Top 15 Hottest Female YouTubers 2020

hottest Youtubers female

They appear on the covers of magazines, set fashion trends, subscribers copy them, and brands dream of getting into allies. This is not surprising. The recommendation of a popular video blogger can bring cosmetics companies a million dollars. Every day new faces appear on YouTube, but not everyone succeeds in gaining popularity. If you are looking for female Youtubers nudes – you won’t find them here, only a list of the hottest famous female Youtubers.

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15 Sexiest Female YouTubers

1. Jaclyn Hill

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Here’s the first of the hottest female YouTubers on this list. Jaclyn launched her Youtube channel in 2011 by uploading a video made in her bedroom. Today she does make-up to celebrities, periodically releases limit pallets with famous brands, she has more than 5 million subscribers.

It was with Jaclyn Hill that the fame of BECCA highlighters began. In 2015, a blogger together with a then-unknown Australian company created a highlighter in the color of champagne. In the Sephora cosmetics store, more than 25.000 items were sold within 20 minutes after the product was posted on the site. It was thanks to Hill that BECCA became so popular that Estee Lauder was bought for $ 200.000. Jaclyn Hill did not stop there and, together with Morphe, created another bestseller – a palette of shadows, which was sold just like lightning-fast.

2. Tati Westbrook

hottest female Youtubers

The second on the list of hottest Youtubers females is Tati Westbrook. According to fans, Tati makes $ 22.000 a month on her videos. That is how much it costs 8 million views per month. Tati is one of the most senior on beauty-Youtube. Now she is 36 years old – an average of 10 years more than other popular YouTube users. Tati even complained that at first, many told her that Youtube was the place for teenagers. However, the woman proved the opposite. Now she is one of the top bloggers.

Tati began uploading videos to her channel, which she called Glam Life Guru, in 2010. Now she is doing reviews on both budget cosmetics and luxury, including the most expensive. Tati is liked by fans for her honesty and impartiality – she can reject lipstick for $90, but praise blush for $3. Tati rejects sponsored videos and all makeup reviews. She either buys all the products herself or receives from PR mailings.

3. Nikkie de Jager

sexiest female Youtubers

The next on the list of hot female Youtubers is Nikkie de Jager. A blogger from the Netherlands became famous all over the world when she uploaded the video “Makeup Power” in 2015. In it, she was not afraid to appear in front of the camera without makeup – with an acne-covered face. In front of the audience in a few minutes, Nikkie turns from an ugly duckling into an Instagram beauty. It was this video that brought the little-known blogger worldwide fame. The number of subscribers has rushed up and now amounts to more than 9 million. Nikkie gives makeup techniques lessons, makes collaborative videos with various celebrities. Forbes magazine included Nikkie in the top 10 most influential beauty YouTube. Nikki has released several collaborations with famous brands such as Too Faced, Ofra Cosmetics, Maybelline.

4. Zabrena

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On the fourth place on the list of sexy female Youtubers is Zabrena. A cheerful girl from the American South specializes in budget cosmetics. Zabrena assures the audience that often the quality does not depend on price, and with the help of inexpensive products, you can create an image no worse than with the help of a luxury. Zabrena loves to create images from the past – on her channel you can find makeup lessons in the style of the 50s, 20s, and even the times of Ancient Egypt.

5. Kat Von D

hottest Youtubers female

Perhaps Kat is the embodied dream of all bloggers. She is a real celebrity. You may have seen her in the Miami Ink show, which was shown on the TLC channel, and then she opened her LA Ink showroom and starred in the show of the same name. Tattoo diva with asterisks at the temple won the hearts of the army of fans. In 2008, Kat launched her line of cosmetics at the Sephora store. Her collection is constantly updated, and the products have repeatedly become bestsellers. In the past, a tattoo master, Kat develops the design of her line, and also gives makeup lessons on YouТube.

6. Elena Bogdanovich

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The next on the list of hot Youtubers females is Elena Bogdanovich. Elena lives between Yekaterinburg and Moscow, runs a Youtube channel, and manages to teach girls not only makeup but also hairstyles in her own school called Bogdanovich Studio ( Elena’s signature techniques are shimmering shadows and bright lips, which, if properly done, can become part of everyday makeup. And how to do it right – Lena shows in her videos on YouTube.

7. Kaitlin Lights

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Caitlin Fuentes started blogging in 2013 and quickly gained popularity. Now she has over 3.5 million subscribers. Caitlin gives simple makeup lessons at home, but each video gains hundreds of thousands of views. The girl shares successful cosmetic finds of both budget and luxury segments. The blogger is not tired of releasing collaborations with major cosmetic brands such as ColorPop, Ofra Cosmetics, Morphe Brushes, and Makeup Geek. Recently, she also launched her line of nail polishes.

