What Do You Need to Know About Dating Latvian Women?

latvian dating

Slavic women remain popular among Western men, as long as international online dating exists. But the online dating market is mainly dominated by Russian and Ukrainian girls. And you can easily understand why. The Russian Federation is the biggest country in the world, and it would be strange if its women stayed unnoticed. And talking about Ukraine, it has been known for the beauty of its women for centuries. But there are other beauties that worth your attention – Latvian girls! They are considered to be the prettiest women in Europe, as well as the tallest females in the world. But let’s dive deeper into the topic.

Beautiful Latvian Women Overview

Before getting into Latvia dating, you need to know that you have a guarantee. Well, your chances of dating a hot Latvian girl are extremely high, as Latvia has the biggest gender imbalance in the world, as the number of women in the country exceeds male population by 8%. Which means that in this country, you can find a lot of women, who are eager to find their perfect match among foreigners. The second question that might pop-up in your head, is whether you will be able to understand each other. Well, around 50% of University graduates in Latvia are women, so hot Latvian girls know English quite well. Now, it’s time to figure out the benefits of dating a Latvian girl a bit deeper.

They Are Great at Cooking

If you prefer delicious meals, you really need to start dating a Latvian girl. Latvian women are great at cooking. And you definitely should try some of the famous Latvian dishes.

The very first dish that you should try is beetroot soup. This dish, while uniquely Latvian, is also very popular in the neighboring countries. While the soup may seem odd because of its purple color, it is delicious.

Then, you should opt for potato pancakes. While it may hard for you to imagine pancakes made out of potatoes, Latvians cannot imagine their lives without potato pancakes. So, if you are dating Latvian girls, be sure that they are going to cook it for you.

But, don’t think that Latvian girls, as cooks, are limited to their national cuisine. Just like their Ukrainian counterparts, they are terrific cooks no matter what they cook.

hot latvian girlsThey are Hard-Workers

You could have understood it from learning that at least 50% of University graduates in Latvia are women. Yes, Latvian girls are hard workers, and they manage to be successful in many different things at once. They manage to be successful in their work while being great mothers and housewives. And they enjoy taking care of their physical appearance. So, if you manage to get into a serious relationship with a Latvian woman, most likely you can win a beautiful wife, a perfect mother, who can also be successful in business development or whatever she’s interested in.

They Have Beautiful European Appearance

Latvian women are considered to be one of the most beautiful females on the European continent. They have the most beautiful faces in Europe. Of course, tastes differ, but the vast majority of Western men, who have dated both Russian and Latvian girls, will agree that Latvian women are more beautiful than their Russian counterparts. Despite their stunning natural beauty, Latvian women are fixed on their physical appearance, and they really enjoy physical training. It is really hard to find an out of shape woman in Latvia.

Tips on Dating Latvian Women

Now after learning enough about the benefits of the most beautiful girls in Europe, it is time to learn a few tips on Latvian dating. In brief, you should be patient in approaching a Latvian chick. You see, Latvia for quite a long period of time was sex tourism spot for Western men. That’s why it is not that easy for a Latvian woman to trust a foreigner. So, be patient when dating her. Don’t hurry up and don’t demand anything, especially if you have serious intentions. But this is general information. Now, it is time to get into the details of conquering a Latvian female.

Find Common Interests

Most of the men continue to believe that it is impossible to find common interests with a woman. But things are different with Latvian women. Finding common interests is the first step to a successful relationship. If you like the same movies, same books or enjoy the same hobby, your chances to work out as a couple is extremely cool. If you are looking for a serious relationship with a Latvian girl, bear in mind that she would be looking for a guy with whom she may have shared interests. So, prepare to talk about your favorite films, books, your hobbies and so on, as that is the way that Latvian women pick their prospective partners.

Make Her Smile

Latvian women are known for their sense of humor, so making her smile is a must. It is quite important for you to have a good sense of humor. And don’t try to use your jokes as a weapon against her, trying to show her that you are smarter. She will easily beat you in that. Also, mind that certain Latvian girls names, like Trine or Vizbulite, may sound funny to you. But never try to joke about your Latvian girl name or their names in general. That’s probably the only humor taboo that you may face in Latvia. But that’s not really a limitation, so if you can’t hold yourself from cracking jokes, you are very welcomed in Latvia, and women appreciate that humor.

