The Ultimate Guide to Russian Women

how to meet a Russian woman

Russian women are considered very attractive, intelligent, and interesting females on the earth. Foreign men dream of having an affair with Russian beauties. Some of them even admit that a fleeting holiday romance is almost the most striking adventure in their lives. So, why are they so attractive and how to meet them? Let’s figure it out together!

I’m living in Russia for whole my life, so foreigner should know about cultural differences in relationship with russians if you don’t want to be disappointed after visiting Russia.

My Experience

Where you can meet them?

First of all, we are going to talk about Russia and dating in this country, as the local community of your country may highly vary by its dimensions.
Of course, the first instance you should address – online dating sites because it is the easiest way to get acquainted with somebody. However, you should know that there are two main types of such sites:
1) Real local sites, where you can get acquainted with real girls;
2) Sites, the main purpose of which is just to take out your money. Moreover, you will not even talk to real girls, just with bots, support men, interpreters, etc. That is why if you are looking for a dating site via Google, you can use the option “Google Translate” and the word “Dating” for searching. And if the site does not have an English version, you can install a page translator “Google Translator for Chrome”.

Where you can meet them offline?

Actually, it is better to start your search from the following places:
– Mid-priced restaurants, as in the expensive ones you would rather meet with prostitutes (that is not a bad variant☺) or with ladies who are just going to take out your money.
– Bars, restaurants, gyms, music or any other festivals (Usually, they are held weekly) are also good for dating.


The level of language proficiency is still extremely low, that is why it can cause difficulties during 80% of dating. Therefore, you should know the basic words and phrases to understand at least what are you talking about.

First Date

First of all, you need to find a place, it is better to choose one of the new stylish restaurants in the city where you are.
Attributability always plays its role, so you need to take on the best clothes as a successful and fashionable businessman because there is a specific stereotype in Russia: if you are dressed in casual clothes, everyone will think that you are a beggar even if you are a billionaire. That is why dress up for business and stylish.

Remember, that you should always pay for your girl, otherwise it will be a fail of your relationships at the very beginning.
Also, it is important to have a good sense of humor, as it is the key to the heart of almost any Russian girl. Good jokes are 50% of success.

You can also order a good wine, it always works and the conversation will go on better.
Start your conversation on the topic “Travelling”.

Russian women prefer strong and self-confident men; therefore the behavior must be appropriate. They want to be weak and feminine and be behind their husband like behind the strong rock. Unlike the western culture, as the feminism is in trend there.
Just if you are a white guy, it does not mean that they will sleep with you at once. As long as all people here are white.

Don’t forget about flowers!!!

Russian Girls’ Dating Traditions

Days, months, and years go by, times change, but Western people continue to perceive dating in Russia as something strange and even mysterious. They cannot believe that modern Russian people have many in common with them, that nobody has a bear as a house pet and many myths have little to do with the truth. The big part of all the legends is just a fiction and another part is the already forgotten past. Some of these myths relate to Russian dating traditions.

People consider them to be too awkward and old-fashioned but, in fact, many of them meet the best traditions of the amazing Hollywood movies and the most romantic books. If a man dreams about Russian women dating, he should learn the main features of Russian culture of dating in order to increase the chances of winning beauties’ hearts. When the man doesn’t know the Russian dating traditions, he behaves as usual, but the result of his efforts is far from the desirable one. Why is it so? This is so just because he behaves awkwardly in the girl’s eyes and they can have very different views on the same thing.  So, if you are determined to be involved in Russian girls dating, try to remember the below-given information or at least, to save it somewhere at hand.

Who is in control?

In many other countries, there is always a confrontation for the equality of the sexes. Women don’t want to seem weaker than men even in the romantic relationships, but the situation is opposite in Russian dating etiquette. The roles of both sexes are extremely clear and the courtship is held in accordance with one possible scenario where a man plays the leading role and a woman prefers to be weaker and feminine. It is customary for men to tackle the issues and make decisions, so be ready to take initiatives on your own. It is you who should send a message and call first, and especially who invite the girl on dates. If you want to get acquainted with Russian women for dating and want to show yourself from the best side, behave like the knights. You can show this in your manners, speech, and deeds. You can watch some romantic films where the main character behaves like a medieval lover to understand better what behavior is expected.

How should you greet when dating Russian women?

online Russian datingSome Russian girls are quite superstitious, so don’t shake hands in the doorway especially across the threshold because it is considered to be the sign of a future quarrel. Several years ago, it was considered impolite to shake hands with women, but now it is quite normal especially in formal situations. Don’t forget to take your gloves off when shaking hands, as well as shoes when entering your Russian girl’s house. Almost always you will be given a pair of slippers inside the house and even if it doesn’t happen, you should not walk with your shoes on inside the house. If you are invited into a family home, it will be polite to bring a gift. It can be a bottle of wine, chocolates or a bunch of flowers. If there is a kid, you should provide them with a small gift as well.

What chivalrous things are expected from you?

If you have already been involved in online Russian dating, you know that Russian girls are very romantic and they dream about prince charming who will treat them with respect and will pamper them with romantic surprises, flowers, and unexpected pleasant gifts. Usually, girls expect all this romance at least at the beginning of the relationship when men do crazy pleasant things just to make their girls smile. Men try to demonstrate their good attitude and manners opening doors in front of their women, taking women’s outerwear off, and watching their language. True men will never allow their women to carry something heavy, it is always their function as well as solving different problems and helping their sweethearts. Don’t ask a girl to share the bill, it is considered to be quite rude because if a man asks a woman on a date, he pays all the bills on the date. It is just one of the traditions. If the couple shares the bill, they are just friends or even acquaintances. In addition, it can be the checking for greed and if the man doesn’t pass it, the girl will hardly agree to go on a second date.

Is a bunch of flowers so important?

It is a kind of a must. This one of the cultural pleasant traditions that has great popularity.  Even if there is no any important occasion for giving flowers, you can bring the bunch only for creating a good mood or cheering up. If you don’t want to take it on a date, you can use a delivery service, this can be even more romantic.  It is possible to give only the odd number of flowers in the bouquet since the even number is used for funerals. You should better find out the girl’s favorite colors of flowers in advance because some girls like yellow flowers when other consider them to be a sign of an upcoming breakup.  Red roses are a symbol of passionate love and are preferable almost on all the occasions. In spring, you can give tulips or irises. Watch the freshness of the flowers because some girls believe that freshness of the bunch reflects the depth of men’s interest in them.

Do you need to wait if the girl is late?

If you come earlier or just are on time and the girl is late, don’t worry, it is quite a usual situation. There is one of the unwritten rules of the Russian dating traditions that says that a girl has the right to be late. It is absolutely normal when a girl arrives 15 minutes later than you have agreed.  There can be different reasons for being late, she can hit traffic or just devote more time to her outfit and makeup than necessary.

Russian culture of datingYou can be surprised, but the girl can even come on time and wait 10-15 minutes somewhere nearby in order not to make you think that she is desperate one or she falls in love with you. If the girl wants to show her own worth, she will never be right on time, just deal with it.  Instead of asking for the reason of being late, just tell her that she looks wonderful and you are happy to see her.

Do compliments still play a big role?

Usually, if a man asks a girl out on a date, he makes all the arrangements, starting with a place and little surprises, and a girl tries to look wonderful. It is demanded to inform the girl where you are going to spend this evening, whether it will be a restaurant or an amusement park. This information will influence her choice of the outfit. Russian women start preparing for the date in advance, choosing clothes, doing hair, etc. Every girl wants to look amazing. In return, a girl will expect to get many compliments and admiring looks. If you want to have a beautiful princess next to you, you should treat her respectively.

Are there any strict requirements for talking?

There are no demanded and obligatory themes for talking on a date as well as for its duration and the end. People do what they want, choosing the emotional side of the date.  Be ready to listen to many different stories about a girl’s family and try to remember some important moments. Russian girls treat family values more seriously than it may seem to Western people. Do your best to avoid any jokes on that topic and do not forget to tell her about your relatives. If your dates will become something bigger, be ready to see your girl’s family quite often. The family is the main priority in all senses for any Russian girl. People can freely talk about their hobbies such as reading, drawing, doing sports etc. Usually, a girl expects that a man is a good storyteller with a great sense of humor.

What about sex? Do you have any chance?

