A few easy steps to impress a Ukrainian woman on the first date

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Today is a big day! After long nights of chatting and telephone conversations, you are sitting in the café and waiting for a Ukrainian woman you met online. You’ve already seen her photos, but in real life, people may look different than on pictures. Perhaps all your conversations on the web were so exciting because both of you felt more confident under the guise of the Internet.

Well, the time has come for you to meet each other for the first time. You came right in time, and now have to wait. You are tense, and can’t stop looking at the front door. Without even noticing it, you start biting your lips. Stop! Before you panic, you should take a few deep breaths and think about the impression you can make on a new friend of yours in the first few minutes of conversation.

Body Language on the first date: What you should notice

First of all, remember that a Ukrainian woman is like any other woman from Europe or the US. Your posture, facial expressions, and gestures define how she perceives you. Self-confidence is the key to success in many spheres of life. A bit of confidence can help you make an impression of the attractive and successful person. That’s why, when meeting someone for the first time, try not to seem indecisive. Shyness can also be a sign of a lack of interest to your companion, so don’t be shy on a date.

But shyness is only the first thing that you should avoid. The second one is arrogance. Many people hide their fears or uncertainty behind arrogance, so it’s difficult to understand what’s going on inside their heads.

Pay attention to your body language. By raising your chin or staring at a person, you can unwittingly make the wrong impression. And, of course, don’t forget to smile. After all, a smile is always positively perceived by other people.

The first meeting

Finally, she walks through the front door. And you immediately get stroke by a panic attack. How should you behave in such situation? You don’t want to look either too excited or too cold to her. It’s important to find a balance between calmness and nervousness and look attractive, but not to seem naive, confused or even stupid at the same time. If she looks in your direction but hasn’t noticed you yet, nod your head and smile to greet her. Thus, you attract her attention without bothering the other café visitors. A light nod and a friendly hand gesture will make a positive impression, and attract your companion’s attention.

And now she stands in front of you. Here you need to choose an appropriate greeting. You don’t know whether to stand up or keep sitting. Should you just shake her hand or give a hug, and even a kiss her on the cheek?

Stand up and slightly touch her elbow or shoulder with your hand, then greet her. Such way of greeting is not intrusive, and helps to make contact with the person at the same time.

If you’re sitting at the table, it is better to sit face to face than next to each other, that way she can have some personal space. If you sit too close, she will feel uncomfortable.

Both of you are now sitting at the table, and the conversation has already started. While chatting online, you found out that you share some common interests, so now it’s easy to pick a topic for discussion. It’s one of the advantages of online dating.

How to show interest in a conversation

You can’t stop talking to each other. With the help of facial expressions and gestures, you show interest in what she says.

There are some rules in the psychology of communication that help express interest in the conversation. A head nod tells your companion that you listen carefully to his/her words. By doing so, you keep the conversation going and encourage a person to keep talking. You should also move slightly closer to your companion. During a conversation, it is important to maintain eye contact.

Humor is a very sensitive topic. Especially in the case when two people still don’t know each other well. Your partner will not be able to understand when you’re joking and when you’re not. That happens because not all people can clearly show their attitude to you with facial expressions and gestures.

So, your conversation with the girl goes on without any trouble, and you are completely charmed with her. Your new friend would also like to show that she finds you attractive. But both of you don’t know how to do it.

How to show romantic interest

Some communication psychology experts advise the same strategy as used for showing interest in the conversation: move slightly to the companion, smile, and maintain eye contact. Women often show their romantic interest by tilting a head, lowering a chin, biting lips and glancing from under the lashes. Quick touches (for example, when both laugh at a good joke) can also show romantic interest. Besides, there are some things you can already say on the first date. For instance, you can say that you had a great time and will be pleased to meet again.

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