Top 12 Sexy Argentinian Girls in Bikini

Argentinian women

Argentina is a country of immigrants. During the mass immigration of Europeans in the late XIX – early XX centuries, almost seven million Europeans came here to build a new life. And, judging by how sexy Argentinian girls look today, these were exceptionally beautiful seven million.

It is possible to say that the sexy Argentinian girls are elegant, scruffy, calm, hysterical, polite, vixen, friendly, secretive, and it’s only a small part of characteristics that can be applied to Argentines.

In everyday life, Argentine girls look more than natural and simple and don’t embellish their beauty. Perhaps, thanks to that many foreigners consider Argentines to be beautiful and sexy. Their shining moment comes in the evening on Friday or on the weekends, when they are going to dance. They use all the means to look gorgeous: heels, black eyeliners, bright lipsticks and short skirts. Sexy Argentinian women don’t walk alone, the beauties gather at one of their houses and then go dancing all together.

There they are always waited by men, who have already prepared the whole arsenal of compliments and are ready to give them to the girls. It’s interesting that it is quite difficult to conquer the hot Argentinian babes, who have spent not one hour, preparing to collect all the admiring gazes. Argentinian girls got used to the fact that boys talk a lot, and do not believe in beautiful words and empty promises. Therefore, in order to create a serious relationship with the Argentine girl, men have to make a lot of efforts: to drink more than one liter of coffee on the dates and watch more than one dozen movies together with this sexy woman.

A lot of modern celebrities in Argentina are direct descendants of the first immigrants, mostly Italians and Spaniards, taking a lot from their Latin neighbors. No wonder why Argentina girls’ dating becomes more and more popular. Almost all sexy Argentinian girls have one common trait: slim figure, although it’s normal for a hot country that loves passionate dances. They are tall enough; they have a sense of style, with revealing attires prevailing. So for you to understand what we’re talking about, here’s the list of twelve sexy Argentinian women. Some of them are actresses, and some are models.

12) Mia Maestro

Mia Maestro

An actress, singer, and composer, Mia Maestro, is one of the prettiest girls from Argentina and 100 sexiest women in the world, according to Maxim magazine. The girl grew up in Argentina, where she starred in several films, but most of the time she works abroad. Mia was born on June 19, 1978, in the city of Buenos Aires. Her parents are businessmen. Mia studied at the Instituto Elena Frondizi de Seghetti in Buenos Aires, and at the age of 18, she moved to Berlin to study classical vocals. After returning to Argentina in 1998, she made her debut as an actress, starring in the movie “Tango.” Then Mia played secondary roles in such movies as “Timecode,” “Picking up the Pieces,” “Hotel,” and “Frida.” Mia is well-known to the TV series geeks: she appeared in “Alias” with Jennifer Garner, “White Collar” with Matt Bomer, the police drama “Person of Interest,” and so on. Now the girl is fighting a deadly virus in the Guillermo Del Toro’s TV series “The Strain.” Also, Mia played an ancient vampire in “The Twilight Saga.”

11) María Inés Rivero

María Inés Rivero

Maria is a 90’s’ superstar. She is always remembered when someone says that Victoria’s Secret models “ain’t what they used to be:” she was one of the VS’s angels together with Tyra Banks and Heidi Klum. Maria was born on June 7, 1975, in Cordoba, Argentina, but now she lives in New York. Her debut as a model happened at age 14 when she began participating in local fashion shows. A representative of the well-known model agency noticed Ines when she was 16 years old, and a year later she became the winner of the “Elite Model Look” contest in Argentina. At the age of 19, Ines moved to Paris. The girl represented such brands as Badgley Mischka, Bourjoise, Chanel, Fendi, Giorgio Armani, H&M, HIS Jeans, John Galliano, Valentino, Lanvin, Alexander McQueen, Carolina Herrera, Christian Dior, Christian Lacroix, and Vera Wang. Her face appeared on the covers of ELLE, Glamor, and Vogue. It’s the kind of girl you think of when dreaming about dating a girl from Argentina.