Surely, too close intimacy after the first date is not the best option, especially if both of you are searching for a serious relationship.  However, people can kiss if both want to do that.

In addition, do not expect too much to see the Russian beauty in your bed after the second date. If you are searching for Russian girls only for this purpose, be ready to be disappointed because these girls are not so accessible as you think, you believe in another myth. If you want to have sex, first, you should prove that you are worth it. Russian girls like to get to know their partners better, get some information about their characters, strong sides, aims, life views and only after that about intimate life. You might consider this approach to sex to be old-fashioned because you meet it very seldom among Western women. Nevertheless, this fact might play not the last role in the development of the popularity of online Russian dating among Western men.

What will be next?

People decide themselves whether they are ready to move forward or not. A couple can get married in several months or stay unmarried for years, it’s only up to them.  However, take into account that if you have more than 7 dates, it is considered that you have a serious relationship.

Why Russian Women are so popular

Russian women are beautiful. The beauty and intelligence of Russian girls have always been recognized by all men in the world. These girls know about it and they try to maintain this image. What else is so special about them?


The main advantage of a character of a Russian woman is patience. This is a trait that attracts men. They can endure a lot of things. But many of them want a good life. The dream of a Russian girl is to marry a man who will take care of her, protect her, with whom she will feel like behind a stone wall. Every Russian woman has a certain mystery, magnetism, tenderness, and compassion.

understanding Russian womenIntelligence

In addition to beauty, Russians are very educated. They study hard and work hard. They strive to know everything. That is why they can keep almost every conversation and you will never get bored with them.

Great body

Russian women have beautiful figures. Their bodies look very feminine. Most of the girls have wide hips and big breasts that, of course, attract men.


Russians are addicted to bright and colorful clothes. Also, they like gold and silver ornaments, precious stones and are crazy about fur. It’s fashionable and prestigious for a Russian woman to have a good expensive fur-coat.

Inner strength

Russian women are very strong both morally and physically. Their inner strength lies in obedience, in the ability to forgive, in the struggle for survival, in the desire to preserve and protect their families; they remain beautiful, kind, and charming despite everything.

Where to get acquainted with Russian women?

How to meet a Russian woman? Every guy would like to know what the best places for meeting Russian girls are. But most of them make mistakes choosing the wrong places. Therefore, we will analyze the most popular and best places for acquaintances.

In Russia

Acquaintances on the street of Russia become very popular in our time. This, of course, is not a perfect option since it is impossible to determine neither the character nor the interests of a girl. But it is much easier to get acquainted on the street since no one will disturb you as in other places for dating where there are many people. If you see a girl who walks slowly, then you can safely approach and get acquainted with her.

On the Internet

Of course, the best place to meet girls is the Internet. There are many forums, chats, social networks, dating sites, groups on the Internet. Every man can find an interlocutor or a friend and bring this communication to real life. You don’t even need to go far for this type of dating. You can just be in a cozy room with the Internet and communicate with girls you like. But on the Internet, you only see the pictures of an interlocutor that may confuse you. Therefore, it is necessary to ask a girl out on a date as soon as possible. If you don’t meet up after a week, the process of dating can be considered unsuccessful and it doesn’t make sense to continue it.

where to meet Russian womenIn restaurants, cafes, bars

You can also consider bars, cafes, and restaurants as the best places for dating. The main thing is to be always open for acquaintances, be cheerful and with a sense of humor. This will greatly simplify your task.

In nightclubs

Of course, nightclubs are also among the best places to meet Russian girls. They love different parties very much. However, these institutions are not very popular among shy and calm women who lead a healthy lifestyle. But if you look for an easy relationship, these places are for you.

On vacation

Where else to meet Russian women? This can be done at various resorts, recreation centers, tour trips, or excursions. Girls are relaxed in such places, they escape from problems and worries. That is why many of them are ready for interesting communication, new meetings, and acquaintances.

How to impress Russian Women

If you start dating a Russian woman, you have to impress her every time. There is a reason for this: representatives of this nationality rightfully can be called real pearls of life who adorn the gray destiny of every man. Therefore, guys are always obliged to impress these girls, take care of them and protect them. And now we will teach you how to impress them in different cases of life.

How to make a pleasant surprise

You can impress a Russian girl only by those things that she surely likes. That is why you should know a girl and her tastes well. For example, some girls like romance. So you can impress them offering to see the dawn on the beach. If a girl is crazy, she can be surprised by your offer to have a hot air balloon ride. Remember that every Russian girl is unique. So, they have different tastes and a pleasant surprise also should be individual.

How to impress a girl from a distance

A Russian girl can be surprised not only at a meeting. Even if you are at a long distance, you still can make a girl surprised and think about you. For example, you can buy a gift and ask a courier to deliver it to your girl. Also, it can be a flower delivery to her apartment. In some cases, you can even come to her city (not telling a girl about it), and meet her on the street with flowers. It will definitely cause a storm of pleasant emotions.

How to impress a girl at a meeting

This is the easiest thing. As an option, you can show up for a date with a bouquet of flowers. You can impress a girl by arriving on the first date in a beautiful car and inviting her to take a ride around the evening city. Of course, everything depends on the duration of your relationship. For example, if you know each other not for too long, then you can impress a girl just inviting her to some expensive restaurant.

tips on dating a Russian womanHow to impress a girl on a first date

A lot of things depend on the first date. A girl may judge how interesting a particular guy is at this meeting. Try to organize it in such a way that it will be interesting for her. As we already wrote, girls are different, so they like different things. You can get to know what a girl likes from her friends, for example. Ask them whether she likes romance, what kind of gifts she likes, whether she likes animals, what alcohol she drinks, what flowers she prefers, etc. Also, you should study her social network page. It may tell you a lot of useful things.

How to impress a girl with words

For this, you have to learn to speak beautifully and succinctly. It is better to write your speech in advance and memorize it. Speak with a beautiful timbre of your voice. Agree that words of love will not sound good if you tell them in a rough voice. Every word should sound convincing. That is why you shouldn’t laugh a lot and there should be convincing assurances in your words that you will do what you say!

How to impress a girl via text

If you don’t have the opportunity to meet (you live in different cities or countries) and most often your communication is an SMS communication, then you can also impress her with the help of short messages. For example, you can write about your feelings. But try to come up with beautiful and original phrases or rather use the ready-made options. Or you can do differently: for example, come to her city but don’t tell her about it continuing to communicate via SMS. Then ask her where she is, come there and write her: “Turn around! I want to kiss you!” She will be shocked by such message and very pleasantly surprised seeing you next to her. She will certainly not expect such surprise.

How to impress a girl in bed

If you just started an intimate life with a Russian girl, then you don’t need to try to surprise her. You can just show how much you are ready to give her maximum pleasure. Give her maximum attention trying to notice what movements and positions bring her maximum enjoyment. If you are together for more than a year and sexual attraction is not as strong as before, then you can study Kama Sutra, try the most interesting positions, read about erogenous zones, and try to have sex in an unusual place. Also, you can buy items in a sex shop. Pay more attention to foreplay and you may need to learn how to do an erotic massage.

What can and can’t you talk about?

What can you talk about with a Russian girl? About everything! The more versatile person you are, the more a girl is interested in you. The main thing is not to make gross mistakes and not to say things that may show you from a bad side.

And here is the list of mistakes a man can make:

Complain about something

Remember that Russian girls like strong men and not whiners. A real man can solve his problems by himself. A girl should feel that she can rely on him and he is like a stone wall.

Talk about failures and defeats

Do you want to show yourself as a loser? Try not to talk about your failures and if a girl asks a question directly, state the fact of the defeat but don’t show that you are hurt and broken.

Have doubts about everything

Every Russian girl looks for a confident man who can make independent decisions.

Act like a victim

Of course, if you are in a long-term relationship, you need to share your experiences. But this is a mistake to discuss how you are tired at work when you are on a first date.

List the names of women you had

It’s a very unpleasant thing to hear for every woman.

Speak badly about ex-girlfriends

A girl will think that you don’t respect your ex-girlfriends and the same situation will be with her.

Boast of every success

If you want to tell something that will raise your status in the eyes of a girl, then mention this casually and try to insert this fact into some interesting story.

