for 3 days and call her. Invite her for the next day. This is the right behavior.

  1. Take her back to her home.

Lights will gui-a-a-de you home…But not your home, her home! Take a taxi or just have a walk, but make sure she got to her home safely.

How to Date Bulgarian Woman 3

Marrying a Bulgarian woman

Bulgaria is facing not really good times, concerning the amount of population. There is a serious decline in it now. However, it does not mean that Bulgarian girls do not want to marry. Totally no. They are still considered to be one of the best wives and mothers in the world. Nevertheless, you should note that they do not sell their feelings. Meaning, even if you are a very rich man, they will not go to bed with you only because you can provide her with a Green Card or give some money. Also, religion plays a great role in the lives of Bulgarian women. A lot of them are believers. Maybe, they are not so strictly following all the rules, but still, they believe in God. so you have to respect her beliefs and understand her.


Hope that you will find your only one girl in the world in Bulgaria. So do manage to count all the pluses regarding these girls. They can make you happy. However, my advice to you will be not to expect her to make you happy, but try to make her happy. Also, I would like to add that you cannot love someone if you don’t love yourself. So begin with yourself! Take care of yourself, do the best things for yourself because only then you can understand how to make someone else happy. Besides, don’t be afraid to take a responsibility. It is normal for a man to be responsible for a couple. Moreover, it’s so genuine for him. All in all, I wish you to enjoy the beautiful moments spent in such an amazing country as Bulgaria. Have a great time there!

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