10) Liz Solari

Liz Solari

Such sexy Argentinian women as Liz represent a new generation of Argentinian models that gained popularity abroad. In 2001, she won the contest held by the “Dotto Modeles” agency. That’s where her modeling career began. Liz was the official face of many advertising campaigns for such brands as Class Life, Caro Cuore, Ripley, Lody, Sweet, Silenzio, Di Poggio, Suha, and Mab. For two years, she lived in Europe, working for designers like Jean-Paul Gautier and Roberto Cavalli. The girl became the face of such brands as Carpisa, Taft, Pantene, Scunci, Sedal, and Veet. She appeared on the covers of Women’s Health, Cosmopolitan, FTV, Luz, Vogue, Tendencia, SH, Viva, Remix, Las Rosas, Gente, Para ti, D-mode, Solo líderes, Seventeen, and Max. Recently, the girl focused on her acting career, shooting in films and on television in Argentina and Italy where she’s most popular.

She is a sister of Santiago Solari who was a linebacker of Real Madrid and Inter Milan.  Her first movie role was in the musical El Desafio in 2008. The comedy “Barbie Live” brought her popularity and great success in Argentina, Uruguay, Peru, and Brazil. She played more than in 7 movies. If you want to find hot Argentinian girls in bikini, just type her name in the search engine and you will succeed.

9) Cecilia Mendez

Cecilia Mendez

Cecilia’s unusual appearance is the result of a mixture of Spanish, Italian, and German blood. Her modeling career began when a representative of the modeling agency accidentally noticed her on the street of Buenos Aires. Cecilia left Buenos Aires for New York to become a model. The girl worked on a variety of fashion shows in Milan and Paris. Cecilia participated in the shows by, Bottega Veneta, Alexander McQueen Chanel, Burberry Prorsum, Dries van Noten, Christian Dior, Marc Jacobs, Issey Miyake, Yohji Yamamoto, Oscar de la Renta, and others. Such sexy girls from Argentina with huge eyes and porcelain skin make famous designers lose their minds.

Despite the fact that she crossed the line of 30-year old, she looks still amazing and young thanks to her healthy lifestyle, love for vegetables and sports. Nowadays, she lives in New York and has a very active way of life, including a big number of different fashion shows.

8) Maria Suarez

Maria Suarez

Maria Eugenia Suarez is an Argentinian actress, singer, and model; her mother has Japanese roots. The girl was shot in the TV series “Almost Angels,” popular in Argentina and abroad, and was a vocalist in the band called “Teen Angels,” formed from the actors of the series. But for fans of Latin American pop culture, she’s known mostly as a girlfriend of the singer David Bisbal, the main sex symbol of the Hispanic world. Who would resist the temptation of dating a girl from Argentina like Maria?

Her first steps in the development of her acting career were made at the age of eleven. This beautiful woman has quite a big list of works in the filmography, including both TV series and films. Maria won the award in the category of the best new actress and was nominated in other categories many times. Not so long ago, she has established her own casual clothing line. Maria and the actor Nicolás Cabré became parents of the girl in 2013. Soon she will become a parent for the second time, the father of the future child is a Chilean actor Benjamín Vicuña.

7) Belén Rodríguez

Belén Rodríguez

At the age of 17, Belen has already been working as a model, participating in fashion shows in the US and Mexico. In 2005, the girl moved to Italy (Belen has Italian roots, which you probably already guessed, noticing her resemblance to Monica Bellucci), and lives there until now. Belen’s debut on television took place in 2007 on a small regional channel “TeleBoario.” Later, she was invited to the channel “Rai 3” as co-host of comedy show “Tintoria.” In June 2008, she starred in a photo shoot for the German magazine Max, and in the autumn of the same year she took part in the reality show “L’isola dei famosi” on “Rai 2.” In August 2009, Belen starred for Playboy Italy. Now Belen works as a TV presenter, starring in films and commercials. Her natural beauty earns Belen seventh place on our list of hot girls from Argentina.

Besides her acting career, she has begun to design jewelry. At the end of 2010, Belen debuted on the big screen in the Italian comedy “Christmas in South Africa”. In 2012, she became a co-host of the TV show “Italia’s Got Talent.” In the same year, she took part in the 11th season of the TV show “Amici di Maria De Filippi” where she met her future husband Stefano Di Martino. Belen is considered to be the sexiest Italian actress.

