The Pros and Cons of Marrying a Russian Woman


More and more men say the words “I want to marry a Russian woman.” Those girls are smart and at the same time very beautiful women, caring mothers, and faithful wives. So, how to start dating Russian girls? What kind of men do they like? What do they expect from a romance with a foreigner? Why are they so popular with foreigners?

What Makes Russian Women Special

Russian women have the best female qualities that allow them to blow the mind of almost any man. These stunning, pretty women, with their inherent wisdom and charm, are able to cope with any role, whether it is the role of a caring wife, a responsible worker, or a loving mother of their children.


Nature has endowed hot Russian brides with the natural art of seduction and temptation. So, men are rarely able to pass by. These ladies can evoke the desire of the opposite sex being from men at a distance of several meters and dressed in absolutely ordinary clothes.

Men are attracted not only to their natural charm but also to their balanced nature, attentiveness, and amazing calmness. They are almost always self-confident but, nevertheless, they don’t brag about the power of inner harmony.


Russian women are charming and beautiful. They like to look nice and they know how to do it right. They have a sense of style: they know how to choose clothes that emphasize their beauty. There are always a lot of different outfits and accessories in their wardrobes for creating a fatal image. Smooth movements and good-natured smiles make it possible to see very nice persons in them.


When Russian women look for husbands, they are guided only by their own feelings and emotions. They are very picky and that is why a lot of them often marry late. They never agree to an arranged marriage or because it is time to start a family. Only your sincere and strong love will help you marry a Russian girl. They want men to seek their love. Only self-confident and strong-willed men can be with such strong and beautiful women.

Family with a Russian Woman: How It Looks

Girls from Russia have a number of features that are observed in the way they behave towards their husbands:

They prepare food every day. Their ability to create culinary masterpieces will cause delight in their husbands. The main thing in this situation is that you have to praise them. Praise will be pleasant for women and will give them strength for new accomplishments.

They clean a house without help. They do household chores while their husbands are at work. They easily cope with this without housekeepers. They are the best wives who can create coziness. Russians are wonderful hostesses and wonderful mothers. They know how to patiently listen to their beloved husbands and give good advice.

They respect their husbands and allow them everything that they can’t get from the women in their countries. Marrying a Russian woman you will forget about boredom.

They take care of their children. They are caring, attentive, affectionate, and kind. Their whole life may be devoted to children. They will never abuse and punish them. Their love for children is very strong but they are often too demanding.

Nevertheless, a man who is a womanizer shouldn’t be flattered – a woman from Russia will not deal with cheating and betrayal. If she is abused or greatly offended, she can turn into a fury from a calm and balanced person. Russians in love and relationships will not deal with criticism, especially if it is tactless. They will expose your deception and will not allow themselves to be humiliated in such a way. Men have to learn to be only with one girl; otherwise, their relationship will be pursued by constant disagreements.

Pros of Having a Russian Woman as Your Wife

If a man conquers the heart of Russian woman, he will never regret it. A Russian woman is the embodiment of those qualities that a man always looks for in a woman and rarely finds. She is that rare woman who comprises all the virtues that make her desirable for any man: tenderness, femininity, a good taste, a deep devotion to her husband and children, courage in difficult situations, patience and care, and the ability to accept people for who they are. If you want to find a Russian bride, then be sure that she will have a lot of advantages:

Family lifehappy family

Looking for Russian women for marriage, you can find out that they put love, home, family, children, and marriage in the first place in life. They are very cheerful, very caring, faithful and devoted partners for love and marriage, the best wives for their husbands, the best mothers for their children. They are perfect women: very practical, with realistic mindsets and understandable outlooks on life. They are wonderful and skilled housewives; very decent, executive and conscientious employees at work; friendly, kind-hearted, and welcoming neighbors, friends, and girlfriends.

If you want to marry a Russian lady, then you should know that she will appreciate peace, stability, and security within the four walls of her fortress. She pays attention to good manners, tact, and kindness in everyday behavior.

Also, like any Russian woman, she is interested in cooking delicious food. She can quickly become a master of desserts and of all kinds of culinary delights.

She values luxury. A man, who can provide her with furs and emeralds, will remain the owner of her heart for a long time.


A Russian woman knows how to seduce a man. She will create a cozy atmosphere, wear the most attractive outfits, and show all her best qualities. A man will not be able to resist this and will remember this woman during his whole life.

She expects attention, affection, and patience from a man in bed. She doesn’t expect something supernatural or unusual. The main thing is to have fun. When a Russian woman wants to try something new, she needs absolute confidence in her partner, otherwise, she will simply avoid any experiments.

A man should be prepared for the fact that a Russian woman will demand a lot from him. Although she likes restraint in caresses, still she is a temperamental lover who doesn’t know fatigue. So, her partner will be pretty exhausted after sex. Each intimacy will be intense and hot. Both partners will be tired and will not have any emotions after it. So, if you still ask yourself how to marry a Russian woman, the answer is simple: be the best man for her in all spheres of life.

Problems You Might Face in Relationships with a Russian Woman

If you want to find Russian girls for marriage, then you should know that there may be serious obstacles in traditions, religion, culture etc. Let’s figure out the details:


Most Russians are Christians. Some people want their future partner to have the same religious views. Although love knows no rules and religion, it’s important to consider the question of religion before starting a relationship with a person who professes another faith.

Before you get married you have to understand and accept the degree of religiousness of your potential spouse and your own. Are you ready to accept her religion? Is she ready to accept yours? Will it be necessary? There may be many misunderstandings on a religious basis. We advise you to learn the canons and customs before engaging in any relationship with women of other religions. Even if your future wife is not very religious, you need to know what her parents and close friends think about it. No less important issues are how to marry a Russian girl according to her customs and rites, in what church the wedding should be held, and according to what traditions.


Family values

The family statute is the foundation on which you should build your family. It is not very easy and simple to understand your role in the family in an international marriage. Think about what roles you and your wife will play. It is easy to do that just by looking at the statute of her parents’ family or even by asking her. The Russian relations are built on trust and understanding. And let’s add the question of the upbringing of children. What religion will they profess? What languages will they learn? And what names will they have?

Culture and language

The language barrier is not a joke. Ask your future wife whether she will learn your language. If yes, then this is perfect!

As to culture, it is great if a woman agrees to wear clothing that is allowed in your country, go to your church, and prepare your national dishes. But what if she will not do this?

What needs to be discussed in advance?

You should ask each other many questions, even if they seem strange and absurd for both of you. For example:

Where will we live?

What language will you speak in the presence of each other?

How often will you visit your family?

Who will cook and what?

How will you name children and what faith will they profess?

How many children do you want?

How will you celebrate religious holidays?

How will you celebrate family holidays?

So, marrying a Russian girl you have to understand that the most important rule of international marriage is to learn to treat each other with respect, love, understanding, and affection. You must discuss in advance what you want and what you don’t want to see in your relationship. Find the limits of your personal abilities and of your soul mate as well. Speak, speak, speak in all languages and in the language of feelings and emotions. An international marriage requires a little more effort than an ordinary marriage. We wish you mutual understanding and patience!

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