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Guest Post by Jon Muller | Updated February 20, 2018 — 12:31 AM EDT

There are many reasons to search for a love abroad. Some are tired of the relationships in their home country, others feel uncomfortable with their native culture and local traditions, or just want to change the way they live and love. Or maybe someone temporarily lives in another country, as I was. Several years ago I was living in the Philippines, and find this country and their girls fascinating. In this Philippine girls guide, we will look at how to find a girl from the Philippines, overcome all barriers in communication, and find a reliable partner for the implementation of the plans and dreams.

Why Are Filipina Girls so Popular?

Philippines girls are rightly considered one of the most attractive eastern women. Being warm and sunny in nature, they really like newcomers who are tired of the coldness in the relationship and economic engagement characteristic for Europe or the US. All the people of the Philippines are very hospitable, which is confirmed by the warm Filipinos attitude towards foreigners. Regardless of the status, family or financial situation, the Filipino girl will be glad to you and will give you a warm welcome. They are open, easy to contact and are not afraid of communicating with foreigners. In the country of azure beaches and tropical relaxation, many visitors want to stay in the old days, caressed by Filipino girls and fascinated by their rich cultural and strong family values.

What Are Filipino Women Like?

There are several personal traits, which allow a Filipina really make the difference to all other women. I had both successful experiences and pitfalls while communicating with them. This time, in the ultimate guide to Phlipina women I will share these experiences with you.

  • Compassion and care. These girls are not selfish at all, they are oriented to their partners and shy, always trying to do their best to be useful. Sometimes they care about everyone around but for themselves. For example, after a long working day, they can come back home and ask you if they can do anything for you despite their own fatigue. Compassion is almost in their DNA, while culture prescribes them to be caring and soft.
  • Optimism and happiness. As any other third world country, Philippines are characterized by the national poverty. The life of Filipinos is not easy. Still, they are strong enough to be optimistic and live a happy life regardless their economic status. That’s why Philippine girls are shine with optimism and warmth – they know how to love the life having no wealth but only their own passion.
  • Rich family relations. Family values are especially important in the life of every Filipino woman. First of all, they often have wide families. That’s why dating with one of them, you instantly become a part of her numerous and friendly family. Filipinos are able to remain friendly and unobtrusive in communication, so if you consider marrying a Filipina, she will certainly become a reverential mistress and a caring mother.
  • Loyalty and faith. Also, if you consider taking one of the Philippine women for marriage, be sure they are loyal and choose a man for the rest of their lives. The divorce is almost impossible for Philippine women by the law, so if one of them accepted your proposal you may even not doubt she wants to be with you whole her life.
  • Good nurture to children. These girls know how to care like no other. This does not prevent them from being frightened in love and allows them to become real loving moms. They treat the children of their chosen ones from past marriages with all love and affection, and those born in their family are raised as if they are kings. In the Filipino family, there are no children who have not received enough mother’s love in the childhood.

How to Get a Girl from the Philippines

The excellent family qualities of the Filipinos should not make you believe that they are good only for creating a family. Philippine girls are open and sociable, easily get acquainted and develop relationships, even despite the Catholic upbringing and serious attitude to family life. The Philippines is a resort, and foreigners are common in this area. Many foreigners come here on vacation, change their lifestyle, or after retirement. Local people are accustomed to such people and are very nice to them. Historically, foreigners here are respected and highly valued, they’re quite like kings there, so it’s quite easy to get acquainted with a girl. The differences in age or nationality in no way affect the attitude of Filipinos to others as they are truly democratic in their nature.

If you wonder how to find a honest girl in the Philippines you can get acquainted with a single Philippines girl almost everywhere: in shops, in hotels, cafes. If we speak about clubs, to find a girl in the Philippines which will be honest with you is difficult there, because this is a Catholic country and the girls are brought up in strict rules. For them, it is even indecent to be alone with a man before the engagement, so they can even take their friends with them on dates. If you meet a Filipino who is ready to easily break all traditions and customs, be vigilant because she can be a swindler craving for your money. If you have any suspicions about her honesty, next her. Fortunately, I came across beautiful girls just on the streets, it’s easy to find a common language with them and ask for a date.

Also, you can meet a girl from the Philippines online, without even having to go to this country. However, not all Filipino families have computers, because this is a fairly poor state.

Dating a Phillipine Girl: What to Expect?

In the ultimate guide to Philippine women, you’ll be able to find everything needed to start relations with Filipinas. If you want to date a single Filipina, consider the next points to get ready for crucial milestones:

  • The differences in cultures. The culture of Filipinos is very rich. It is replete with contrasts, such as a mixture of Catholic morals and the democratic mood of the population, openness and rigid moral principles. However, despite all the differences, I felt very comfortable there, because the locals are sympathetic and very kind.
  • The language barrier and how to overcome it. In fact, there are very few problems with language barriers. In the Philippines, English is compulsory for studying at school, so most of the population can speak to you in English. Educated Filipinos are able to talk to you freely, although they can make mistakes in texting. That’s what I noticed: if a Filipina with whom you want to meet can’t say a couple of words in English, you would better next her. Either she deceives you, or she is totally uneducated and lazy. The same can be applied to those ones who pretend they didn’t understand what you want from them. One of my dates were with such a girl. She was pretty enough but ignored my words every time she didn’t agree with anything pretending she didn’t understand what I said. It was my mistake that I didn’t reveal this at the very beginning. This is a game played by them truly often, so beware.
  • Marriages and family values of Philippine girls. Wedding and family in the Philippines are established once and for all and many girls really consider a Philippine women sex is possible only after the marriage. Here, family values are not an empty phrase, and by taking a Filipino wife you will become the center of her universe, the main person in her life. One additional point: if you were said you need to buy a house or pay a great sum to marry the girl as if it’s a common practice there, don’t believe this. It’s just another way to trick you out of your money.
  • How to marry a Philippines girl. Being a modest and well-mannered girl, the Filipino will expect you will offer her to marry. Be prepared for the fact that she will listen to the parents’ advice and need their marriage approval because the Filipinos are very respectful of the older generation. According to the law, if the parents of a girl of 18 to 25 years refused the marriage, then it will not be registered anywhere in the Philippines.

How to Impress Philippine Girls?

In fact, Filipinos are very interested in foreigners and everything concerned with them. Almost every family dreams of having a husband or a boyfriend of a daughter from another more developed country. Many even have a stereotype that foreigners come here only to marry or just to date with local girls. Many believe that Filipinas meet with them only for the sake of money. In my experience, I will say that this really happens, but not all of these girls are self-serving. They know how to enjoy simple things too.
If you want to impress them, break the stereotype. Show them what else in their culture, their country, and the girls themselves can be liked by foreigners. Tell them why they are so unique! After all, this is a country of colors, happiness, and not just a resort for retired men from Europe or rich tourists. Find it out what do Filipino women like in their exact area and make a surprise. Admire the simple things, be sincere, and watch them shine.

Summary: The Ultimate Guide to Filipina Women

Asian girls are quite popular among the foreigners due to their exotic beauty, charm, and strong family traditions. Compared to American or European women, who are increasingly focused on career and personal freedom in relationships, the Asian girls seem to be real charms of the family hearth and caring mothers. In addition, their physical attractiveness has infatuated many foreigners. If you like them, so I can understand you! Really, there are not as many problems in the communication as it might seem. Just mind the tips I outlined and be the real you. That’s enough to be a rockstar in their eyes!

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