8. Milena Chizhova

sexiest female Youtubers

Milena mainly does beauty blogs. She creates makeup lessons, reviews on cosmetics, and even shows how she is painted. At the same time, the vast majority of her audience are children and adolescents.

9. Michelle Phan

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At age 26, blogger Michelle created the company Ipay – the delivery of cosmetic probes, which brought her more than $ 100 million. She also founded a studio for shooting videos for beauty bloggers. However, despite this success and 8 million subscribers, Phan decided to leave YouTube. She admitted that because of the constant concern about her online image, she felt lonely and distracted from the world. They say that Michelle is now somewhere in Switzerland and almost does not go online.

10. Karina

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Closing the top 10 of the sexiest female Youtubers is Karina. Streamer Karina became famous (and made good money) on a rare video genre – at first, she just recorded how she plays Dota on the Internet, and then she started doing the things the audience would order for money. She actively responds to audience messages, masterfully swears, and shows the middle finger into the camera. At the same time, Karina, in the words of users, looks like quite a sweet cute girl.

11. Carli Byble

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She quite often appears on lists like the top 10 hottest female Youtubers and alike. The guru of makeup, beauty, fashion, and fitness, who currently resides in New Jersey. When she was still in high school, Carli’s parents divorced, her father left them and went to Florida with his new girlfriend. It was hard for her mother to raise Carli. Thus, at 16, she studied and worked in old bucks. Later, having business acumen and a passion for beauty and makeup, she began to work as a makeup artist. She did makeup to her friends among the cheerleaders and took $ 25 for her work. Carli later got a job at Glamor Shots Studio as a hairdresser and makeup artist, but she lacked money and was looking for an alternative, and one of her friends suggested creating a YouTube channel. In 2011, Carli uploaded her first video and, in a week,, already gained her first 1000 subscribers. Currently, her channel has a little more than 6 million subscribers, and on Instagram 5 million.

12. Huda Kattan

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On number 12 on our list of the hot women on YouTube is Huda Kattan. Huda was born on October 2, 1983, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Later, she moved to Boston with her family, where she studied for a financier. Working for a long time, she understood that this business does not bring any joy and decided to try herself as a makeup artist. Having decided to end the boring work at once, the brave girl moved to Dubai – where she was overtaken by success. The Arab girls liked the Hoody skills, and very soon she became the most sought-after makeup artist. Huda’s clients were the wives and daughters of Arab sheiks, as well as Eva Longoria and Nicole Richie. Kattan did not limit herself to the work of a makeup artist and launched her line of cosmetics, which is presented in Sephora boutiques. Her first product, a series of false eyelashes, from which Kim Kardashian was delighted. She won her first popularity as a beauty blogger on Instagram, so there are currently more than 38 million subscribers, and on YouTube, there are only 3 million 300 thousand on Instagram.

13. Natalina

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She’s one of the most popular female fitness Youtubers. Natalina is a beauty blogger, a vlogger with 283 thousand subscribers on YouTube, the creator of her own makeup school TuttoBene in Moscow. And this is not all the girl’s regalia: she has been developing her brand of clothes for seven years. Each video Natalina collects 100 thousand views and 500 comments. The girl is loved for laconic reviews of cosmetics of different price categories and affordable makeup lessons. If you want to know if La Prairie foundation is so good, and whether cosmetics can be ordered from Aliexpress, watch the Natalina video!

14. Rene Gothamista

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American René named her blog in honor of Gotham City, the prototype of which was New York, the blogger’s hometown. Living in a noisy, gassed megalopolis, the girl focused on taking care of herself and learned so much about the city that she began to share it with subscribers. Bottom line: 116 thousand users signed up on Rennes on Instagram, and 380 thousand people watch her YouTube videos. Rene shoots detailed videos about everything: budget care, products with acids and vitamin C, body brushes. Important: the girl has a mixed skin type (drier in the autumn-winter period), most often, she tests anti-age products, treatments against hyperpigmentation, and dull skin tone.

15. Estée Lalonde

sexiest female Youtubers

Estee was born and raised in Canada, but found herself in London, where her blog was born, and then the YouTube channel. Today it is watched by 1 million subscribers. Her Instagram profile is also approaching this figure – 700 thousand users. Estee is loved for her quality lifestyle: on simple frames without filters – her morning beauty routine, breakfast, and hugs with her beloved pet. Watch the girl’s videos to learn how to apply makeup on top of freckles and hide the traces of jetlag.

These were the hottest female YouTubers on the platform right now, we hope that you’ve found quite a few new content creators to check out.

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