How to Date Romanian Woman?

How to Date Romanian Woman

Do you like Romanian girls? Want to be with one of them? Yes, these women are special. You will never find a girl in the world like them. But how to get her attention if you like her? Let’s figure it out together.

Reasons to date Romanian Woman:

1. They are smart.
If you are looking for a doll without brains, you probably would not rather ask a Romanian girl for a date. These girls are extremely intelligent. They value education a lot. So you will definitely find a common language with her if you are smart too.
2. They are very beautiful.
As a person who has successfully been dating with Romanian models, I can say that these women are very attractive. They are very slim and their faces look gorgeous. Therefore, they stand out in the crowd of a girl from other nations.
3. Romanian woman is friendly.
She is very attentive and open-hearted. This girl is the one that would help you if you need. If only you valued her kindness.
4. They have their opinion.
Romanian brides do not hesitate to open their mouth and tell you what they really think about this or that. They are not too shy. They like to be direct and have normal self-esteem.

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Things to know before dating Romanian Woman:

  • The Romanian woman is the one that will appreciate if you learn her language. This is a nation of strong traditions and family. Therefore, being curious about her culture will help you to win her heart.
  • The other thing you need to know about Romanian women for marriage is that you would better become the best friend with her mother and her friends, or else she will become your worst enemy.
  • Thirdly, Romanian brides are very independent. They like men to respect her. Therefore, if you are a person who likes to abuse people, stay away from her.
  • If you come to her home where her family is, you would rather eat and drink whatever is offered because the refusal is a bad habit.
  • A Romanian woman likes to keep a certain level of privacy. They are not very talkative about personal things and would never tell you secrets about their personal life unless you directly ask them.

Do`s and Dont`s:

  • Do be punctual. These girls would never go for a second date with you if you are not on time. It is like a sign of disrespect for her, which she values the most.
  • Do listen to her attentively. These women like sometimes to talk a lot. So be patient and you will win her heart.
  • Don’t dress inappropriately. Try to be neat and careful of your look. The first date is a time when you demonstrate all your best feature, including the manner to dress up. So show to her that you care.
  • Don’t boast and show off. These girls have gypsy blood flowing through their veins. Therefore, she will definitely figure out whether you are telling the truth or lying. Moreover, if you want to impress her, you would not rather tell her about your achievements.
  • Do keep your home tidy. If you invite her to your house or flat, make sure it is clean. Dating a Romanian woman means meeting all the standards of tidiness.

How to impress Romanian Woman?

1. Don’t push her.
Romanian girls do value family traditions and do not expect you to invite them to bed on the first date. Romanian dating is a time when she can get to know about you as much as possible and make up her mind whether to continue this relationship with you or not.
2. Pay compliments.
These girls do their best to impress you on a Romanian dating. They dress up, do their hair and makeup, so tell her you noticed how beautiful she is.
3. Prepare a gift for her.
If you want to date Romanian ladies, make a small gift for her like flowers or candies. For Eastern European girl this will mean that you are actually on a date with her, but not at just some meeting. A presence of a gift confirms a fact you are her potential boyfriend, but not just a friend.
4. Take her out.
Be a leader and invite her to some restaurant. However, make sure you asked her opinion about the place you are going to and also that you have enough money to pay for her.
Signs Romanian Woman likes you:

  • Romanian dating should leave you with a feeling of happiness. If you feel joyful after the first date and so does she, it means that everything has been fine and your relationship has future.
  • She keeps on sensing you messages constantly. It is a sign of a great interest of her to you, meaning, she is looking forward to hearing and meeting with you soon.
  • Her friends like you and you feel comfortable in their company as well as they are. Being able to find a common language with her closest surrounding is a great feature, which she considers as a big plus.
  • You feel that her mother and father accept you. Family means a lot for her, especially their opinion about you.
  • She smiles and laughs a lot being with you, but at the same time, you feel she is interested and respects you. If she does, begin to save money for a wedding ring.

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Marrying Romanian Woman

In order to marry a Romanian woman, you can also try Romanian online dating. However, be careful because if your intentions are serious, it is better for you to spend at least three months in Romania to get to know more about this country and its traditions.
In general, Romanian women are looking for an escape from poverty by marrying a foreigner, which is not really acceptable. Therefore, if you want to make sure her feelings are real, please do date with her at the territory of Romania for some time. You will not only get to know about her and her traits of character more but also will get acquainted with her closest friends who are 99% like her.
Marriage is a serious step for which you have to be prepared. Especially, Romanian ladies are looking for long-lasting, life-lasting relationships in a family. So if you think you can betray her or leave her for another woman, I beg you not to begin the relationship with a Romanian lady.

Keys to understanding Romanian Woman:

  • Similar beliefs.

If your spiritual background is similar to hers, go, ask her for a date. These girls are looking for someone, for example, who can support them in prayer. They are not materialistic at all. So if you want to be with her, you should begin with your religious background or even switch to her religion.

  • Saying a few words in Romanian.

Understanding is one of the biggest pillars of good relationship in a couple. Therefore, learn several phrases in this language and tell her.

  • Economic hardship.

Romania has a long history, which is great. However, when this country was under the communist regime, its leader almost destroyed its economy at all. Therefore, now there are some difficulties in earning money. Nevertheless, the country now is rising like a phoenix out of ashes. Due to these facts, a lot of women here went into prostitution to make both ends meet. Anyway, I am not talking about all the Romanian girls because in the USA there is the same problem in some of the states. However, even in spite of these horrible things, a normal Romanian girl will not say “Yes” to you, if you propose only because you have money. Note that she is looking for real feelings.

What are Romanian Women looking like?

Romanian brides are very sexy and beautiful. This is a part of their culture because in this country beauty is a synonym for success. For instance, a beautiful woman will most likely be to get a new job in comparison with not a beautiful one.       Therefore, Romanian girls are taught from the childhood to take care of themselves and dress classy. They are not looking for money only, however, would not mind finding a rich husband who will get them into a paradise. They are humble and easy-going, especially in small cities. What is more, Romanian girls know at least two foreign languages and would not mind dating with a foreigner. Hence, don’t hesitate to ask such a girl for a date if you really want to create a family.

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All in all, if you like such a type of appearance like Romanian women have, do take them seriously. Especially, these women are good for the creation of a strong family. As for me, I can boast that I dated with one of the beautiful Romanian girls and am very happy now because of that. Thanks to her, I learned that money is not everything women need in men, but my personality matters too. Wish you all the best moments with your lady. Have a great day!

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