How to Date Portuguese Woman?

Do you like Portuguese girls? Want to create a family with one of them? Yeah, these women are very hot, hot, hot! Don’t miss a chance to get acquainted with a girl from Portugal.

What are Portuguese girls like?

First of all, these girls are very beautiful. To be more precise, Portuguese females are very confident about the fact they are attractive. To tell the truth, Portuguese beauties do not really care whether they are obese or not. The whole Portuguese culture is about hot tanned women with tanned skin, dark eyes and hair, and of course, with curves. Therefore, even if you think that she has to get rid of some extra weight, you would rather get out of her way and go somewhere else country. This is because girls in Portugal like the way they look and not really are influenced by the fashion trends of being skinny. They know that not all men like too slim girl starving from anorexia. They just like to be themselves, enjoying pizza in a good company of friends.

Portugal dating culture

Initially, while dating in Portugal, a man is supposed to give a handshake to a woman. Why? Because Portuguese women are very independent. Also, don’t try to hold the door before she enters – she would not understand such a gesture.
To add more, always be on time. Portugal women don’t like when men are late, probably, as well as any other girl over the world. Note that the Portuguese lady is very open. She is very emotional, and what is more, she is very expressive. So don’t expect her to be reserved because these women do not like to hide their emotions and are not limited in gestures. Meaning, if you know what the body language signs mean, lucky you are. Besides, don’t even try to pay for her in a cafe due to the fact she will not understand it properly.

Things you need to know before dating a Portuguese woman:

  1. Honesty.

Girls in Portugal really like those men who are open as they are. So on the first date, you have to be yourself to create a positive impression on her. These girls like when men say what they mean.

  1. Passion about cooking.

Portuguese women would love to date with you if you like to cook together. They enjoy chopping the vegetables and fruits together with their partner to make a delicious dish.

  1. Sex.

Portugal women like sex. They don’t hide this fact. Even though this country is Catholic, that does not mean that Christians are afraid of the word “sex”. However, you would rather not expect to have sex with her on the first date, because girls in Portugal are not frivolous.

  1. Freedom.

The girls on the streets of Portugal usually wear miniskirts, and they are not prostitutes. This is because of Portuguese females like freedom in the way of clothes style.

How to Date Portuguese Woman 1

Where to meet girls in Lisbon?

Some people think that it is dangerous to go out in Lisbon when it’s dark, but the citizens claim you won’t be robbed or taken somewhere you don’t want. Many Lisbon citizens are very friendly, so you can easily make some nice new friends.  All in all, if you want to meet a normal Portuguese girl, go to a cafe, restaurant, or just find her on the streets of this beautiful city.

Reasons to date Portuguese woman:

  1. Hot.

Portuguese beauties are very hot. They are very attractive and show their emotions openly. They are sincere and very passionate. They definitely like sex. However, they will not respond if you do not ask them. These girls are very confident and independent. They like to dress nicely in a way the clothes underlines their curves. But being so hot woman does not mean that she is sluttish. On the contrary, these girls are very strong believers who like to keep traditions and have family values.

  1. Food.

A Portuguese lady is the one who knows how to cook. So you will never be hungry if you fall in love with her. Portuguese culture is a lot about cooking: all the family members know how to cook and if you come to their house you will enjoy the tastiest food ever.

Do`s and Dont`s:

  • On Portugal dating don’t ask her to have sex. Girls in Portugal are very God-obedient. They will never go to bed with you on the first date. This is because they are very romantic and looking for real love.
  • Do be punctual. These girls like responsible men. Even if she looks like a hero, deep inside she is a little girl who needs to be cared of. Also, Portugal women appreciate when men respect them and their freedom.
  • Don’t pay for her. She will never understand this gesture even if your motives are the best and the purest. Portuguese women like to feel as if they are equal to men. They don’t need any sympathy. They like to look strong. So you should treat her this way.

How to impress a Portuguese woman?

  1. Be confident

On the first date, it’s really very important to prove her you are a man and a leader in your further relationships. So keep asking her questions, but don’t overask because she may feel as if she is on interrogation or interview. Just be genuine with your questions. That’s it.

  1. Try to speak Portuguese.

Even if your speech is far and far away from the perfect, at least a few words in Portuguese will leave her pleased with the evening spent together.

  1. Be tidy.

No girl likes to spend an evening with a man who smells ugly. So before you go out with her, make sure you cleaned your teeth, had showered, and wore clean clothes. Note that being neat does not mean being a gay:)

How to Date Portuguese Woman 2

Dating Portuguese woman: general rules:

  • Before you come on a date, learn a few words in Portuguese. Or even you may learn some phrases to impress her with your knowledge during the evening.
  • Dress up nice. Make sure your clothes are clean, ironed, and smells good. Put on some perfume.
  • Show up your confidence during the date. You may do it simply by being a gentleman. For instance, you may give her your jacket when it gets cold.
  • Give her a chance to speak and express herself. Don’t talk too much about yourself because you will sound egoistic.
  • Don’t try to seduce her. She is smart enough to figure out your intentions to have sex with her immediately on the first date, and that will mean for you that the game is over.

Signs a Portuguese woman has fallen in love with you:

  1. She tells you her secrets. If she begins to open up more and more, it’s a sign she trusts you and would like to proceed in your relationships.
  2. She lets you pay for her in a cafe or restaurant. Even the most confident and independent girls can fall in love and be just “a girl” who relies on the strong shoulder of a man.
  3. She is in a good mood at the end of the date. She smiles and laughs at your jokes – it means that she is definitely interested to continue your romantic affair.
  4. She gave you her phone number. If a Portugues lady gave you any personal information about her email, address, or phone, whatever, your relationships are not just a flirt.

How to Date Portuguese Woman 3

Marrying a Portuguese girl

Marrying is a serious step, so before you make it you have to make sure you feel love for her. As long as you are a foreigner, you also have to make sure she does not want just to escape from her parents by saying “Yes” to you at the wedding ceremony. Before you marry her, ask her questions like what her dreams are and what her goals look like. As long as marriage is a one-way road, your aims should coincide. Also, it is worth asking before you become husband and wife how many children you are going to have and when. Additionally, open up all the health issues, if any, you have before getting married because it is better to be aware of it in advance.


Do you still want to marry a Portuguese girl? Don’t be afraid because, in general, they are like any other girl from your country, but with slight peculiarities of behavior. If you spend enough time learning about her culture and a little bit Portuguese language, you will be a very lucky guy in Portugal. And the more words in Portuguese you learn, the luckier you will become if you understand what I mean. This is because every Portuguese woman likes to talk with someone who knows the language of her childhood and heart. Wish you find your charming lady and fall in love with her at first sight. (And so she should do either). Have a great date!

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