How to build relationships with Russian women and what the pivotal dating rules are

Here some tips on dating a Russian woman:

Make sacrifices

Surely you have noticed that you wanted to sacrifice something in your previous relationship (or perhaps in real ones, if you have a girlfriend). For example, you know that your better half doesn’t like some things in your behavior and you are sincerely ready to sacrifice something in order to be with her.

Russian women cultureHave regular sex

Everything is simple: if there is regular quality sex, then everything is fine. If it doesn’t exist, then something should be done urgently. Otherwise, a girl will find a replacement.

Respect each other

If you want to date Russian women, you should respect them. It is important that both partners don’t allow themselves to disrespect each other. So, keep your promises. Don’t offend a girl even in jest and don’t let her do the same.

Be motivation for each other

Do you want to do anything in your life just because your better half loves you? If yes, then congratulations – this is exactly the kind of energy that allows men to achieve rather ambitious goals. The same feeling must be felt by a woman. If she becomes energetic and happy after meeting you and you notice that she has some goals (or she has become more vigorous to achieve the previous ones), then everything is fine. The absence of such motivation can become a signal that something is wrong in your relationship. After all, agree, if you have a valuable person next to you, then you always want to improve your life for her!

Plan a joint future

If you are already in a relationship, then your feelings should tell you how long they will last. Do you see her in your future in a month, a year, two years? In addition, there should be topics in your conversation in which you discuss your joint future, for example, that you will go to another city next year. The main thing is to be attentive to your feelings and to her behavior and be able to correct a situation in time. If you see all these signs, then know that you do everything right.

Russian Women Stereotypes

Each nationality has its own stereotypes. People notice simple features typical of the inhabitants of a particular country, exaggerate them, and turn them into stereotypes. Stereotypes about Russian women are not the exception. There are both positive and negative stereotypes. Today, we’ll focus on good ones. Here is the list of the most common women stereotypes.

1st stereotype: they are calm and kind

Russian women don’t like to swear and raise their voices. They always behave calmly and almost dispassionately. Their emotions are always expressed very smoothly, without excesses. However, sometimes failures occur, but representatives of this nationality quickly manage to achieve inner peace.

2nd stereotype: they are the embodiment of femininity

They have subtle intuition. They are always elegant, look good, and don’t make much effort to seduce men. They carry a tremendous strength of spirit even though these women have the external weakness. Russians are very clever, but they don’t like to demonstrate this.

beautiful-rissian3rd stereotype: they have a lot of friends

Among Russian girls’ stereotypes is the ability to listen and give the right advice. They expect understanding and support, love and praise; they seek to justify the confidence and hope of people who are not indifferent to them. Many people call them silent, but their opinion changes when they get to know these women closer.

4th stereotype: they put love in the first place

It is not easy to win their hearts because they have a lot of admirers. But they will choose a reliable and stable person among all the candidates. There is no place for some affairs in their life. Their gracefulness and kindness will always attract the greedy looks of men. Also, they are sexy and passionate.

5th stereotype: they are loyal

If you look for Russian women for dating, you should know that they are very loyal. Their men are always happy. Such women can give them everything they dream about: a comfortable and cozy atmosphere at home, a practical attitude to the family budget, the absence of hysterics and fights, and also they are beautiful and responsible mothers of their children. Russian women will not torture their men with jealousy scenes and will not count minutes on the way to the store.

6th stereotype: they know how to earn money

Russian women don’t see pleasure in living for the sake of career. The meaning of their life is the family. But if the family has financial difficulties, representatives of this nationality begin to earn money, and then the unexpected side of their character reveals — business acumen. They can be excellent businesswomen due to their calmness, mental balance, and intelligence. But this ability is used extremely rarely.

How to Make a Russian Girl Like You

It is not a secret that among Russian ladies stereotypes there is the opinion that it is not easy to conquer them. It is no wonder because these women have all the qualities that many men seek. Therefore, they know their self-worth and will not live just with anyone. They are always sincere and affectionate with their men. So, how to conquer such women?

dateBe yourself. First of all, you have to be sincere. Russian women can understand people as they really are. They can easily communicate with an ordinary locksmith and a great scientist. You can meet many original personalities among their friends. Russians can make any sacrifices for the sake of friends, never leave them in trouble and can forgive a lot.

Don’t be a henpecked man. These girls despise henpecked men, so show them your determination. But you should behave correctly at the same time because they don’t like cads and smart alecks. Such ladies prefer calm, gentle, and kind men. They can reveal themselves only with such partners.

Don’t offend them. Try not to offend Russian girls. They can be themselves only in a calm and private environment. You should make up as soon as possible, otherwise, they may become indifferent and then it will be difficult for you to restore your relationship.

Look after yourself. Remember, that there are a lot of myths about Russian women that they don’t care how their men look. This is not true. You have to have an impeccable appearance and manner of behavior. Their men must always look neat, tidy, be clean-shaven and so on. They should behave correctly and with dignity, not impose their convictions but have their own opinions.

You must be a real man. Only real men can conquer Russian hearts. You should be interesting and fit their idea of the real men, have a strong spirit, be decent, kind, cheerful, and self-confident. It won’t be taken as weakness and spinelessness. You should pay attention to the fact that every woman is a person with some material needs, and the level of security and prosperity plays not the last role.
Many Russian girls dream about marrying a foreigner. Why? Foreigners always look attractive to them and girls always think that somewhere life is better, brighter, and more interesting than theirs. They want a stable future and confidence for themselves and their children. They want sincere, honest relationships based on love, trust, and loyalty. These are not all the reasons. The rest will be considered below.

What Kind of Foreigners Attracts Russian Girls

Unfortunately, many Russian men behave arrogantly. They think only about their problems and set their women at naught. Foreigners are not like that. They really appreciate their girls. And almost all of them look for Russian girls for marriage. Many girls marry foreigners in the hope of a better future: they want to be real women and mistresses in the house, and they don’t want to be with men who depend on their wives. So, why do Russian girls like foreigners so much?

They are responsible

They know what is self-reliance and responsibility. They are able to analyze. These men see the problem, analyze it, find all sorts of solutions but choose the only one – the most effective. This ability remains for life. Foreigners don’t complain about life and don’t look for sympathy. They courageously make decisions and bear responsibility for it. This is one of the main features of Chinese men. No wonder why almost every Russian girl marries Chinese man nowadays.

They are successfulsuccessful-couple

It is prestigious to be successful. Foreign men always work. They know that they are responsible for their family, so they can’t spend their days or evenings irresponsibly. They get up early in the morning and go to work. Therefore, they go to bed early and don’t spend the whole night playing computer games. A successful foreigner always sees the goal that he wants to achieve.

They are reliable

Foreign men appreciate their wives. There is no sharing of obligations in their families: all members do what they can. Also, these men don’t think about cheating. What is it for? They do everything to make their wives want to be with them. Foreigners appreciate their women. Especially it concerns Indian men. Usually, a Russian girl marries an Indian man because she wants a faithful man with whom she spends weekends, evenings and holidays together and such a man does it with pleasure. He thinks that his best friend is his wife.

They are real men

Foreign men always want to conquer girls. But they do it not with romantic poems, not with serenades, and not with compliments. They don’t talk much, they act. Everything they do is for their wives and children. They can go for a walk with children so that wives can relax enjoying their hobbies. They don’t like to talk about their merits – they want to see their results. They are very delicate in the issue of sex and think that a woman has to reach pleasure first.

Remember that if you meet a Russian girl, she will want to see all these qualities in you too.

How to Please a Russian girl

There are general patterns to which we would like to draw your attention if you are seriously interested in the question of how to please a girl.

Step 1. Types of girls

At first, you need to decide what type of girls you like. This may help you understand what tactics to use. For example, it can be a quiet and modest girl, energetic and fearless, creative and dreaming, or jealous and hysterical. So first of all, figure out what kind of character your girl has.

Step 2. The choice of style of communication

Now, it is time to choose your tactics of communication. But one thing is common – you need to communicate with a girl very confidently and politely. There should be strength and determination in every action. Girls like guys who keep their words and know how to take responsibility. Such a man can please and marry any Russian girl.

Step 3. Appearance

It is not necessary to be handsome, buy expensive suits, and wear a watch that costs $10,000 to please a girl. It is enough to have a normal appearance that will not repel a girl at first glance. This can be achieved by wearing ordinary clothes that are appropriate for your age.

