How to kiss a Ukrainian girl


Have you ever wanted to kiss a Ukrainian woman but she turned her head or said that you have to wait a little more? Perhaps you asked permission and she didn’t agree. There are cases when a man just doesn’t know how to kiss a girl on a date. Actually, the first kiss is not an easy thing. Sometimes this is a real test for a person. So, how to do this right? You will find the answer to this question in this article.

How to Kiss a Girl and Not Screw Up

The first kiss is the first victory. If you managed to kiss a girl, then you deserved her attention, sympathy, and trust. After all, you will have a real breakthrough in the relationship. But it can be the last kiss if you don’t know how to do it right.

Touch her

In order for the first kiss with a girl to be successful, you need to make her want to kiss you. How to do this? Very simple! You should touch a Ukrainian woman from the first seconds of a date so that she gets used to it. Start with the soft and gentle touches and end with more frank. After that, it will not be difficult to kiss her. The main thing is to do everything as gently as possible and take things slowly otherwise it can cause the feeling of confusion. Imagine a picture: you sit together, keep silent for 5 minutes, and then you suddenly rush and start kissing her. Of course, such actions will not end well and the chances of success are minimal.

how-to-kissFollow her reaction

Kissing a Ukrainian woman you should follow her reaction. You always need to notice whether she looks at your lips. If she does it or she licks her lips, then this is the clear sign that a girl wants to kiss you. If you see that she is ready to kiss, approach her slowly. This method works very well with those girls who watch a lot of series about love because such a kiss is the very common thing there.

Start kissing her

Kiss her on the neck at first and then you can kiss her on the lips. If she doesn’t turn away, then everything is fine. She also waited for this.

But when a girl wants to get your kiss, you can play with her desire. Wait a little longer and don’t let her kiss you. It will excite the feelings even more and you will get more pleasure since such kiss will be natural.

How to Understand that a Ukrainian Girl Wants to Kiss You

 – Girls don’t like kissing in public, so she will certainly be looking for a secluded place.

 – She will look at you for a long time and make pauses in conversation so that you can guess about her desire.

 – Also, a girl will reduce the distance between you: she will put her head on your shoulder at the cinema, come or stand a little closer to you on the street, etc.

 – Pay attention to her behavior: if she strives to touch you casually, looks into your eyes, and keeps silent, then she is waiting for your kiss.

How to French Kiss?

What is a French kiss? This kind of kiss presupposes contact of tongues. The best start for a French kiss is the usual kisses on the lips, during which you should slightly open your mouth and use the tongue. If your girlfriend will answer you and open her mouth too, try to pull your tongue towards her tongue. But don’t overdo it and don’t pull your tongue too deep.

Kissing a Ukrainian girl, you can play with her tongue: for example, you can gently nibble or suck girl’s tongue. Also, you can twist your tongues.

A French kiss is possible without touching the lips: approach each other so close that the tips of your tongues can contact and play with them without the participation of the lips.

kissing-coupleWhat Is Important to Know About the First Kiss with a Girl?

 – The great kiss automatically makes you a potential boyfriend. The bad one can put an end to further relations.

 – You have to remain relaxed and calm. Calmness is extremely important when dealing with a girl.

 – You don’t need to think about kisses all the time. It is good if it happens, but if not — it will happen next time.

 – If you want to kiss a girl, don’t wait for the end of a date. It almost never works. You should show your desire from the very beginning. A girl has to understand that you like her. Start kissing when you feel that it is the right moment.

Why a Girl Doesn’t Want to Kiss

There are three reasons for this:

1. She doesn’t like you. When it is so, there are no questions about intimacy. If you want to check this, ask her out on a second date. If a girl doesn’t agree, then the problem is in this; if she agrees — then there is another reason.

2. She doesn’t want to seem easy. She can wait for the second or the third date for a kiss. But if she doesn’t kiss you during the second meeting, you can ask her delicately about her reluctance.

3. She is embarrassed. It can be anything and often depends on some circumstances: a woman is not sure about the freshness of her breath, she is embarrassed by her appearance, or there are too many people around. You can ask a question, as in the second case, for finding out the reason — the answer should clarify the situation.

