Pros and Cons of Russian Wives

russian girl

Romance with a Russian woman can be intriguing and fascinating. They are able to make many men go crazy around the globe.

Once you saw photos of online Russian wives, you can hardly resist dreaming of their enthralling beauty day and night. They may seem just too perfect to be true! But they are real. They are a mix of reality and dreams blended together.

We chose some pros and cons to help you figure if you want to win the heart of your Russian cutie.

Cons of Russian Wives

The language barrier is unlikely to contribute to your communication.

Most of the girls who live in big cities can communicate in English. But women from small cities won’t know any other language than their native. Foreigners are not frequent visitors to Russia, so most of the women are more fluent in written English than speaking. There is a good thing about it, though. It means you can easily look through potential Russian wives online.

Cultural diversity.

You will have to deal with such peculiar thing called Russian family – a large number of people of 3 to 4 generations who meet frequently. You can even meet a notorious Russian babushka – an excessively caring woman. It is likely those family members can introduce you to vodka as well. But the cultural exchange is what makes our life experience richer.


There is a well-known biased opinion on girls from Russia, claiming that they are too eager to find anyone just to run from their homeland. For the most part, this myth has nothing to do with reality. It is true, that Russia has some economic and international troubles, but there is also beautiful nature and exceptional culture. Most women simply won’t want to leave their friends and family and go elsewhere. Still, if you are to have a date with your potential Russian wife, you need to think beforehand and figure where you two will live.

Pros of Russian Wives

She can fall for who you are and be a wonderful mother.

They are genuinely caring for their family doing everything to make them feel better. A Russian wife can make you house shine every time you come from work. They are generators of coziness at the house and are able to pass their trait to your children. Truth be told this is how they win men’s hearts.

She can become both your girlfriend and a soulmate. Russian girls may seem shy at first, but they like to develop a friendly relationship first. Friendship for them is extremely valuable. Their faithfulness is often to break the stereotypes about women. Being on the same page is vital because family is paramount for Russian ladies. They can make your family life work like an oiled mechanism!

Russian wives are amazing cooks.

Especially when it comes to traditional Russian food. It is good for numerous reasons. First of all, there are always plenty of vegetables and organics in any meal. Its taste is rich and unforgettable. Besides, it’s very nutritious. So be sure to repay her with kisses after she makes you a perfectly flavored borsch at dinner!

These girls hold to a positive mindset and are very optimistic about life. It is known that Russian literature and culture can be melancholic but women in Russia are surprisingly optimistic! They are found of cracking jokes and having fun. Whether she is dancing in the kitchen cooking, or singing in the shower – you will never get bored with her.

So, there you have it. Find Russian wife online or come to Russia and get her!

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