What Are the Differences between Marrying a Russian and Ukrainian Woman?


We often hear that Russian and Ukrainian nations are the same. But is it really so? Actually, not everything looks so unambiguous even judging by the appearance of Russians and Ukrainians. Is it possible to distinguish Russian girls from Ukrainian at first sight? Of course, it is not. But still, some general patterns can be distinguished. It is indisputable that both Russians and Ukrainians belong to the white race. At the same time, the girls in Russia are of average height, have medium build, fair skin, light gray or blue eyes, and fair hair.

And now let’s look at the Ukrainians. In Ukraine, there live people of the Slavic phenotype– they are tall, well-built, have fair skin, light eyes, and fair hair. But western Ukrainians have a relatively dark skin, dark eyes, and dark hair.

Let’s try to determine the main differences between these two nations.

Cultural differences

Despite the fact that Ukrainian and Russian peoples are considered closely related, their ethnopsychology is significantly different. It is particularly noticeable in differences among the female half of the population of these two countries. Ukrainian and Russian women differ from each other in the beauty type and in the whole set of psychological traits that define such things as “the face and the character of the nation”.a woman

Also, there are differences between the Russian and Ukrainian languages. These languages have many identical words, almost identical grammar and pronunciation, but they are not the same. You can learn from the history what influenced the formation of the Russian language and how the Ukrainian language arose. By the way, Ukrainians can understand Russian speech while many Russians don’t understand Ukrainian.

Differences in character

A Russian woman is more restrained, flexible, and patient. They forgive their men a lot and in some cases are really ready to do anything to make men feel good. A Russian woman adheres to worldly rules, so being “a second fiddle” in the family is quite natural for many Russian women.

Ukrainians have a more disobedient, obstinate, and freedom-loving character. A Ukrainian woman is less inclined to forgive a man for his imperfections and is always ready for a heated debate defending her rights. Keep it in mind marrying a Ukrainian woman.

External differences

Differences in appearance are due to the origin and miscegenation with peoples living in the neighborhood. The beauty of a Russian woman gravitates to the Northern type. They have blonde or light brown hair; blue, gray, or green eyes; small and refined facial features.

Ukrainian women, on the contrary, are more like southerners. Their facial features are larger and more expressive than those of Russians. There are diverse colors of eyes, complexion, and hair but dominating are: chestnut or black hair (there are almost no natural blondes), thick black eyebrows, and light brown complexion; black, brown, or intense green eyes. By the way, Ukrainian girls leave behind Russians in the rating of the most popular brides.

If the beauty of a Russian woman can be compared with a crystal-cold winter or a shy early spring, then the beauty of the Ukrainian woman is undoubtedly the sunniest day. Each of these types is good. Regarding the answer to the question “who is better?” we can say that it depends on what you want.

Relationship differences

Marrying a Russian woman you will find out that her love is eternal. She will choose a partner very carefully. The slightest discrepancy in the list of admissible qualities of the chosen one can easily force a girl to exclude him from the list of candidates for her heart.russian woman

 – Many argue that Russian women are dispassionate and cold in love. But this is not true. They just don’t like to expose their feelings to everyone. Therefore, only their close and beloved people know that they have a kind heart that can express the deepest feelings.

 – As a rule, they are able to restrain emotions and avoid an impending scandal. But grumbling and manifesting their discontent about everyday trifles are quite common for them.

 – Russian women can get married only after they feel real love and fervent feelings. There can’t be any convenience, an affair, or ordinary sympathy because it can’t make them happy in a marriage. They approach this issue with particular seriousness and thoroughness.

If you want to marry a Ukrainian girl, you probably know that such a woman is adorable and beautiful. It is difficult to resist her. There is something elusive about her that attracts the opposite sex, something truly mysterious.

 – As a rule, this woman is calm and good-natured. A man who wants to be with her should behave as he behaves in everyday life. Don’t try to impress her trying to seem who you are not.

 – She can communicate with several potential partners until she finally makes her choice. And only then she finally falls in love. Her love is not superficial or reckless.

 – When she decides to start a relationship, she hopes that it is forever. If she finds the right person, she will always be sincere with him.blond girl

Attitude to money

Russian women are totally cool about money.

 – They don’t focus a lot of attention on this.

 – Money is not the biggest goal in their lives but merely some kind of tool for achieving something. This is a greater ideological stimulus and interest for them than the material basis of life.

 – They want to be the first in everything, and this is a powerful incentive for more active work and raising incomes.

Marriage with a Ukrainian girl means she will put well-being and property in one of the first places.

 – Prosperity, comfort, and convenience are very important to them in life, and sooner or later they achieve these goals by accumulating considerable capital.

 – They are not stingy but prudent and always spend money wisely.

 – They never skimp on expensive gifts for friends and relatives and these gifts are extremely useful.

These are the main signs by which you can distinguish a Russian girl from a Ukrainian woman. However, don’t forget that every woman is unique! There are no beautiful women, no stupid women – every woman is what she is!

The first question that every man should ask before choosing a girl for a relationship is why you need a girl. Decide what you want to achieve by getting a girlfriend. Do you want a family, relationships, love, or simple meetings? The goal should be set by each man but there are some basic goals that you have to connect together in order to choose a girl. If you want to marry a Russian or Ukrainian girl, then you should study all the written above. Only that can help determine what exactly you need and whom of these girls to choose.

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