Step 4. Impressioncouple

Your main goal is to make an impression on a girl. After all, girls don’t fall in love with men; women like images that they build in their minds. And after you understand that your behavior and appearance are united into a single whole, it will be not such a big problem to make an impression.

Step 5. A date with a Russian girl

There comes a moment when it is necessary to pass from interest to real relations. However, men make a lot of mistakes in attempts to please girls. In fact, your behavior must be strong, selfish, and free. A girl should feel that you don’t try to get her attention but she wants to have a date with such a cool man like you.

How to Interest a Russian Girl Online

Here are some tips that help understand how to communicate with a girl on the Internet.

 – You need to write a message that a girl unlikely receives from other interlocutors. It is not recommended to start communicating just with a winking emoticon. It is necessary to try to interest your companion with wittiness or a sense of humor.

 – You should study her interests, find out her hobbies and preferences, and then you can surprise her with knowledge of interesting facts related to her hobbies. For example, if a young lady likes to read, you can discuss some book or her favorite author.

 – You need to ask questions. It is necessary to accompany the interrogative sentences with various stories in order to involve the young lady in the discussion. Phrases should be simple but meaningful. For example, you can ask what a wedding means to a Russian girl and then tell her about weddings in your countries. In addition, your questions should involve a detailed response.

So, if you look for Russian women for marriage, you should remember all those rules written above. Every foreigner has a greater chance of success because they are the best men for girls from Russia. Good luck!

Typical Dreams of a Russian Woman

Women are truly mysterious creatures. Now they are cheerful and enjoying life, at another moment they burst into tears and hate everything around them. Millions of men all over the world try to solve the puzzle and make their sweethearts the happiest women in the world. They give terrific presents; they become perfect lovers, loving and wise fathers, or reliable breadwinners. However, not all of them succeed. Thus, they begin seeking a woman from another culture believing the problem is in a local mentality. Unfortunately, everything is not so easy.

Today more men all over the world aspire to find a Russian girl. This is not surprising. Dating Russian women is widely spreading because of their beauty, faithfulness, great housekeeping skills, intelligence, and sincerity. But if you think that taking a Slavic girl to another country is enough to make her happy, you’re mistaken. Some Russian dreams may be similar to the desires of other girls all over the globe, but they have their peculiarities. This is what we’re going to talk about right now. Get ready to know how to make your Russian girlfriend happy.

What does the man of her dreams look like?

It’s no secret that every single woman’s desire is to find a perfect man. Russian dream girls are not an exception. In their culture, a husband is the head of the family, the main breadwinner, and a strong support for a wife. Therefore, when a Russian lady chooses a potential life partner, at first she pays attention to all of these key features:

Masculinity. Sweet, cute, and extremely handsome boys may live in Russian woman’s dreams, but only when she is under 20. The desire to date the beauty king swiftly dwindles as she gets a certain life experience. Wise women chose strong and masculine men who are not afraid to show themselves as they are. Moreover, Russian girls appreciate real men’s actions: respect, protection, and honesty.real-man

Responsibility. This is another matter of experience. Reckless rebel guys cannot take charge of anyone except themselves. Carefree life may seem to be thrilling for some time, but dating Russian girls and a further marriage require a huge responsibility.

Faithfulness. Everyone hates lies. Meeting a faithful man is very rare nowadays. It especially hurts Russian women who devote themselves entirely to their beloved husbands and boyfriends. Your loyalty will be rewarded with endless respect and mutual faithfulness. Honesty and faithfulness play the key roles in relationships.

Independence. Not a single woman on Earth can stand a man who always relies on someone else. In Russian women’s imagination, the real man can easily make money for his family, deal with difficulties, and is ready to face different challenges of life. Is it too much for you? Then don’t even think about Russian girls for dating. This is a very important matter.

Good sense of humor. Dating a bore may be a huge challenge for every lady, including Russian. If all your friends sincerely like your jokes, then your chances to find a Russian woman are pretty high.

As you can see, feminism has a low impact on Eastern European culture. This makes Russian girls the most desired brides.

Big happy familybig happy famoly

Russia, along with the other Slavic countries, is known for the prominent cult of family. Traditions of getting married, having two or three children, living together until the death do them part are common for Russians. For centuries, the institution of the family has been the basic unit of the society. That’s why parents teach their sons and daughters to respect traditional Russian values since childhood.

It is customary to spend every holiday in a big family circle. Russians adore meeting with their relatives, spending much time together. Children are considered to be the source of happiness and a key to a strong marriage. Therefore, any girl aspires to create a big happy family and become a loving wife and mother.

Unfortunately, the number of divorces is rapidly increasing among modern family couples. The longer the marriage is, the more painful it is to get through it. After facing the divorce of their parents, Russian girls do their best to avoid this mistake. Consider this important matter before meeting Russian women for dating. Make them happy in marriage and you will get a reliable partner for life.

Wonderful Life

Big dreams about beautiful and rich life are easy to explain giving some historical facts. The Soviet Union has never topped the lists of the richest counties. The parents and grandparents of today’s generation had to bear poverty after World War II, numerous economic and social crises, food deficit. The things went worse after the dissolution of the USSR in 1991. Young families had to raise their just-born children in poverty. They could not afford to buy extra clothes and toys; the huge unemployment was a common tendency for at least next 3 years.wonderful life

The children of the 90’s as they are called in the post-Soviet countries dream to get everything that their parents could not get in their best years. Modern Russian 20-something girls are looking for all possible ways to make their life luxurious and beautiful. They appreciate wealth and financial independence not because they are greedy, not at all! They aspire to make the lives of their children bright.

To be honest, dreams about luxury are too exaggerated. Their wishes do not include mansions with gardens, dozens of servants, and a garage full of Bentley and Maserati cars. The typical elements of Russian woman’s dreams about beautiful future are:

 – A spacious modern apartment or a house,

 – A fashionable and reliable car,

 – Enough funds for buying some stylish clothes, cosmetics, and accessories when it is necessary,

 – Education and investing in self-development,

 – Visiting gym and beauty salon regularly,

 – Traveling.

Moreover, these items concern only her own self. Imagine how demanding she is of her husband and children! That is why modern Russian girls looking for husbands abroad. This is the guarantee of a stable and beautiful family life. Moreover, don’t think they are helpless and lazy. Every woman also dreams to make the best of their skills, be successful at work as well as in the family life.


Today any girl will say that she loves and dreams of traveling. This dream has already become a commonplace, which men perceive with difficulty. After all, in fact it turns out that all the love for travel lies in the endless lying near the pool, endless selfies in the hotel room and check-in in “fashionable” places around the world. If you put a deeper meaning in the word “travelling”, you will easily find a common language with Russian dream girls. After all, they have a completely different approach to travel. Their dream to see the world is real and if you manage to realize it, you will be the best man in the world.

typical Russian womanThirst to travel is laid in the Russian genetically. They seek freedom and scope at the instinctive level. After all, how many generations of these people lived behind the Iron Curtain – an inexorable barrier to the rest of the world, which could overcome only a narrow circle of the elect. And if you think that with 20 years of freedom they had enough to quench the thirst for cultural exchange – this is not so.

Of course, there are a lot of typical Russian girls who seek only the outer manifestations of a person’s life, who travels a lot. Simply put, Russian girls are not alien to the pursuit of likes on the Facebook. However, among them there are many who really want to see the world and understand how other people live around the world. They want to breathe new air and enrich their lives. Yes, this is a typical dream of Russian women, but it has a very special, noble character.


To you such a dream may seem too abstract. But for Russian women all more than real – they really dream of Respect with a capital letter. Judge for yourself: typical Russian woman work on a par with men. They raise children. They look at the house, creating in it an atmosphere of coziness and peace, so that the beloved man would like to return there. But what do they get in return? It’s not a secret for anyone that many Russian men are lazy. They believe that the duty to go to work every day is a sufficient reason to behave like any dictator-president in the African republic. In addition, many Russian men are prone to alcoholism.

Is it possible that in such an atmosphere something may arise, though remotely resembling a respectful attitude towards each other? Of course not. But Russian women know that it exists. In the world there are men who have not forgotten what a gentleman’s behavior is. In the world there are those who know – a man is a calling, this honorary title must be earned.

In search of such men, Russian women turned their eyes to the West. Let’s be extremely frank: among us, too, there are a lot of lazy people and rude people who know how to prove their worth only by force. But the gentlemen are still more.

