Things You Need to Know About Dating Guatemalan Women

guatemalan women dating

Guatemalan women dating has become so popular throughout the last decade, there are dozens of dating sites that offer millions of people this communication. There are legends about Guatemala hot girls being homely, uplifting and quick-witted, adventurous and intelligent. Yet before the invention of digital dating, legends were legends. Now you’ve got the chance to try Guatemalan dating yourself.

There are indigenous girls that live in Guatemala, as well as Maya ancestors and Indians. Those three groups of people are the most widespread, yet these girls look completely different. However, they are united by behavior, customs, and overall greatness. Do you want to join us on our journey? Here we go!

This article will be dedicated to Guatemalan dating, touching upon traits of characters of Guatemala ladies. We will also talk about do’s and don’ts of this dating, conflicting points, and customs that you should bear in mind. You know European countries traditions make these girls’ way of life different from yours, but that’s what makes them fun, unusual and sexy. For example, if you are an American man who is used to excessive liberation of the ladies, beautiful Guatemalan girls’ traditions may seem a bit peculiar, but if you want to be a man of the family, you might quite like it. See, it all depends on your perspective!

Things You Need to Know Before Dating a Guatemalan Woman

Sexy Guatemalan girls definitely have a lot of things to offer, but will you be able to keep up with things like their cultural obligations and, most definitely, modesty? Do you know that half of the girls have families by 20 years? Do you know that girls from Guatemala are shorties (about 150 cm)? Yes, such a girl can become a perfect wifey for those of you who can’t boast 2-meter height. Petite women are the best, for sure! Also, Guatemalan cultural relationships dictate patriarchy so she will be okay to follow most of your advice and requests. But what else is reminiscent of these beauties? Let’s find out!

They adore dancing

Guatemalan chicks really know how to dance. Their moves are always elaborate and sexy. They have lots of national dances (which you can also train in performing). If you’re going to stay aside from this, you should better think twice. Guatemalans absolutely love doing stuff with their families, so if you are at a dinner table or at a party, you are really going to dance like crazy. Of course, if you don’t know how to do this, your wifey will be glad to teach you that. They are very seductive dancers, but all of the hot stuff will be happening behind closed doors, only you and her.

guatemala dating siteThey have athletic bodies

Since those girls are quite petite, their physique is really appealing to men. Being small and athletic will make your partner adore you like a big papi. They are very cute, and even if a girl is curvy, she is attractive. Be sure that you will carry her around like a baby a lot, especially if you are a huge European man, the difference will be visible. Because of lean bodies, those girls rarely tend to get obese in their forties. It’s even hard to tell the age of a Guatemalan woman since they all look so petite and cute all the time.

They love their families very much

And that is the best part about dating a Guatemalan woman. You will be taught how to love without being two-faced or shady with each other. These things run in the family, so if you have been taught to live separately from your parents since you were 16, she doesn’t support that way of being. Guatemalan families are each other’s best friends. As Latinos and Indians think, family always comes first. They always have the strongest bonds with each other and will be glad to invite you to their family. A Guatemalan woman will also be a great mother, a devoted caregiver and a splendid wife. You will thank fate for bringing you together, as she will be your mindful mentor.

Guatemala Is a Poor Country

So, if your woman doesn’t know how to behave in a certain social situation, it is not her fault. You shouldn’t be upset if the person doesn’t get your reference because education in Guatemala is not the best.

Also, Guatemala dating can be a struggle if you are used to an independent partner because most Guatemalan men are bossy and commanding, so women have to adjust to this social climate not to be assaulted or insulted. Also, women of Guatemala are certainly harassed still, unfortunately. So you should treat your girl right, and she will always pay you off with all the kindness and forgiveness she has.

Foreign Men Fall in Love with Guatemalan Women

And that love is mutual. This love is beneficial to both sides because often girls from the middle and lower classes try to escape sadism of their relatives and ex-boyfriends, who make them marry early or have unwanted kids, and foreign men have a right to be loved endlessly, be helped at all times and supported with all means. Guatemalan women will never cheat on you because it’s their social moral code, they will always be modest and sincere, helpful and homely, and you will give strength and lots of support in return. If you are striving for a classic family with a petit cook who waits for you at the end of the day, you should seek for a Guatemalan girl.

Where to Meet Guatemalan Women?

Guatemalan women are not so easy to find in everyday life because this country is not so financially supported to let its citizens travel all over the world. Only the richest families have that kind of privilege. But if you want to try Guatemala dating, you should see some perspectives and work your way towards your goal. So, there are some options and opportunities you should definitely be trying up from now.


If you are planning on visiting South America any time lately, this should be your starting point. Guatemala is a lot of fun. It is very rich and flamboyant in its cultural traditions, and girls will be very glad to meet and greet with a European foreigner. They will invite you home, show you around the town and ask a lot of questions about your way of life in your native town. You might be able to spend an evening, surrounded by local Maya people and dance with them by the bonfire. A lot of Guatemalan women work and stay in South America in general, so if you happen to go to university there, there might be a chance to meet a real Guatemalan woman.

Guatemala City

It’s the capital of Guatemala. The busiest tourist spot in Guatemala City is Central Square, next to which there are iconic architectural and historical sights.  It’s the perfect place to get acquainted with a lot of locals. Here is the beautiful Cathedral, where girls go to hang around with young people. The so-called zero kilometers is also located near this spot, and tourists are very interested in taking selfies near the landmark.  Asking a girl to take your photo would be a great opportunity to get acquainted. Every weekend there is a noisy fair on the square, and there are interesting events, held by locals during national holidays.


Here, festivals and religious holidays take place almost every day.  In this city, there are holidays, held in honor of a local deity or saint.  You can meet a girl here on the eve of the traditional Catholic holidays, like Easter, All Saints Day, Christmas, etc.  Guatemalans manifest themselves as true Christians. Almost always any tourist has an opportunity to get acquainted with the local during the fest.  And to get acquainted with the local girl, and to see people in traditional clothes, it is best to visit the Sunday church in this city.  That’s where girls go in search of communication and entertainment.

guatemalan culture relationshipsVilla Nueva

Here, the main promenade route of all locals and tourists is the tree-lined embankment of the Rio Tercero.  Here are lots of beaches and cafes. In general, Villa Maria is the best place to take your bae to see the play since there are 8 theaters in the city.  After long walks along the bank, you can play football, volleyball, and tennis with your athletic girlfriend.

Dating Sites and Apps

But if you can’t travel right now, or just want to try to date on your territory, you should try and use a Guatemalan dating site, where dozens of girls are waiting for you and the opportunity to meet a faithful friend, a hot lover and future family on the Internet. You can get acquainted with the bride, get to know her better, seek for her appreciation while sharing your deep stories about life, then take her to your city and watch you grow as a couple. Also, learn a couple of phrases in her native language to really impress that girl!

Well, now you get acquainted with the world of Guatemalan dating. Now you know about girls and their customs, their major beliefs and turn-ons, you’ve learned how to respect them and treat them right. Those girls are a surprise to every good man who has only the best intentions. They are kind and thoughtful, sincere and caring, good mothers and lovers. It is a bliss and true love that awaits you in the future. Just visit this country or try a Guatemala dating site. Farewell!

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