Questions to Avoid on a First Date

first date

Do you know the secret of a successful first date? Even men who have been on many dates feel nervous before the first date with a Russian woman. They wish they had an ultimate guide to winning the heart of a Russian beauty. Basically, you need to do three things to make your first date become the beginning of a new romantic adventure. First of all, you should choose an appropriate location. Second, you should behave like a real gentleman. And the key to success is a good conversation. Even if you met online and had several chats, your first real-life date will be an absolutely different experience. Talking face to face you’ll get to know each better. Also, if you demonstrate your good communication skills, you’ll definitely make a good impression on your Russian date.
Basically, your conversation will be a disguised interview: you’ll be asking and answering questions to understand whether you’re on the same page. Many guys ask the wrong questions during their first dates without even realizing that they touched upon the tabooed topics. If you don’t want to ruin your first date with a Russian girl, don’t bring up the following matters.


You should avoid any finance-related topics because it will be out of place on a romantic date. Even if you’re great at handling money it doesn’t give you the right to educate her. You can ask your date about her job and tell her what you do for a living but never focus on how much you earn. Firstly, it’s impolite and secondly, there are many other questions you can ask. As a gentleman, you should pay for dinner and reject your date’s offer to split the bill.


“Do you believe in God?” Even if religion is an important part of your life, this is not an excuse to ask your date about her beliefs. Man, it’s your first date and the time for sharing too personal information has not come yet. Faith is something very personal and strangers shouldn’t discuss it.


Yes, Russians like to talk about politics as if they are experts in politics. They like to criticize their politicians and blame them for all the issues that exist in their country. Today, Russia is often mentioned in the world news not in the best context but you shouldn’t try to get the latest facts from your date. Think again why you’re here. You asked this woman out because you liked her and wanted to check whether she would make a good match for you. Initiating this topic, you’ll only confuse or turn her off.


Don’t let the ghosts of your past ruin your date. Why should be you interested in her (other) men when this beautiful woman is sitting in front of you now? Deep down you want to know how often she goes out on dates and how many boyfriends she has had. Keep guessing. On your part, don’t make references to your exes. Your date may think that you haven’t got over your previous relationship or that you’re simply a womanizer.


Avoid this word on a first date. You’ve come here to test the waters, so don’t discuss serious matters. Your date might not be completely over her recent divorce and this question will only confuse her. When you focus on questions about your future family and children, women think that you’re desperately trying to find a potential wife. Be cool. You’ll talk about it later as the things go serious.


The easiest way to make a Russian girl flush is to bring up a too intimate topic. Any girl would feel uncomfortable if her date would suddenly ask her a sex-related question. It has been considered to be something shameful for years. According to a popular belief that was imposed on Soviet people, “there was no sex in USSR”. It was not acceptable to speak about sex. The word “sex” (sexual intercourse) was a sort of taboo until sexual revolution reached the territory of the USSR. Today the situation is different. The young generation is more open about it but women in their 40s still get a bit embarrassed being asked about their intimate life. As a sensible man, you should understand that sex-related questions are not appropriate on a first date and they can scare your woman off.

“Do you like me?”

If you want to sound weak and insecure, just ask this question. Obviously, it’s on your mind and you genuinely want to know whether you’re doing everything right and whether she is interested in you. Fortunately, you can understand if she is attracted to you without being direct. Just learn to decipher the language of her body. If she laughs a lot, maintains eye contact, slightly touches you as if accidentally, and sits or stands in open positions, she’s into you. Pay attention to your conversation – if she not only answers and waits for a next question but asks you in return, it means she’s interested in you.

All these questions have something in common. They evoke negative emotions in your interlocutor. Since women are emotional creatures, you need to keep a positive atmosphere during your date to make them feel comfortable. Use your sense of humor, banter with her, and don’t ask too many questions.

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