6) Nicole Neuman

Nicole Neuman

Nicole’s father is an Austrian, and her mother is an Argentine of German origin. The girl is on the list of the most successful models of her country. In the late 90’s, she actively participated in fashion week shows in New York, Milan, and Paris. Nicole is a vegetarian and an animal protector. Now she is married to an Argentine football player Fabian Cubero and has three children.

Her career began with TV commercials when she was 4 years old. At the age of 12, she made her debut as a podium model, being the youngest model in the country at that time. In 2014, she founded the brand Nikka N, which produces synthetic shoes and wallets. She was a vegetarian for about 20 years until she switched to veganism. Nicole was married to an Argentine football player Fabian Cubero, a couple has three children. In May 2017, Neuman and Cubero got divorced after almost eleven years of marriage and now the beauty is free.

5) Jessica Michibata

Jessica Michibata

Jessica is half Argentine, half Japanese. She’s in the modeling business since the age of 13. Jessica is the favorite of British paparazzi and street style photographers. She also starred on television, in music videos (Soul’d Out “Iruka” (2005), Teriyaki Boyz “Zock On!” (2008)), and took part in the advertising campaigns for Evian, UNIQLO, L’Oréal, Biotherm, LUX, NEC 821N GLA SoftBank, Peach John, Center-In Unicharm (2010), Pure Gumi Kanro (2010), Aquarius Vitamin Guard, and Coca-Cola (2010). Jessica also worked as a model for an underwear brand Peach John. She is the face of the advertising campaign of the watch brand TAG Heuer. Michibata was married to the English Formula 1 driver, Jenson Button, but in 2015 the couple filed for divorce.

4) Julie Gonzalo

Julie Gonzalo

A famous American girl next door with Argentine roots, Julie Gonzalo, was born in Buenos Aires like many other sexy girls from Argentina but grew up in Miami, Florida, where, as a teenager, she began her career as a model. Then she decided to master the acting profession and, after studies, she began her career in television and cinema. Her debut on the big screen took place with a small role in the romantic 2002 comedy “I’m with Lucy,” after which she received a more prominent role in the commercially successful film “Freaky Friday” with Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis. Julie starred in a dozen third-rate films and second-rate TV series, and a few years ago she got a part in the TV series “Dallas.” It went on for a couple of years, making Julie famous and bringing her a nomination for a TV ALMA award.

3) Carolina Ardohain

Carolina Ardohain

Nothing should distract you from the fascinating photos of this popular Argentine TV presenter, actress, and supermodel. Carolina Ardohain looks great in every picture. In Argentina, this beauty is known as Pampita (diminutive of Pampa – the name of the province where she was born). Pampita is a model, dancer, and actress; she had her own TV shows on Argentine TV. The girl is very popular in her home country; during the World Cup in Korea, she was the “talisman” of the national team of Argentina. Now Carolina is the face of Citroën. She is married to Chilean actor Benjamin Vicuna. They have three children – three sons (their fourth child, a daughter, died in 2012 of pneumonia.)

2) Valeria Mazza

Valeria Mazza

While the whole world was going crazy from Cindy Crawford and Claudia Schiffer in the early 90’s, Argentina idolized Valeria Mazza. She is one of the first Argentine top models and definitely the most famous one in her country. In 1988, Valeria was noticed by the stylist Roberto Giordano, who offered her a job as a photo model, and that year her modeling career began. The girl became the true top model in 1996 when she appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated with Tyra Banks. Since May 9, 1998, Valeria is married to businessman Alejandro Gravier. The couple has four children, three sons and a daughter – Balthazar Gravier (29.05.1999), Tiziano Gravier (12.03.2002), Benicio Gravier (23.02.2005), and Taina Gravier (22.04.2008).

1) Luhan Fernandes

Luhan Fernandes

An Argentinian model, Luhan Fernandez, was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1985. The girl appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated three times in a row, as well as on the covers of ELLE, GQ, Harper’s Bazaar, and Vogue. She was also shot for Victoria’s Secret catalog. That’s the kind of a lady we want to see on an Argentina girls dating website.

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