The Ultimate Guide to Ukrainian Women

understanding ukrainian women

Every online dating blog is full of articles about how great Ukrainian girls are, but it seems that men are still a bit afraid of them. That’s because they have no idea about how to do that. Even in our times, when everyone can find anything on Ukrainian women dating online, these beauties remain tough nuts to crack. Let’s see if we can make them more… available.

Before we get down to our guide and tell you everything you need to know about Ukrainian women, there are a couple of things that should be mentioned. As you know, each country and culture have that special trait (or a few traits) that defines its uniqueness. And the only reason why Ukrainian women gained so much popularity lies behind their cultural peculiarities. If you plan to win the heart of a girl from Ukraine, you need to know these peculiarities. This article will provide you with valuable info on how to meet, impress, and date ladies from Ukraine together with some tips on dealing with possible obstacles, like the language barrier, on your way to success. So, if you’re new to international online dating but determined enough to learn its rules, you’re welcome to read it.

What makes Ukrainian girls so popular?

The first step on your way to understanding Ukrainian women is finding out why they are so desired by men all over the world. And it doesn’t take a dating expert to see that it’s all about their sexuality. But it has nothing to do with facial features. This sexuality is something that comes directly from within. It’s inside their heads. They know how to turn the man on anytime, anywhere. Such powerful attractiveness is hard to resist.

meet ukrainian womenBut what’s the point of sexuality if it’s not backed up by incredible beauty, and Ukrainian girls are known for being very attractive. It’s hard to believe that the whole nation can be that beautiful but book a flight to Kyiv and see for yourself. Almost every woman of the Ukraine’s capital is ten times prettier than girls in Paris, London, or Berlin. We doubt there’s another city with as many hotties on streets. But there’s one more reason why women from Ukraine are so pretty. For most of them, taking good care of their looks is so important that it’s considered a priority. These ladies can’t imagine themselves leaving home without makeup or a flashy outfit. It may not seem like much but try walking on high heels the whole day and keep your spirits high. Ukrainian women see no point in hiding their beauty behind discreet clothes, and they’re right. Who would notice a gray mouse when there are so many model-looking chicks around?

Besides, a lot of Ukrainian women are well-educated and smart, as getting a university education is a common thing among Ukrainians. Sure, having a beauty by your side is a pleasure, but isn’t it great to have a gentle and intelligent companion?

Apart from being smart and attractive, women in Ukraine are also characterized by one valuable feature: respect to their loved ones. They are self-sacrificial when it comes to relationships, which makes them perfect candidates for the role of a life partner. All the love that comes from their sensitivity is devoted to the man they love. But such devotion comes with a price: they will never build romantic relationships with someone they can’t trust completely.

And here’s the one last thing that makes women stand out among Western ones: they are not demanding. Once you make a girl from Ukraine fall in love with you, she’ll stay by your side no matter what. Isn’t it great?

Ukrainian women’s cultural differences

And now for Ukrainian women culture and what makes it different from the Western and Russian ones. In fact, there are so many minor differences between them that we won’t mention them all. We’ll get you acquainted only with four main peculiarities of Ukrainian character that can come in handy. Here’s all you need to know.

Differences between Western and Eastern women

1) Family-oriented mindsets

Women in Ukraine are being prepared for the role of a mother. They have enough strength to become the main pillar that keeps a family from falling apart. That’s why they have no choice but to learn how to turn family life into happiness. It’s all about their special approach. It’s hard to create a healthy unit of society in Ukraine, which makes women there look for love overseas. Many of them are relatively young for such responsible step (a lot of women get married at 20-22), but social standards and difference between male and female population push them towards it.

Western women, in their turn, are more emancipated and career-oriented. But we’re not saying that it’s wrong to strive for such goals in life. But climbing up the career ladder, more and more women forget about family values, and sometimes, when they remember them, it’s already too late.