So, here is another typical dream of Russian women. And in your power to realize it in life. Agree that there is nothing complicated in this. This is natural and so it should be. That`s why traditional Russian women are so popular among Western men. These are real women for real men.

Take this information into account and you will definitely make your woman happy.

7 Reasons Why Russian Women Make Great Wives

Russian women differ from women of other nationalities. They are sincere, beautiful and make the best wives. Also, they are graceful and charming, have a calm soft look and a gentle voice, and they evoke the most pleasant emotions. Being in their company is pleasant and peaceful because they are patient listeners, delicate and interesting interlocutors who have a quick mind and don’t allow any rude statements in someone else’s address.

Beautiful Russian brides are the subjects of dreams of the stronger sex. They are excellent companions for life who respect their men and don’t pretend to be leaders in the family. They see their life purpose as being a reliable support for husbands, good housewives, and exemplary mothers. Have you already got interested in them? So, let’s go through their positive sides point by point.

What Are the Characteristics of Russian Women?

1. They are very beautiful

And also they are graceful and elegant. They have an amazing appearance and they are the most beautiful and the most interesting women in the world.

 – A lot of them are characterized by the unusual manner of dressing. The same happens with haircuts and hairstyles. They need to be different from the rest.

 – Other girls can only envy the magnetism and charm of Russian girls. They attract men as magnets: their charming appearance, optimistic outlook on life, and self-confidence don’t leave any man indifferent. Many guys dream to meet them and know them better but these girls need the best men.

2. They are very smartbeautiful girl

Russian brides are clever women. They understand everything and you don’t have to explain in detail.

 – They love to learn and gain new knowledge. Pragmatism doesn’t allow them to waste time. It is difficult to mislead these women because of their practicality and moderate criticism.

 – You can talk about everything with them. They will always support and give wise advice.

3. They are devoted to one man

Russian women are very patient, so jealousy is a prejudice for them. A man will be loved not for financial security or career success. The ability to be dedicated women and good friends is much more important for them.

 – It is useless to call them and try to cheer them up by a phone conversation if they don’t know everything about you and you are not included in the list of their close friends. Russian women clearly know what they want and fall in love only with those guys whom they consider reliable in all respects and whom they trust.

 – These women see the future of their chosen ones and help them realize the potential given by nature and are always ready to offer their psychological support and intellectual abilities.

 – If you want to marry a Russian woman, then you should know that she will not spy on her husband, she will not torture him with suspicion. But she will not forgive the fact of betrayal. A married woman will not allow herself any affairs because the relationship between spouses must be based on honesty.

4. They are excellent housewives

There is cleanliness in the houses of Russian women.

 – Its interior is beautiful and created with great taste. Their house is cozy, full of flowers, and always smells good.

 – These women are prone to thrift and economy, but there is always everything necessary in the house.

 – Their house is always open to friends who can count on hospitable and warm welcome, delicious meals, and a pleasant pastime in a cozy family setting.

5. They are very fond of their childrenwife with kids

Children have great importance in the lives of Russian women.

 – They give them all their free time, all their love and affection.

 – Children feel protected in their society. These women are always ready to help with advice.

 – It is not surprising that Russian mothers are often kind friends in the eyes of their children with whom they can share the secrets. This state of things persists even in adolescence.

 – Russian women give their daughters and sons excellent examples of love and loyalty.

6. They are very sexy

Russian women never hurry with sex. They like to fascinate, seduce, and create a romantic atmosphere for intimacy.

 – They think out everything to the smallest detail: they know exactly when, where and in what atmosphere physical intimacy will occur.

 – They can’t imagine sex without love. Intimacy is not just the union of bodies for them – it is the union of souls.

 – They are ideal sexual partners because the most important thing for them is to bring pleasure to their partners. They always look for new ways to bring pleasure to their loved one. Their intuition always tells them how to behave in bed.

7. They cook well

If you want Russian women for marriage, then you will never be hungry.  It is because they are excellent cooks who like to pamper their nearest and dearest with delicious dishes.

 – Their friends and close people know about it, therefore they can visit their house without invitation knowing that they will always be welcomed by a tasty meal and hospitable owners.

 – The main dishes in their “culinary repertoire” are dishes that are cooked by their mothers and grandmothers and that they love from their childhood.

How to Get a Russian Wife

If you don’t know how to find a Russian wife and how to win her heart, then we’ll give you some tips. Of course, first of all, you need to know the nature of this kind of woman and those distinctive features that you can leverage:

 – Only sensible, reliable, and strong men are able to win a hot Russian bride.

 – If a man decides to win a heart of such a woman, then he must demonstrate to her what goals he sets and that he knows how to succeed.couple

 – A man who is capable of rudeness, immorality, and stupid ridicule is not for a woman of this nationality. In addition, she doesn’t like loafers and freeloaders.

 – She is interested in a serious man who is engaged in serious things – she can build a serious relationship only with such man. A passing attraction is not for our heroine. If she says “No!” clearly and straightly, then there is almost no chance for success.

 – You have to look neat and fashionable; be interested in art, relevant news, and events for attracting such woman. Also, she appreciates the combination of brutality and tenderness, charisma and a good sense of humor.

 – Sincerity is very important for her as for any person. Therefore, you should be prepared for the fact that the relationship with her is a hard work, and your communication should be based on transparency.

 – Finally, Russian girls like compliments very much. It is necessary to praise their appearance, their talents, including culinary ones. The best compliment is your attention to their good taste, the ability to create an environment of beauty and harmony around. Women will reveal themselves and show their best qualities in relationships.

If you want to marry a Russian girl, never forget that every representative of this nationality is made for love and combines all the qualities that a good wife should have. She manifests herself as an excellent hostess, and a caring mother, and a wonderful lover with a gentle character near a loving and caring husband. This woman is industrious, hardy, and not wasteful. She never complains about life.

So, take care of your chosen woman because many men can only dream about such life partner.

11 Reasons Why Russian Women Make Good Mothers

It seems like the phenomenon of Russian dating appeared simultaneously with the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Western men got excited with the possibility to get acquainted with females from behind the Iron Curtain. The first reason for the then-rising interest in Russian ladies was rooted in the fact that little had been known about them at that time.

After a decade of intensive development of Russian dating another reason has arrived, Russian girls were absolutely different from western ladies. Western men have been complaining that the old traditional family had been long dead due to feminism. Emancipation drastically changed western women. They became career- rather than family-oriented. Building a successful career means much more for the modern western woman than dating, marriage, and family.

It is no surprise that self-sufficiency of women hurts man’s self-esteem. While the vast majority of western men got used to the possibility of babysitting with their wives being the main suppliers for the families, there is a certain number of men who have traditional views on family. The attention of those men is mainly drawn to Russian girls.

Because of the patriarchal upbringing, Russian girl’s main goal in life is to become a perfect wife for her man. This approach to bringing up women makes the man a central figure in woman’s life. Russian women are taught to treat men with respect. The image of an obedient wife made thousands of western men get obsessed with a thought of taking Russian girls for with baby

But if you delve deeper in Russian cultural facts, you will find out another reason to marry a Russian woman.

Russian women are ideal for marriage not only because they are perfect housewives, not only because of their deep respect for men, not only because they are well-known as perfect lovers, but because Russian women make perfect mothers.

Russian mothers are a phenomenon which explanation is long and often connected with different tragic aspects of history.

Lesser impact of feminism

The most popular explanation why Russian women make perfect mothers is that they were less influenced by feminism than western women. Still, there were feminist movements in the 18th century. Moreover, feminism saw a brief resurgence in the last decade of 20th century, after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. The reason why feminism has a lesser impact on Russian women is deeply rooted in Russian cultural peculiarities and history.


The first step to understanding Russian moms is the aspect of self-sacrifice in Russian culture. In women, this aspect transforms into being perfect housewives and mothers. While a Russian woman is ready to sacrifice everything to her man, nothing can stand between Russian mother and her child. Children are sacred in Russian culture.

Family-DinnerTraditional upbringing

The traditional view on gender roles in Russia makes the man the main supplier of the family, but the woman is responsible for housekeeping and bringing up children. Men could be great soldiers, hunters, whoever, but they are mainly useless when it comes to kids’ upbringing. Thus, being a perfect mother is a traditional role for Russian women.