Compliment Her

Well, that’s the easiest advice that you can get. Compliment a girl is the most obvious thing that men should do, still, a lot of men needs to be reminded about that. So, when you are dating a Latvian woman, don’t forget to compliment her. Compliment her looks and compliment the way she thinks. Also, mind that your compliments must be true, as Latvian women can easily detect fake flattery. So, your compliment must come out not because of your manners or because you are forcing yourself to, you should compliment her when you are really impressed.

Read About Latvian Culture

Articles that give you advice on dating someone of a foreign culture are great, but you must make your own research. Yes, nobody likes doing their homework, but you need to do that to get to know the culture of your prospective girlfriend. Otherwise, your attempts at trying to date a Latvian woman are not worthy at all. Latvia has a very long and complex history, and you should know a thing or two about it. Moreover, if you start asking your girlfriend about her culture and the history of her homeland, you will definitely make a good impression on her. So, start digging Latvian culture right now.

Where to Meet Latvian Women?

Well, there are about 2.4 million Latvians in the world, with 1.9 million of them living in Latvia. The United Kingdom has the second biggest population of Latvians, a whopping 100.000 people. All in all, you are unlikely to find Latvians if you are neither in Latvia nor in the United Kingdom. But why looking for Latvians abroad, if you can simply go to Latvia? While you may have known nothing about Latvia, actually there are a lot of interesting places to visit. And why not combine your tourist trip with searching for a prospective girlfriend?

beautiful latvian womenThings to Know About Latvia Tourism

Little is known about this Baltic country, that’s why most likely you would visit Riga, the capital of Latvia and leave. It makes absolutely no sense. The country is small, and it is extremely easy to get around. While the capital is the first place that you are going to visit, there are other beautiful places that are worth visiting. So, let’s learn about the things that you should visit in Riga, as well as other beautiful cities in Latvia without any further ado.

  • Riga

Riga is the capital as well as the largest city of Latvia, with a population of over 600.000 people. Here you can find a lot of magnificent sights, such as the House of the Blackheads and Riga Palace. Actually, it is impossible to name all the places that you should visit in the city, which has been called the European Capital of Culture in 2014. Caution, if you are visiting Riga for sex tourism, mind that night clubs there are full of scam-artists so you may end up in being robbed instead of getting laid.

  • Kuldiga

If you want to enjoy the beauty of Latvia, then Kuldiga is the place to go. The beauty of the city’s historical buildings and its nature create a unique atmosphere that tourists enjoy. This is something that you won’t see in the vast majority of towns and cities of the post-Soviet countries. The beautiful city center was granted the UNESCO heritage label in 2008. The city is that charming that if finding your prospective partner is your main purpose of coming to Latvia, you can easily forget it.

  • Cesis

Cesis is a perfect town for those who enjoy historical sightseeing and sport activities aficionados. Cesis Castle is a magnificent historical monument that most of the tourists come to visit. Its foundation had been laid more than 800 years ago. It’s also a place of different historical events, like the mass suicide in 1577 during the Latvian war. Cesis is also the town where you can enjoy skiing in one of the mountain resorts of the town. If you enjoy nature sightseeing, you can enjoy Cirulisi nature trails.

Of course, you can use tourist guides, while staying Dating Sites and Apps

in the above-mentioned cities of Latvia, but you can easily start dating a Latvian woman online, as there are numerous dating sites and apps that offer you Latvian girls for dating. Just set your preferences, and soon you will be chatting with a charming Latvian girl. Moreover, knowing everything above-mentioned you won’t face any problems with communicating with her properly. So, why waste any time when you can start searching for your Latvian perfect match right now?

How to Say, “I Love You” in Latvian?

Last but not least, there is one phrase that you should learn, “Es mīlu Tevi!” No, we are not offering you to learn Latvian, one of the two existing Baltic languages, the second one being Lithuanian. But the phrase, “Es mīlu Tevi” is very important, as most likely it’s going to become your and your Latvian girlfriend’s catchphrase. Why? Simply because “Es mīlu Tevi” means “I love you” in Latvian.

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