2) Lack of emotions

A lot of Western guys notice that Ukrainian girls don’t like showing their emotions much. And while this is true to some extent, it’s not what all women in Ukraine are all about. Not all ladies are the same; some of them are quite emotional. Besides, we’re all individuals, and the ways we show our emotions are obviously different. However, based on the experience of thousands of Westerners, who had the opportunity to meet women, we can say that these girls are a little short on emotions, and there’s an explanation for that. The thing is that Eastern European women are a bit tougher than their Western counterparts because of the environment they have to live in. In Ukraine and Russia, men have always been putting women’s rights into question, forcing the female part of the population to learn how to be stronger and never show their true emotions to anyone but friends and family.

That’s why for Ukrainians, Western ladies (and American ones in particular) always seem too emotional. Some guys see this trait as a “breach in defense,” using it as the easy way to pick up girls. But such strategy has some drawbacks. For example, men often can’t handle the flow of emotions a Western woman shows, which leads to a breakup. In this case, an emotionally restrained woman seems like a much better option.

how to date a ukrainian woman3) The ability to see lies

That Ukrainian women’s toughness we mentioned above turns them into walking lie detectors. They can’t stand people lying to them, as it’s the worst thing one could possibly do in a relationship with a girl from Ukraine. In plain English, all those sweet talks, pickup lines, and flattery you usually use when chatting with ladies won’t do anything good for you.

But, as you may know, all these tricks work great on Western girls. Does this mean that they are much easier to approach? No. Ukrainian girls are still more easygoing when it comes to talking to strangers. Sure, there are exceptions, but in general, they don’t mind chatting with someone new to them.

4) Lifestyle and looks

The majority of girls you can meet in Ukraine have slim bodies. There’s no such thing as “an ugly Ukrainian woman.” Most of them can be classified as “hot as hell,” “hot,” and “cute.” In Westerners’ eyes, all Slavic women are beautiful. And if you see how many clothes, shoes, and accessories they keep in their wardrobes, you’ll start wondering where they get that much money. They’re always dressed to kill, and sometimes it’s just ridiculous. A Ukrainian girl would dress up to go to a grocery store next to her apartment. Western girls are not so worried about their looks. Add tons of makeup, high heels, and lots of accessories, and you get an average woman in Ukraine.

Differences between Ukrainian and Russian women

Those, who think that Russian and Ukrainian girls are the same, are wrong. There are some differences, and they are pretty noticeable. Russian women are more restrained, flexible, and patient. They can forgive their men a lot and, in some cases, they’re ready for anything the man asks. That’s because some traces of old-fashioned upbringing are still present in Russian ladies’ minds, so the habit of obeying to men is quite natural for them.

Ukrainians have a more disobedient, obstinate, and freedom-loving character. A Ukrainian woman is less inclined to forgive her man for his flaws and is always ready to defend her rights. Ukrainians very rarely allow themselves to become victims; they’re ready to stand up for themselves and defend their point of view more actively.

Overcoming the language barrier: three important steps

When dealing with Ukrainian girls, there’s a high probability of coming across the language barrier. There are three reasons why this may happen. The first one is the most common: the poor knowledge of English words. How can you express your thoughts freely if your vocabulary is limited to some basic phrases? The second reason isn’t that bad: it’s grammar issues. But when you communicate online, one misplaced comma can alter the meaning of the whole sentence, but you’ll never face this problem during a live conversation. However, you may stumble upon the third reason, which is poor speech practice. The good thing about all these three problems is that they can be solved through intensive training. Now, let’s see what you can do to overcome the language barrier.

women of ukraineHere’s the first advice: Just don’t get mad and be prepared for the fact that the conversation won’t be easy. Remember: it’s not just about you; it’s about your companion, too. She’s probably embarrassed and afraid of being misunderstood, so she’ll do her best to improve the situation.

The second advice: be ready for mistakes. She’s a newbie, so don’t blame her for losing an article or choosing the wrong verb form. After all, she’s not an ambulance doctor or an airport controller, and her mistake won’t have harmful consequences.

