How to date latvian women?

Want to date a Latvian model? Get ready to review my experience. To tell the truth, I lived in Latvia, and while being there, I have successfully been dating with many Latvian models. Therefore, I prepared some tips for you to help you get the attention of the Latvian woman.

Reasons to date Latvian woman:

First of all, these women are very beautiful. You will never find a girl on earth like them. Their beauty is unique and special. Therefore, so many men all around the globe flock to Latvia to have a pleasure to get acquainted with such beautiful ladies.

The second reason to date Latvian women is that they are very intelligent. They do care about their brains. Therefore, they are well-educated. So your conversation with her will not be only about clothes, cars, and makeup: she is able to talk about everything.

Thirdly, Latvian girls are very fashionable. You will rarely find a girl there who does not care about the way she looks. They like to be in the latest trend and stream of fashion. Besides, Latvian brides are completely cutting edge, and so to say, updated.

What kind of men Latvian girls like?

Latvian girls like men who are confident in themselves. They like to know you deserve them. At this point, they are very likely to check you and scan you for the presence or absence of the features you should have. For instance, Latvian women are very demanding. They want you to look well, smell good, have a good well-paid job, etc. Meaning, they are really picky regarding dating. They would never go for a date with someone who does not correspond to their demands.

However, you don’t need to be afraid of them, especially if you are an independent person who can make both ends meet. They like brave guys, even if they are foreigners. Also, the one thing you need to know about Latvian brides is that they are not racists. These girls are very modern and open to having relationships with people from all over the globe. But… Again, they need to feel you deserve them.

So if you are confident and feel you deserve to win the heart of one of these beauties, go, get it!

Understanding Latvian women

A huge number of Latvian girls know English. So if you are from English-speaking country, you won’t have any difficulties talking to her. Secondly, when you meet for the first time, give her a handshake (in this country it is normal).

As long as Latvian women keep a certain level of privacy, they would not like you to ask them personal questions on the first date. So you have to be wise and smart. However, the fact they are reserved does not mean that they are unfriendly. If you give her some time to open up, she will show you what is really on the inside.

Note also that Latvian brides like men with good manners. So if you show yourself being a gentleman on the first date, she will notice it.

Also, these ladies are very relaxed like girls of other Scandinavian countries. Therefore, if you are a hot guy from the South, you would rather slow down for a while…

Tips for dating Latvian girl: do`s and don’t`s:

  • Do be a man. Demonstrating your leadership skills is very appropriate for Latvia dating. She will check your abilities to rule her from the very beginning. Even if she is a wicked feminist, still, deep inside she realizes the necessity to be guided by a strong man.
  • Don’t lie. If you begin to show off, she will definitely notice it. Being insincere is the worst thing you can do on the first date. Just tell the truth about who you are and what you are doing for life. That’s it.
  • Do be spontaneous. Even if your lady says she does not like some unexpected gifts or things to be done, do be creative to impress her with your fantasy. Try to make her feel as if you are a new fresh air in her life, and she will appreciate that.
  • Don’t be boring. Latvian ladies like those men who can make them smile and laugh. Do your best to improve her mood.

How to impress Latvian Woman:

  • Be yourself. Don’t try to act as if you are someone else. Latvian ladies are very smart to figure it out at first sight.
  • Make a small gift for her. As long as all the girls like flowers, Latvian ones would not mind accepting such gifts either. Or else, you may present her with a chocolate. It depends.
  • Dress up. These girls like to hang out with handsome men. Therefore, almost all the men from this country take care of the way they look. If you want to compete with one of them for her heart, you would rather dress nice, appropriate to the place you are going to with her.
  • Respect her. Latvia is a European country where women are treated equally as men. Therefore, she will expect you to make her feel she is precious and strong enough.
  • Don’t push her. Kisses and hugs are not all you should be waiting for at the end of the date. Respect her feelings. Respect her religion.

What to expect from dating Latvian women?

According to statistics, there are more women in the country than men. What is more, the Latvian ladies are well-educated and have difficulty finding the love of their lives. Therefore, if you are educated as well, you have many chances to win her heart. However, as long as this country has been considered to be a city for sex tourism for a long time, these girls don’t open up on the first date. They defend themselves in such a manner. So you have to understand them.

If you want to find long-lasting relationships with a Latvian girl for marriage, don’t go to the nightclubs. They will only frustrate you with a huge number of scam artists who will only try to make you buy drinks and spend money. Note that good Latvian girls do not visit such places as well. This is because they respect themselves and you will never see a normal Latvian girl drunk, so make conclusions, friend…

Signs that Latvian woman loves you:

  1. On Latvia dating when a girl laughs when you play jokes and looks into your eyes means that she enjoys your company. However, do not overperform because saying too many jokes might make you look like a clown.
  2. You feel the resonance in your communication. Meaning, there is an exchange of energies – yours and hers. As a result, you feel everything is going well. Both of you are satisfied emotionally at the end of the date.
  3. She agrees to go on the second date. Even if she did not let you kiss or hug you on the first date does not mean that she disliked you. All you need to do is wait. Wait, till her feelings and your friendship grow.
  4. She tells you her secrets. As long as Latvian girls are very reserved, the fact that she opened up her heart on the date means a lot, especially for her. If she does, it’s a sign she trusts you and would like to proceed in your relationships.

Riga date ideas:

  1. Walk down the streets.

Enjoy the beautiful architecture of Riga. There are many charming old houses in the city. So you will have many possibilities to make a lot of good photos there.

  1. Visit the House of Blackheads.

This is a beautiful building in Riga which was built for merchants in 1334. The aim of building it was to hold meetings and banquets there. It is a real historical place, which means a lot for Latvians.

  1. Go to the park.

The park is situated near the Old Town and Freedom Monument. It is like the lungs of Riga. Enjoy breathing the fresh air there as well as the beautiful company of your Latvian lady.

  1. Have a look at Art Nouveau architecture.

The place is very fascinating, which is situated in Albert Street. The architecture is inspired by mythology so you may see there sphinxes, Cerberus, and more of such creatures on houses.


All things considered, Latvian girls are a mystery, which is so desirable to be explored by men. If you are one of those men who like to dig down in order to find a treasure, do treat your dating with Latvian women seriously.

Note that Latvian girl is for marriage. So don’t even think to use them as a toy. They are very clever and are able to figure out your intentions from the very beginning of your relationships. Moreover, if you are looking for sex for one night, you would better go somewhere else, not to Latvia.

Personally, I would recommend you to be a gentleman, no matter what kind of girls you want to win the heart of. Wish you happiness. Have a great day!

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