Common Mistakes

 – Never ask a girl whether you can kiss her. Such question will spoil all romance, and the image of a confident man will be lost.

romantic-kiss – Don’t offend a girl and don’t call your companion frigid if you feel mutual sympathy but she doesn’t want to kiss you. You just have to say tactfully: “Okay, we will not rush the things!” and continue your date without going back to this incident.

 – Don’t start with a French kiss and don’t touch every centimeter of her body. Most likely, she will simply run away or will not agree to have the next meeting.

 – Don’t forget about your partner. Getting great pleasure, you want to kiss only for yourself and think that if this kiss is pleasant to you, then your partner necessarily likes it as well. We would like to remind you that she also has preferences, feelings, expectations and you will be wrong ignoring them.

 – The kiss on the first date will surprise no one, but there are girls who oppose this idea. But if you want to kiss a Ukrainian woman on the first date, then you need to think about the right place, take into account frequent mistakes, and also watch her behavior attentively.

Now, we can say that you are ready for a kiss with a Ukrainian girl. Use the chance because this is a real pleasure for both participants.

How to Make a Ukrainian Girl Kiss You First

You met a Ukrainian girl of your dreams and now you have a romantic relationship. You both feel passion but you don’t know how to kiss a girl. But let her do it by herself. It’s not too difficult to make a girl want to kiss you. Many guys do this often enough. And once you learn the secret, you will be able to use it as well. Here are tips for you:  

1. Make sure that she likes you enough

We all know that Ukrainian girls don’t kiss every guy they meet. This is how girls treat kiss in Ukraine. If a girl kisses a guy, it means that she really likes him. So if she doesn’t like you enough, then you have to do some more work for being more attractive in her eyes. First of all, you have to make her desperately want you and then you can think about how to make her kiss you.

2. Look into her eyes

When she talks to you or even you are silent, look directly in her eyes. When you look into her eyes, you have to imagine how you kiss this Ukrainian woman. Let her know that you are a confident guy who has the courage to look right in her eyes.

3. Look at her lips

Look at her lips more often and let her know that you want her to kiss you. Lightly move your lips when you look at hers. Perhaps it can be difficult to do at first. So, it will be better if you practice a little standing in front of the mirror.

4. Give the signals

She should know that you are passionate about her and will be glad if she kisses you. Let her know that you will not refuse to get her kiss. Girls, as well as guys, are very worried about being refused.

5. Behave so that she wants to kiss you by herself

For, example, gently brush her hair or stroke her hand.  In a word, do so that a slight wave of excitement runs through her body. This is how to agree a girl for kiss easily.

6. Find an excuse

how to agree a girl for kissYou can make a girl kiss you in gratitude. Having done something for her (for that she will be grateful to you), feel free to name the price of your deed. A girl, of course, will refuse at first. So pretend that you are offended and say that you will never do such a favor. Most likely, she will agree to kiss you next time. You can just give her something and ask her to kiss you in return again.

7. Make sure that you chose the right moment

If you watched an action movie and she was so carried away that even didn’t eat popcorn, then time has not come yet. Use your intuition to understand when you need to be closer.

8. Lick your lips

Try to find out whether she wants to kiss you or not. If you catch her eye on your lips, then this is an important signal that she wants to kiss you. Now you need to lick your lips and keep the conversation on emotional topics. This is the best time to play with her in the game. Ask a girl something like this: “Don’t you want to kiss me?” She will kiss you, of course, if something is burning inside of her. But be ready for any answers! However, if you do everything right, then she will certainly kiss you.

9. Kiss her too

Before kissing her lips, you can kiss some other parts of her body, whatever you want: her shoulders, her hand, or her cheek, etc. When you tell her something, you can kiss her in the ear for a second. But only for 1 second and don’t pay attention to this and continue to talk further. Then kiss again.

10. Play some act

For example, tell her that there is an eyelash on her cheek and gently touch her face. Believe me, the kiss will not keep you waiting.

11. Invite her to some romantic place

It should be a calm place, only for you two.  A girl will not miss such a convenient moment if she wants to feel the sweetness of your lips! And remember that when Ukrainian girl kisses you, she really likes you and want to have a serious relationship as soon as possible.  

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