Tip number three: try to catch the essence. To understand what your companion tells you during a live conversation, just don’t focus on every word she says, looking for a mistake. Focus on what she’s trying to tell you instead. Here’s a common mistake all people make: you hear a word that sounds strange and concentrate all your attention on it, not listening to what your companion says next. In this case, you’ll most likely lose the thread of the conversation and won’t be able to understand anything.

If you want to know how to date a Ukrainian woman, understanding the basics of breaking the language barrier is important.

Where to meet a Ukrainian girl

As we mentioned above, most women of Ukraine would love to have a chat with a Westerner, and you can use this to your advantage. The only problem you may face is poor knowledge of English, but if you read this article from the beginning, you already know how to overcome the language barrier. Just follow the tips, and you’re all set.

If we’re talking about the places you can meet women from Ukraine, the first one you should try is a dating website because here you don’t need to do much to turn a lady’s attention to you. Here’s the only drawback of using a dating service: it’s pretty costly. Don’t forget that you’ll have to organize a date for your potential companion sooner or later, and tickets to Ukraine aren’t actually cheap.

If you’re lucky to live somewhere in New York, LA, or another big city, look for a Ukrainian community near you. Major cities are full of Russian and Ukrainian nightclubs, cafes, restaurants, etc., where you can meet that special someone. It’s the cheapest and time-saving variant, but it has one little disadvantage: A Ukrainian chick you may meet in your city is probably local enough to ignore strangers who try to talk to her. So here, you just a random guy.

And the last but not least, here’s the third variant. Just ignore all those online dating services and matchmaking sites and go straight to Kyiv. This option is pretty expensive and uncomfortable, but it opens much more possibilities before you. Imagine all the girls you can meet in Ukraine. Women are everywhere! You don’t have to bother looking for any communities; just pick any café, nightclub, or bar and go for it. Besides, you have an ace up your sleeve again: for all of the girls you may meet, you’re a foreigner, and this almost guarantees you 100% success. Just don’t mess everything up as you open your mouth.

Chatting with a Ukrainian girl: Do’s and Don’ts

Here’s what you need to do after you say “Hello” and buy her a drink.

1) At first, both of you should tell a bit about your lives. Ask the girl where she works and what her hobbies are. She’ll start asking you the same questions out of curiosity or simply out of politeness. And that’s a great start for a long conversation.
2) Listen carefully when the girl talks about herself. Your main priority is to find out if you have something in common. These may be views on some things or the same preferences in music or films. If you find these touch points, you’ll know what to talk about later.

3) If you notice that pauses begin occurring more often, tell a joke or some funny story from life. To make it sound not so strange, say that you saw something or someone, and it reminded you of some funny thing that happened to you long ago. Actually, you don’t have to wait for this unpleasant pause. You can tell an interesting life story whenever you like. This will be even better.

meet women from ukraineTopics you can discuss with your Ukrainian companion:

– funny stories from your past
– Views on life and beliefs
– interests: music, cinema, politics. It’s better to avoid religion
– plans for the future
– people’s traits she likes
– favorite places
– favorite dish
– childhood dreams

What else can you talk about? Anything! The more versatile you are, the better her first impression will be. The main thing here is not to make gross mistakes and say something you shouldn’t.

What you shouldn’t talk about

Here is a list of mistakes you can make when chatting with a Ukrainian girl.

Complaining to her about something. Remember that Ukrainian girls prefer strong-willed men, not whiners. A real tough guy can solve his problems himself; a girl should feel that you’re confident enough to be relied upon.

Talking about your failures and defeats. Why do you want to come across as a loser? Keep silent about all the failures you had in life, and if the girl asks the question directly, say that you made a few mistakes, but don’t show that they hurt you.

Talking about the problems, making the girl take pity on you. We can’t come up with anything worse than that. Of course, if you have a long-lasting relationship, you need to share your experiences from time to time. But on the first or second date, for example, discussing such matters is a mistake.