Family is incomplete without children

The child-free movement has never been popular even in contemporary Russia. The main goal of a woman is to give birth to a child. Moreover, the family in Russia is considered incomplete if the couple has no children.

Religious beliefs

Russian Orthodox Church sees woman’s main role as becoming a mother. Sometimes, this can take exaggerated forms. For example, in 2014 Russian women came to pro-life protest holding signs saying “My uterus belongs to government and church”. So, if your Russian girlfriend gets pregnant, never ask her for abortion.

Soviet Union

Although abortion was legalized in the Soviet Union, the operation wasn’t common in the country. According to “Principles of Legislation on Marriage and the Family of the USSR and the Union Republics” parents were to raise their children to prepare them for “socially useful activity”. Every Russian mom was obsessed with the idea of delivering more “builders of communism” for the state.

World War II

The participation of the Soviet Union in WWII claimed millions of lives of its citizens, with most of them being men. With more than twenty million people being dead, it was woman’s duty to deliver and raise more “comrades”. The number of deaths continued to impact mothers throughout the second half of the 20th century and continues to haunt them in contemporary Russia.

Lack of men

The Soviet Union experienced the lack of men after World War II. Women were forced to fight for the attention of the remaining men. Thus, the men were spoiled and started feeling less responsible. The number of divorces increased leading to the increasing number of single values

The dissolution of the USSR

The dissolution of the USSR brought the crisis to all of its former republics, and Russia was no exception. The number of divorces continued to increase, and women were forced to work and bring up children completely on their own.

The current state of Russian family

The traditional image of Russian family was distorted by the continuous crisis. With men becoming more and more irresponsible, the number of single mothers saw no decreasing. Almost every Russian woman is capable of bringing up kids on her own. They manage to combine raising kids with studying and working in order to provide for the family.

Desire for the best future for their children

Low standard of living in contemporary Russia makes Russian mothers do their best for their children to have a normal life. The self-sacrifice is still common in modern Russia and mothers are capable of giving away everything to provide the best future for their kids.

If you want a perfect mother for your future kids, you should definitely marry a Russian girl. Although the reasons why they make perfect mothers are partly rooted in tragic history, it shouldn’t prevent you from having a strong and healthy family.

How to Date Russian Moms

Now you see why Russian women make such great moms. It’s time to find out how to date a Slavic girl with kids. If you’re thinking about getting a lonely Russian mom, you should understand that the usual approaches don’t work here. And keep your sympathy to yourself. Be unfeigned and sincere.

Learning the basics

Unfortunately, we got used to applying the experiences of our previous relationships when dealing with a new potential partner. But the approach to single moms should be a bit different. Sure, the goal of dating is to impress and win the heart of your lady. This rule never changes. But the methods must be new. Be prepared for a single mom turning everything you know about girls upside down and changing your approach to them. Forget all the facts about Russian women you learned before.

Developing strategy

If there’s a beautiful single mom in your eyesight, you need to develop a strategy to earn her trust. You know what? Forget about strategies. Your main weapon is honesty. Give up that selfish desire to get her into your bed.

reasons to date a Russian girlDon’t fool her

She had already been fooled before, so she can see through men now. Maybe her protective mechanisms are pretty weak, but at least they exist. What a single mother can’t afford is making the same mistake she did earlier. The fact that she’s a mother, and she’s single tells you what mistake we’re talking about here, right? She probably knows the game men like to play.

Be nice to her kid

And there’s one more thing to consider: it’s her kid. And you should take it into account. To date a single Russian mom, you need to find the common language with her child.

Be realistic

You think that your life’s tough? Well, this girl’s life is a lot tougher! She’s responsible for two lives at the same time. She doesn’t have enough time for herself.

Some major cons

As you already know, the main disadvantage of Russian moms is their “baggage.” They have more responsibilities than you, more bills to pay, more problems to solve and a lot of stress to cope with. Their lives are far more grown-up than yours. And they have much less time for leisure.

The main part of a Russian mom’s compassion, devotion, and sympathy belongs to her kid. Are you OK with being second best? Because for the most part, her child will be receiving more of her love by default. You must be able to understand and accept this fact. Oh, and the kid may begin to hate you. No one will blame the child for hating you without a seemingly obvious reason. You’re a different man. You’re some kind of threat, whether you like it or not.

Expect resistance and resentment, no matter how sincere and handsome you are. You’re in an extremely difficult life situation that takes a lot of time and effort to make it better. But are perfect Russian girls worth such a sacrifice?

There’s no risk without a reward

There are a few reasons to date a Russian girl with kids. The advantage of a single mom is that she knows the rules of the game and needs a relationship in one way or another. To understand other girls, you may need some sort of an interpreter. A single mother has no time to be playful and mysterious. She will sincerely tell you what she expects from you.

Now you’re free from the need to be insincere. A single Russian mom welcomes honesty and sensitivity more than other women who have suffered from insensible relationships in the past. Besides, she needs to change diapers, work, and teach her kid the basics of life. Do you think she has time to deal with your indecisiveness? So be sure to tell her only the truth.

Some believe that single Russian moms are the best Russian women ever, so dating one will be worth it. She can end up being the most devoted and loving woman you’ve ever met if you show patience and compassion from the very beginning.

Best Places for a Date with a Russian Woman

People go out on dates to get to know each other and have fun. The venue of a date is extremely important and should be thought out carefully since the right location can make it and the wrong one can break it. Going out with a Russian girl for the first time, you might be at a loss to choose where to take her. Relax. Although you heard about cultural differences, when it comes to dating, romance, and building relationships, they are not so striking. Women all over the world have universal views on man-woman relationships, so if you’re not new to dating, you know how to behave towards women on dates.

The success of your date depends on two main factors – the impression you make on your Russian girlfriend and the venue where your date takes place. In order to win a woman’s heart, you should show your interest in her. For this, ask her questions, listen to her attentively, compliment her, and show your good manners. Acting like a gentleman, you’ll definitely melt her heart. Bringing a bunch of flowers for your Russian girl is another way to show your admiration and romantic interest.

You should also understand that there are places appropriate for a first date and places to go to on further dates. First dates are all about communication and getting to know your partner. That is why it’s important to go to the places where you won’t be silent for hours (like at the cinema). Also, it’s recommended to choose more casual venues where you’ll feel comfortable. However, if you’ve been dating online for a while and know your Russian woman pretty well, you can arrange a date according to her interests or preferences. If you’re looking for the best place for a date, we’ve prepared some good date ideas that your Russian woman would like.


A restaurant is considered a classic venue for a first date. Most likely, it’s the first location that springs to your mind. And you’re not wrong – Russian women don’t mind going to a restaurant on a first date. What is more, first dates are meant for talking, and a cozy restaurant with a romantic ambiance will facilitate your conversation. Try to find out what kind of food she prefers. If you don’t have any idea, choose something traditional. Don’t go to fancy restaurants that offer exotic menu. Since most Russian women rarely go to expensive restaurants, your date will feel uneasy trying to read the items on the menu and figuring out which fork or spoon to use. If you did ask her to a fashionable restaurant, patiently explain to her the dishes you like the most before you catch her confused look. The moral of the story is to take your Russian date to a small restaurant or café with cozy tables for two and romantic atmosphere.

good places for first datesA bit of thrill

You should know that a date, especially the first one, is your chance to make an impression on your Russian girlfriend. In order to impress a woman, you should evoke positive emotions in her. For this, you need something more active and entertaining than dining at a restaurant. Horseback riding is a great idea for a romantic date. If it’s your first date, then it’s better to ride separate horses but if you’ve had some dates before, you can ride one horse sitting close to each other. Being close and touching each other enhance your emotional connection. If you two are fond of extreme, go-karting or an escape room will raise your adrenaline levels. Experiencing something new together is the quickest way to become closer.

Outdoor date

Among the good places for a date, a park is always appropriate when you’re dating with a Russian girl. If it’s a warm season, then a stroll in the park can make a great beginning for your date. Since dating experts recommend combining different locations throughout one date, you can first take a walk in the city park or botanic garden and then dine at a restaurant. Many parks have amusement zones, so you can try out some attractions. Ferris wheel will get you high and let you enjoy the view. Be attentive to your Russian date and don’t walk for too long since she can get tired in her high heels. If there is a pond in the park, sit on the bench and feed ducks – it’s a version of entertainment too.

