How to Know If a Girl Likes You through Texting?


Online dating became a real salvation in our frantic present. With our busy-scheduled lives, we rarely have the luxurious possibility of dating. Yep, we have, still we don’t have time to have enough dates with one person to tell whether we fit each other or not. Online dating gives you enough time to learn the person exchanging the messages. In the course of your chatting, you can really figure out whether you like this person or not. Learning how much you have in common will help you avoid the risk of finding yourself short of conversational topics on the first date.

The main problem with online dating lies in the question whether there will be the first date? How often do you ask yourself “How do I know if she likes me?” While it may seem to you that everything goes fine, all of a sudden she finds excuses not to go out on the date with you. So, understanding whether the girl you’re chatting with likes you or not is vital. Without further ado, we offer you to check out the tips on how to know if a girl likes you through texting.

1. How often does she start the conversation?

Paying attention to how often she starts the conversation is one of the key moments in how to know if she likes you back. If starting the conversation always falls on you, most likely it means that your chat mate is not that interested in you. If she starts conversations too often, it is still not a good sign. It signals that she finds you an interesting interlocutor. When a girl likes a guy, she will mainly try not to be too needy and will not make her interest in you too obvious.

When the girl starts at least half of your conversations, you may relax as it is a good sign. This means that she does like you and that she likes you more than just a pen-friend.

2. The way she ends the conversation

Most of the girls don’t like to show their affection. One of the signs she likes you through text is that she ends your conversation with phrases like “I gotta go, bye, text you later”. It means that she is interested in you but tries to show that she has some social life without you. You know, just to be more interesting for you. The bad sign if the girl ends your conversation by simply not replying to your messages. It means that she has ultimately no interest in you and doesn’t even bother to answer your messages.

young-man3. Emoticons

One of the signs of a girl liking you through texting is emoticons. Of course, you may assume that it doesn’t mean a thing thinking how often we use emoticons instead of words. Instead of saying that you are angry, happy, puzzled, confused, or excited you can use emoticons. So, count how often she uses emoticons while chatting with you. Moreover, you should pay attention what emoticons she is using. Mind that girls use winking face emoticons when they are flirting. If she uses a winking face emoticon quite often, she’s definitely flirting. If she uses a kissing face, that’s a very good sign, as it means that she’s very interested in you.

The bad sign is when she’s using standard emoticons as replies to all of your messages instead of texting something. This is the sign that she’s not into you. Moreover, it may mean that she hints you that she wants you to stop texting her.

4. Analyze her replies

The way the girl’s replying to you messages may tell a lot about her attitude towards you. If she gives you thoughtful replies, it means that she is reading your messages carefully. Thus it means that she’s interested in your conversation topics and in you. If she constantly turns the conversation to herself and leaves chats without saying good-bye, then she probably has absolutely no interest in you.

5. Teasing messages

One of the best signs that a girl likes you through text is teasing messages like “I wish you were here” or “You’d give everything to be with me right now”. If you receive messages like these, you are very very lucky, as it is the clearest of all signs that can be spotted in your correspondence. She’s definitely into you and eager to continue offline.

6. Quick replies and updates

Every guy knows that there is nothing more agonizing than waiting for the woman you are after to seemingly take ages to reply to your text messages. Sometimes the replies can come in hours if not days late, which are obvious signs of disinterest, so take the hint. Therefore, when a girl replies to your texts in a matter of minutes if not seconds, it means you are a priority to her, and it is a guaranteed sign that she likes you.

how to know if a girl likes youMoreover, if you constantly gain updates from her personal life like – “Hey, getting myself a manicure, how are you?”, you can be sure she likes you. Information that you would usually not even care to know will be delivered to you on a frequent basis. This is an obvious sign she wants your attention, your time and is open to texting for a while. Quite an obvious sign, though even then some men can question a girl’s attitude towards them. Do not make the same mistake.

7. She pries around your life and compliments you

If you are still wondering how to know if she likes you through text, girls tend to ask a lot of personal question to people they are interested in. They have their way of obtaining information from guys they are attracted to and have many methods of doing so without resorting to direct measures. You can know for sure a girl likes you when she asks you things personally and directly, without beating around the bush. Once she starts to do that, you can be sure that your relationship just leveled up and became for intimate, so strike the iron while it is hot.

If a girl is very interested in you, she will not shy away from asking if you are seeing anyone in the current time being, what your previous relationships with you ex-girlfriends were like, or even your preferences in terms of what kind of girl you like. This is all her way of sizing you up in order to understand whether you are a legitimate candidate for a more serious and intimate relationship with her.

One more sign of knowing how to tell if a girl likes you over text is if you receive compliments from her on a frequent basis, take the hint. Girls do not go around saying good things to random people, only to those they truly like. Whether it is your clothes you were wearing one day, a fine new pair of shoes, or the increasingly growing muscles you have by going to the gym, it all comes down to her being attracted to you and verbalizing her thoughts, so you could eventually take action.

8. She sends you photos, cute texts and even asks you out

Girls do not send out photos to every other person and are very guarded when someone asks them for some. Therefore, if she sends you one and you did not even ask for it, it is obvious that she is into you. When girls do send out photos, they make sure that they are the most flattering versions of themselves. They look like models in them and dress to kill, at least they try to. So in the event that she sends you a photo of her wearing basic house clothes like sweatpants and a sweater, messy hair, or even making some funny face, she is letting you know that she is not a princess and is totally fine with you seeing her this way, letting you know you can chill around her and be fine, she is not a fancy princess. This is one of the more obvious signs she likes you over text.

Another sign of how to know if a girl likes you is when texting with her, she will usually tend to spell words in a cute way. She might use extra vowels, all capital letters or even baby talk. These are all signs that she wants your immediate attention. She will also tend to laugh at your jokes, whether they be actually good or complete trash. Lastly, you can be sure that a girl likes you when she flat out asks you out over text. This is the ultimate giveaway, and if you do not take any action after this happens, you are an idiot. Even if it is mentioned as some friendly or casual get-together, it is a surefire sign that she is keen on hanging out with you alone and that she expects you to take some kind of action. Now you know how to tell if a girl likes you through text.

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