The Pros and Cons of Dating Belorussian Girls

A lot of Western men find it difficult to approach Slavic women. But if your intentions are pure and serious, finding a girlfriend from Belarus won’t be too hard. Just as their Ukrainian and Russian counterparts, Belarusian women have their own prejudices, so you should keep it in mind if you’re going to date one.

There’s no secret that some Belarusian cultural aspects differ from those in Europe and the US. It’s these aspects that distinguish Belarusian ladies among others. They even think different. So before dating girls from Belarus, you should know a bit about Belarusian culture in advance. Start with these pros and cons of dating a girl from Belarus just to be sure that it’s really what you want.

Here are five advantages of dating Belarusian ladies

1) There won’t be women, prettier than your girlfriend, around

Belarusian ladies take pride in their beauty. Despite that long-term relationships are built on something more than attractiveness, most men would like to see a beautiful girl by their side. Gorgeous facial features and slim figures are the main reasons why Slavic women became so popular. Besides, they look after themselves: they would never leave home without spending at least an hour dressing and doing makeup.

2) You’ll always know what’s on her mind

Women from Belarus are even more honest than Russian or Ukrainian ones. They will not keep their thoughts to themselves if they don’t want to. And they expect their boyfriends to be sincere too. It doesn’t mean that a Belarusian lady has bad manners. If she doesn’t like some of your character traits, for instance, you’ll definitely find it out. But the same thing goes for pleasant thoughts as well.

3) You can count on her support

A Belarusian girl will support her man, no matter what he does. Even at the initial stage of relationships, she’ll back you up. Such character trait goes deep into their national culture. Slavic women never leave their men alone with their personal problems; they are always ready to listen. It’s probably the reason why psychotherapy is not so popular among Belarusians – their wives can do it much better than psychologists.

4) These women are smart

Belarusian ladies have a lot of interests. You’ve probably heard that the main thing these women care about is creating a family and having children. Sure, for a lot of them, it’s a priority, but there are girls interested in other things too. In recent years, women in Belarus became more independent and began to understand the importance of proper education and a decent job. So they are open to all perspectives and willing to learn something new.

5) They are perfect for serious relationships

Now, let’s discuss Belarusian ladies and their attitude towards family. The role of a mother and wife is considered the most important one in a woman’s life. Even now, some girls from Belarus believe that marrying at 20’s is better that doing it at 30’s and later. That’s why a Belarusian woman is serious about relationships. After all, you may be the one she was looking for. Keep it in mind.

For Belarusian girls, dating is important. No matter how great her job is and how much she loves her hobbies, she’ll quit all of them to become a loving wife and mother. However, when dating a girl from Belarus, you may come across some obstacles. If your feelings are strong, you’ll have no problems with overcoming them. But still, it wouldn’t hurt to know what you might face.

Here are four disadvantages of dating ladies from Belarus

1) There may be language or cultural barriers

As mentioned above, each nation has its own cultural aspects, not to mention languages. So it can be tricky for people from different countries to understand one another. Now, most women you may find on Belarusian dating websites speak English. Of course, their knowledge of the language may not be good enough for sophisticated conversations. You also should learn a couple of main facts about Belarusian culture.

2) Drawbacks of online dating

When meeting someone in person, it’s easy to control the situation and predict the possible outcome. But it doesn’t work for online dating: you never know who’s on the other end, chatting with you, until you see this person for yourself. Some services and video chats can give you the overall impression about your companion, but nothing helps you get to know her better than a real date. Make sure that it happens as soon as possible.

3) Your girlfriend can make you jealous

It’s an important thing to know before dating Belarusian girls. A Slavic lady can’t become invisible for other guys. Men just can’t miss such a beauty. Besides, Belarusian ladies like dressing fleshy, standing out among Western girls. Bud Slavic women are faithful and won’t cheat on their men with a random guy for no reason.

4) Relationships at long distances require a lot of effort

There may be a situation when you’ll have to keep your relationship going while being far away from each other. In this case, you have to remember why you started this relationship at the first place. It’s tough to keep your feelings alive if you don’t know the reason to date a Belarusian girl. You’ll have to be ready for a difficult challenge.

In conclusion

Now you know what to expect from relationships with a Belarusian woman. Everything has its pros and cons, and dating is not an exception. It’s for you to decide whether you try it or not, just be sure to act like a gentleman.

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