Intellectual date

Choosing the places to go for a date, you should take into account your and your woman’s interests. If both of you are art-lovers, then the venue is obvious – an art gallery or a museum. Some may say that it’s quite boring to walk from hall to hall staring at the pictures or exhibits. But if you’re really an expert in this field, you’ll be able to impress your date with your knowledge. Russian women like intelligent men. If you are in Russia and you’re looking for a sophisticated place here to for a date, go to the theater. Many Russian women are theater-goers, so if your date is one of them, book tickets. Going to a restaurant after the performance is a perfect follow-up.

Active date

If you enjoy active but not too extreme rest, try bowling. It meets all the criteria of the best place for a first date: it’s interesting, unusual, and everyone can play it. And even if one of you or both of you are terrible players, who cares? You need to show your Russian companion that you’re a lot better than other guys when it comes to dating. Once you do this, you need to find out if you can same the same about her, and such an interesting activity as bowling is perfect for this. It’s also a great chance to see whether she knows how to lose with dignity and still have fun even if all of her bowling balls miss, or she’s worried about what people around may think about her.

An aqua park is another great place for a date with an active girl. Water slides, splashes, water rides – what can be better than that? But first, you need to make sure that your new girlfriend can swim. Here’s one more plus – you can check out her slim body.

good places for a dateDo you like dancing? Pay a one-time lesson in a dance studio and get a surge of positive emotions and a good mood for the whole day. Guys rarely choose such places for a date, so you’ll clearly stand out among your potential competitors.

More vivid emotions

If you want your date to be filled with bright emotions, invite the girl to the contact zoo. It’s much more interesting than an ordinary zoo or other places for dates, so if there’s one in your city, go there right now. In the contact zoo, you can spend a unique, truly unusual, and original date, and it won’t leave your companion indifferent. Each girl dreams of feeding cute little animals like ostriches, lambs, rabbits, ferrets, chinchillas, guinea pigs, or parrots.

When choosing good places for a date, you need to pick one that will make you feel comfortable in other’s company. In this case, the amusement park works great. Is your date missing some vivid emotions? Just try a scary roller coaster or take a ride on the Ferris wheel. Russian girls love that. The place you take your girlfriend to on the first date can tell a lot about you. Ask her out to somewhere she has already been a hundred times, and she’ll start thinking that you’re as plain and boring as most of the guys. If you go to an unusual spot, for example, an amusement park, you’ll show that you have at least some sense of originality.

Make something together

If you want to invite her to a romantic dinner and make it extraordinary and add something new at the same time, then you should arrange a culinary date! Rent a kitchen in a café or one of the spots where culinary classes are held and hire a chef to control the process. This option is perfect for you because Russian girls love cooking. With the chef’s help, you can learn how to prepare delicious dishes, and you’ll be sure that you won’t spoil them, turning the kitchen into a battle zone with burning frying pans and knives flying around. The only problem is that you won’t be able to enjoy each other’s company fully while cooking because of the chef, so you’ll have to wait for dinner to have a heart-to-heart talk. Also, it’s worth mentioning that renting a kitchen and paying for a chef’s services can be quite expensive.

And here’s the last spot on our list of good places for first dates. Remember the scene from The Ghost with Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze sitting together behind the potter’s wheel? Try to repeat this romantic moment and invite your girlfriend to a pottery class. Perpetuate your feelings in clay and make small pots with a memorable inscription for each other. You will learn how to shape the pots and combine different types of clay. Then each of you will make a clay souvenir. You can take everything you made home and put your masterpieces on a shelf when they dry.
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This is another Ukrainian dating site you should check out. is considered to be one of the major online bridal agencies in Ukraine so it offers a surprisingly rich variety of candidates. There are up to 500,000 profiles of single Slavic ladies and each of them is open for new acquaintances. Like on other dating sites mentioned in our review, the subscription to uabrides is free and you pay only for correspondence exchanging and live video chats. Besides, you get access to the best video clips and guides to Ukrainian dating. Their team will also be happy to help you plan a romantic trip to Ukraine and send presents to your match.

To wrap it all up

As you can see, there is a plenty of opportunities to meet Slavic girls for dating and marriage on the Internet. We listed only the most noticeable and trustworthy services in this review – of course, there are many more of them. You are free to choose what suits you the best! Just remember the online safety rules and make sure you are ready to kick the adventure off!
Top 9 things Russian women will always like in men

What to Talk About With a Russian Girl: 10 Topics that Always Work

Discover what’s on your Russian lover’s mind

Have you met an amazing Russian girl? Well, if not yet, let’s assume this has happened. So you chat to this lady via online dating services or arrange a date and wanna know how to start the conversation and keep her interested. I suggest you take a look at these 10 topics below. They aren’t just safe but help new mates to get to know each other in the beginning of a relationship.

1. Get keen on her tastes

You can’t please your lady without knowing what she likes, right? This topic often works as an icebreaker: communication instantly goes to another level if it turns out you two like the same films, music, foods, or books. Although Russian spheres of culture are hugely different from Western, she is probably aware of all foreign performers and works. It’s the fact that products from developed countries are well-known in developing countries.

2. Tell her to what places you’ve been

If travelling is your hobby, a Russian lady will be happy to know everything about it. Due to the economic instability in the Russian Federation, many citizens of this country have never been abroad. Well, Russian girls who live in big cities and earn enough money can afford trips to various places – yet there are not so many of them. Hospitality was always a distinctive feature of the Russian national character and these people are also willing to explore foreign cultures.

3. Search for common interests

Apart from similar tastes, there are also activities two lovers should take up together. In fact, Russian ladies are incredibly versatile. As little girls, they attend various classes and courses (dance, culinary, sports, painting etc.), which helps them become many-faceted individuals when they grow up. That’s why I’m sure you will get many subjects to discuss. Moreover, Russian girlfriends are always glad to take up different things along with their partners to get even closer to them.

4. Share childhood memories

We all have good moments to recall. There is a special attitude to kids in Russia: they are claimed to be the flowers of a human life. My experience tells me that most local girls are against the childfree movement so this topic evokes their warmest emotions. Ask your friend to tell you about events she remembers – even if her childhood wasn’t ideal, there will definitely be something. Don’t hesitate to share your own memories as she will be keen on them. Again, when people relive happy days together, it is easier for them to build rapport.
5. Ask questions about her family
Family life is what Russians are deeply concerned about. Historically, these people had to share living space. Even today, most flats here are occupied by several generations at the same time – the flat question hasn’t been fully solved since the Soviet Union times. On the other hand, Russian families are typically very strong because members support one another. And yes, young ladies usually maintain this connection with their relatives. To make your date fall for you, take a sincere interest not only in her but in her dearest ones too.

6. Take an insight into her native culture

Our world is full of diverse traditions. Russian and Western mentalities are quite similar but somewhat contradictory as well. Humanity now goes through westernisation: developed countries actively spread their values, customs, and views of life. Modern Russian society evolves and borrows many things from Americans and Europeans. International dating is all about dealing with these cultural dissimilarities. If you want to build the connection with this Russian girl, appreciate her national heritage.

7. Ask what she dreams about

Dreams belong to an intimate sphere of human communication. They aren’t always easy to describe or even realise. However, there may be “bigger” or “smaller” goals a person wants to achieve. Russian women are known for their determined priorities: though they work hard to succeed as professionals, a very few of them would put a career over a family. Apart from these common values, they have many other interests in life. So you can hear truly unpredictable things! Don’t be silent either; tell her what your heart desires.

8. Prove you are knowledgeable

The beauty of Russian ladies is famous worldwide. But there is one more feature they possess – high intellect. Yes, they are quite brainy and understand how important it is to develop your mind capabilities. You might know that Russian literature is considered to be great. But did you know that Russians also reads more books than any other nation on Earth? Of course, they are extremely proud of it. If you love reading, your chances of conquering your lady’s heart grow.

9. Exchange fun stories

To charm a girl online, it’s necessary to change the tone of communication periodically. Otherwise, it may get boring. Storytelling requires certain skills, even if it happens online. We scientifically know that women fall for males who can tell stories well. Keep this in mind and don’t forget to use your talent to enhance your dating life. And a man should be a good listener too because there’s nothing more precious to girls than attention.