Mentioning all the girls you slept with. Alright, maybe this is the worst thing to do when talking to a Ukrainian girl, especially if you’re going to get her into bed. And don’t you start talking bad stuff about your ex. Your companion will only have one question after talking to you: if you have such an opinion about the girl you date, do you have any respect for women and yourself?

Boasting and bragging. If you want to tell something that may raise your status in the girl’s eyes, do it casually. Just mention it while telling some story.

Talking only about you, completely ignoring the girl. If you have a feeling of déjà vu every time you talk to women, (like you’re saying something you mentioned a hundred times before) it’s a disturbing sign. It looks like you talk mostly about yourself, and a cute Ukrainian lady in front of you doesn’t interest you at all.

And the last thing: when you date Ukrainian women, don’t lie to them or embellish your biography to make a better first impression. We already mentioned that Ukrainian girls can easily spot lies, especially if they already have some experience. But even if the girl didn’t catch you lying, you may forget about what you told, and the truth will be revealed sooner or later. In this case, you can forget about regaining her trust.

Four tips to impress your Ukrainian lady

These four tips will surely help you make a good impression on a Ukrainian girl. Some of them may seem trivial at first glance, but it’s small things that matter. That’s how you can show what your intentions are.

Help her make a choice in the restaurant

Here are two little secrets: the way your romantic evening ends may depend on what your lady eats. And Ukrainian women love men who take the initiative. Why don’t you try to combine these two secrets? Sure, it’s not appropriate to make an order ignoring your companion, but sometimes you have to choose yourself. Let’s say you asked your Ukrainian girlfriend out to your favorite exotic restaurant she knows nothing about. Take the situation into your own hands and impress her with your brilliant taste for food. You can also do so if you know each other for a while, and you’re familiar with her preferences. But if you make the wrong choice, be prepared to warn the waiter that you want to change the order.

women from ukraineOffer her help with something

Your Ukrainian companion will strongly appreciate if you help her out with something she can’t handle herself, though it may be difficult to predict her reaction to offering assistance where physical strength is needed. If she carries something that looks heavy, don’t rush to take it away from her. Instead, say that it would be easier/faster if you carry it together.

Introduce her to your friends and family properly

This shouldn’t be a problem for you. We all want to make a good first impression, and the best way to help your girlfriend with this is to follow the good old etiquette rules. Usually, younger (or less important) people are introduced to older (or more important) people, for example, you need to introduce her to your dad, but not vice versa. First, introduce her to your friends, and then introduce each of your friends to her. Nowadays being a gentleman means making awkward moments for your lady as smooth as possible. After all, this is why etiquette was created.

Learn a foreign language

A person, who can speak at least one foreign language, looks more confident. For example, if you speak French, you automatically become sexier and more attractive. That’s because the knowledge of a foreign language demonstrates the level of intelligence. Of course, Ukrainian speaking skills are unlikely to make you sexy, but they will impress your lady. Don’t try to master this complex language; you won’t succeed anyway. But even a kid can remember a couple of dozens most common phrases.

Some basic dating rules to follow

It doesn’t matter how many dates you had. You can still spoil everything. To ensure that this will never happen, here are six simple rules for dating Ukrainian women.

1) The most important rule: be natural

This applies to your appearance, behavior, and the way you speak to girls. Lies, flattery, and bright clothes that don’t match your character can help you make an impression, but not for long. If you can’t impress a Ukrainian girl with yourself, you can at least turn her attention to you with provocative behavior or looks, but this will work only if you have simple goals, like, for example, getting a girl into bed. But manipulation techniques are not included in our dating rules.

2) Don’t come empty-handed!

You don’t have to come to the first date with a huge and expensive bouquet of flowers in your hands, but giving a rose or a couple of tulips to your companion is a must.

3) A cozy cafe is the best place for a date

You can argue for hours about what’s the best place for the first date: a museum, park, cinema, or theater. And yet cafes remain classic meeting places. Besides, there are thousands of such cozy places to choose from.

