How to Treat a Russian Woman

treat russian woman

7 things your Russian bride wants to get from you.

Men around the world dream about finding a Russian woman for serious relationships. Eons ago, these ladies were already famous for their numerous merits and outer attractiveness. Once the Soviet Union fell apart, westerners got access to the best marriage materials ever. Although cross-cultural dating and marriage don’t provoke curiosity any longer, one problem remains unsolved. What exactly hopes a Russian woman to receive from her partner? In order to help you, we listed the 7 key things below.

Remember where she comes from

Nowadays, dating becomes international and people grown in dissimilar societies have to learn how to deal with numerous mentality gaps. Dating a girl from Russia, take into an account that she speaks and – what’s even more important – thinks in a different language. Moreover, her entire worldview differs from yours as she was brought up in certain traditions and people with their own specific life values and convictions. Russian girls looking for soulmates overseas willingly embrace foreign cultures and expect their partners to do the same. Always respect her national identity and show your appreciation of it!

Act nice towards her family members

Surprised? There’s actually nothing weird about it. Western society values individualism above all; Russian mindset is far more collectivistic. Historically, there were many peculiarities in this nation’s development. Most today’s local families live together and generations maintain strong contacts. So to your Russian girlfriend, her parents, siblings, grandparents, and many other relatives are indeed precious. Besides, if you become her significant other, you become her family member too.

Be helpful and attentive

In Western Europe and the USA, women have already realised how many perks emancipation gives them. On the other hand, this freedom makes them less and less feminine as they get overly independent and don’t appreciate men’s help anymore. Modern Russian girls are self-sufficient yet they also managed to preserve their softness. In fact, these ladies have strong characters and may be really persistent when it comes to handling business tasks and problematic situations at home. However, in a private air, such a girl hopes you will perform all the traditional manly functions.

Advance your communication to Treat a Russian Woman

Talking is the core activity a couple should take up together. In a case with Russian brides, its significance even increases. You see, Russians take conversations unlike westerners do: they share a lot of personal information and hope for partners’ lively reactions. When a westerner has some problems, he goes to a psychologist. In Russia, this isn’t a common practice. Here, people seek one another’s help. Be ready your beloved will frequently involve you in serious discussions requiring you to become a good listener and Treat a Russian girl in right way. Likewise, she will be eager to hear what intimate thoughts and emotions you have.

Pay her compliments to Treat a Russian lady

Russian ladies are incredibly beautiful, versatile, and gracious – and they are aware of it. But any woman would like to know her man recognises her traits and accomplishments. In particular, if this woman comes from Russia. Local girls long for courtesy and gentlemanlike attitude from guys. Yes, a man should prove his love by deeds but words are needed as well. Compliments are a necessary feature of wooing, so don’t skimp on those! Just avoid telling any backhanded lines you may find on pickup forums; be inventive and polite.

Don’t force her to have sex

A proper relationship includes various aspects. By all means, physical contacts between lovers are essential. But if you date a Russian lady, bear in mind she is primarily focused on mental and emotional bond between the two of you. These women are sure that true love touches a human life only once. Consequently, they take romances seriously and wish to test their boyfriends before making love for the first time. If a Russian girl says “no” it means no and your job is to accept her decision. Otherwise, your assertiveness will push her away.

Tackle the topic of marriage

As we already mentioned, a typical dating goal of a Russian lady is to meet her one and only man and share the rest of her life with this person. Many guys, especially in their 20-30s, aren’t ready to forever devote themselves to someone. Yet if you already date a Russian girl, we’ll bet you have certain plans for you joint future. Don’t be afraid of raising this topic with her as she certainly wants to know your opinion. Be sure that a decent bride will never force her partner to rush the things – and Russian women belong to this very sort of females.

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