10. Do you have pets?

Another topic that may work as an icebreaker. Almost every Russian family has a pet that they adore. If you both have cats/dogs or maybe some other animals, you will click in a very short period of time. After all, if only one of you has, it is nevertheless an opportunity to create the mutual bond. I guarantee you that any Russian girl will be amazed when you ask questions about her pets!


You can see now that talking to beautiful Russian ladies isn’t as hard as you might’ve imagined. Just choose the right words, be polite, and read carefully what she writes to you. By following standard etiquette rules, you will easily make any girl curious about you!

What Kind of Sex Do Russian Women Like?

The sexual revolution in Russia occurred considerably later than in the Western world due to the Soviet Union communist ideology. But do Russian women enjoy sex as much as Western girls Sure! Phew, what a relief. Millions of men all around the globe wonder what feelings does it bring to have sex with Russian women. You can come across many rumors about this nation and its women. Just like all Russians can’t live without vodka, or they allegedly hang out in the woods with bears around and balalaika tunes or there is always winter in that country. In this article, we’d like to break all the stereotypes s and tell you how to act with a Russian woman in bed to leave her satisfied.

Male dominance

There is a common belief that Russian ladies are too humble, passive and controllable. I will let you know from the beginning: they aren’t. Simplicity and decisiveness are among the prevalent Russian character traits. On the other hand, Russian girls are smart enough to realize that a man should be at the head of his family (or the couple). Not all Russian girls fall for persistent alpha-males but any of them will make you feel stronger and more manful. Isn’t it awesome? Yet this is just one side of the Russian conception of sex, let’s take a look at the rest in order to get the sufficient understanding.


The Russian people sincerely believe that a woman attracts men by being mysterious. It is, in fact, the image every girl from this country tries to create. Although sincerity is one of the key merits of the Russian character, they don’t talk about sex in a straightforward way. Naturally, some girls may avoid talking about sex features in daily life because their mothers taught them so. Besides, they aren’t used to discuss “shameful” physiological processes like farting with vagina by accident. These women acknowledge polite guys who can talk nicely. At the same time, Russians value honesty above all, so you should find the golden mean and express your mind quite delicately if there are any issues in bed.

Love supremacy

Clearly, it’s possible to date Russian women only for sex without further obligations. But usually, these girls dream about the stable relationships and observe sex as part of romance. The notion of eternal love is prominent in the Russian culture, not to mention that family is of a true cult there. No wonder that sex in Russia comes secondary after compatibility and the spiritual bond. Therefore, sex with a Russian girl is not about some specific techniques but about expressing your profoundest feelings to her. She is willing to say “I love you” through lovemaking and hopes you treat her with respect.


As we already stated, it is rather difficult to find a girl for a one-night stand in Russia. Owing to their family-oriented way of thinking, local ladies measure every single man’s ability to become a reliable long-term partner. Concerning sex, they want things happen gradually: first, partners should get to know each other. If your Russian girlfriend needs some time, just give it to her. Don’t enforce her to do anything unless you’re playing some pervert sadomasochistic games. Again, your nice manners mean a lot to her. A bedroom is that kind of place where you should prove your values over and over again!

Russian women sexMonogamy

You might have already guessed that Russians are more into monogamous relationships. They put feelings in the first place. Loyalty is another fundamental concept of the native culture. Ideally, a Russian woman should have one and only partner for a lifetime so you’re expected to be exceedingly faithful to your partner. So if a woman marries a man who took her virginity, it’s considered to be perfect. Of course, this tradition may seem very outdated but that’s how the Russian mind works. The strong link between two loving partners is much more important than fantastic skills and popularity here. Dull? Well, Russian women can’t be perfect for everybody.

Romantic atmosphere

Taking into account everything we’ve noted above, it’s easy to predict that Russian ladies like going out in the appropriate ambience. So what can you do about it? Foreplay is the very first thing that comes into the mind.Well, seriously, women do need time to get ready. Quickie might work out, but on occasion only. How to create the right atmosphere? Recall what you have ever heard about women’s preferences. Charming scented candles, massage oils, flowers, a hot bath with rose petals and so on. If you are skillful at cooking, why not conquer her heart with a special dinner? Unconventional dates will do their job too.

You need to guess

It is the men’s first responsibility to figure out what Russian girls want in sex. Remember what we told you about mystery? Fine. That’s another part of it. Since Russian society is into patriarchic values despite all the contemporary changes, a man here is supposed to take the initiative when it comes to wooing a woman of his dream. For instance, it’s okay for American women to tell their men what they want in bed. But this rule doesn’t work for Russians. You should ask her about her wishes in a tranquil atmosphere, keep her loosen up or she will feel uncomfortable throughout the conversation.

This involves a lot of talking

Talking is actually one of the favorite activities of Russian females. Remember this when you will be chatting with hot Russian girls! Most of them are indeed intelligent and knowledgeable. And they love sweet talks as well. Not just in everyday life but in a bedroom as well. You already know that Russian girls prefer discussing their sexual life in a particular manner. Don’t forget to confess to her while making love or after it, tell her compliments about her appearance and performance, and gently suggest trying new things out.

Russian women sexRussian women sex features

Sex with Russian woman has to be creative. If you dream about having a Russian woman in bed, be constantly ready for experiments and the role plays. Every woman has different fantasies, some are excited by a man in uniform, for example, police uniform, and others are too fond of, well, pirates (not kidding you). And it happens, when you imagine a lady who looks like a student, has sex with a man in an image of a teacher, and there is an irresistible desire to try this out with your partner. Such role-playing games will diversify your relationship and bring freshness into ordinary sex. Thus, you can give a green light to the fantasy and try something new. Needless to say that not all Russian girls enjoy this sort of games, so you should ask your girlfriend about her tastes and then decide what you are going to perform in your bed.

A bed is undoubtedly a convenient place for sex. However, be prepared that this bed comfort will bore your hot Russian girl sooner or later and she will expect you to suggest some more unusual places. So, keep in mind that Russian girls are not against sex in the most exotic places, in the most unexpected moments, whether it’s a bathroom, floor or even backyard. Eventually, the world has lots of different places to make love. The unusualness of the situation or the fear of being noticed only ignites the mutual desire. Are Russian women good in bed? Yes, and not only in bed. The main thing is that she should be prepared for that, otherwise you can scare her off. Some Russian women are too timid for that.

Act softly

Nikolay Nekrasov, a Russian poet once said: “A Russian woman can halt a galloping horse and go in the burning hut”. It comes as no surprise that Russian girls can be too independent, but all of them love it when you treat them gently. Thereby, the first rule of sex with a Russian girl: they love when they are loved. So be absolutely sure to show your Slavic partner sympathy and love in every way imaginable. Actually, this rule is followed by the second one: please your partner first and then you can please yourself. Many Russian ladies are very tender. They are waiting for decisive actions from their men. A Russian girl wants to drown in her lover’s touches and caresses. She is always ready for unusual experiments in bed, but she probably won’t appreciate the idea of being treated harshly in bed. That’s why sex with Russian woman must be really delicate. Girls in this country often look for an older man. They value men’s experience a lot. Affectionate caresses combined with quiet and soft music can bring them maximum pleasure, and gentle whispers in the ear give them exceptional sensations. Nevertheless, they want to feel weak and defenseless in the arms of a strong and confident man.

Imagine that your Russian crush is an innocent girl who has never been in a relationship yet, so it’s very important not to scare her away with your persistence and show that sex is pleasant. Sometimes it may seem difficult, especially if you see that your lady wants you so bad that she can’t resist her desire anymore. But you still should “tease” her a little with some sweet caresses. Only after that you can be sure she won’t fake up her feelings in bed.

Wrapping all up, now you know what Russian women are in sex. Of course, there are many minor factors that impact your success in dating ladies from this country. However, you can be 100% sure that Russian women sex is definitely worth itself. In fact, any man has to become a constant learner if he wants to satisfy his woman. No doubt, women are also struggling to master the art of lovemaking. You see, when both partners make efforts, a relationship gets healthy. Work on your bedroom skills and treat your Russian bride in the way she deserves it!

Sum up

So, this is what you should know about Russian women. As you could see, Russian girls are very interesting people and it is not so difficult to build relationships with them. Almost everyone agrees that Russian girls are very beautiful and feminine, cheerful and stylish. They are good housewives and passionate lovers and the popularity of Russian women is increasing every year. So, don’t miss your chance. Try to get acquainted with the most beautiful Russian women. You will be the happiest man in the world.

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