4) The man picks up the tab

In most Western countries, couples usually share a check on the first date: both companions pay for themselves. But in Ukraine, women dating rules are different. Most Ukrainian girls believe that it’s the man who pays the check for his lady at a cafe or restaurant, and he will never let her take out her purse. On the other hand, girls usually don’t make expensive orders.

5) Pay attention to your appearance

When asking a Ukrainian girl out on a date, you should look great. This is a rule that a lot of guys, unfortunately, never follow. Sometimes men complain that girls dump them because of their financial status. In fact, the reasons why guys have no luck with finding a girlfriend are different. Men often come on a date in wrinkled shirts, crumpled jeans, and dirty shoes. Ukrainian girls, as a rule, pay a lot of attention to their appearance and want their companions to look as great as they are. You may dress modestly, but neatly and elegantly.

6) Be frank

Your partner is not a shoulder to cry on, psychologist, or a staunch tin soldier. That’s why talking about your problems, making up colorful stories about old love adventures, or demanding sympathy are signs of bad form. Trust between people is subtle matter; it develops on its own, and one must gradually trust all of its secrets.

Building a relationship with Ukrainian women: 10 main tips

1) Don’t keep everything that’s on your mind to yourself

If you really love her, then tell her about it. All your words matter because, for a Ukrainian girl, it’s important to know that she’s loved and desired.

2) Grow as a person

In order for your relationship to develop and have a future, you need to develop yourself. Become the person to rely on in a difficult moment, who is not afraid of any obstacles. Be the one your Ukrainian girlfriend can feel protected with. And some self-education won’t hurt.

3) Avoid lies

To build the stable and healthy relationship with the Ukrainian woman, don’t lie to her. There’s no need in telling that you have some urgent business, hanging out with friends in the bar. It’s important, to tell the truth, and she’ll understand you if you want to have a good time with friends. It’s not a crime.

dating_relationships_kissing_couple_main4) Listen to each other

You need to agree on everything that concerns your couple: behavior, the manner of communication, pastime, etc. Try to follow all the rules that make your relationship sincere and stable.

5) More surprises

Surprises are always pleasant, and not only for your girl but for you, too. Giving a present to your girlfriend, you become more open to mutual feelings. Don’t listen to those who say that this can spoil the girl. It’s not true.

6) Don’t be too jealous

Too much jealousy is useless at the beginning of the relationship. Believe your Ukrainian loved one if you want to build a long-lasting union.

7) Think about the future

Give a good thought to how your relationship may develop. Dream about how you can make your Ukrainian girlfriend happy, and therefore, make plans for future life.

8) Talk about feelings

Don’t be shy about your feelings if you want to build a strong relationship with a Ukrainian girl. Always stay open, show your sympathy – and you’ll succeed. Make compliments more often. Keep telling her that you can’t live without her, that she’s dear to you. After all, these words will have a great impact on your relationship, since the expression that women fall in love through their ears is true for Ukrainian girls.

9) Become more reliable

You need to keep in mind that women from Ukraine always look for a reliable man. Show that you are a confident guy, be stable in your decisions, and do not hesitate. Become financially secure. Find a decent job, if you haven’t done it yet. Also, always show that you know how to get along with children. In Ukraine, women’s culture revolves around kids, so always emphasize this.

10) Make plans

How to build a strong relationship with a Ukrainian girl? Always talk about the future and your plans, including those, that concern financial aspect of your relationship. Let your girl see that you have serious intentions towards her.

In conclusion

A Ukrainian woman will become a great candidate for the role of a girlfriend if you dare to approach one. These women are the embodiment of such traits as femininity, sensitivity, and hospitality. They can be relied on. No other women are able to give as much care and attention, as Ukrainian ones do.

All the tips and recommendations you read above are just examples. To make the best of Ukrainian dating, you need to use your imagination. And remember one important rule: girls from Ukraine don’t have sex on the first date.

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