What Is Important in Dating Brazilian Women

dating brazilian girls

The concept of “beauty” is, of course, subjective, but one cannot deny the fact that Brazilian girls are especially beautiful. Perhaps they know some special secret that makes us stare at their photos without being able to look away. Maybe it is all about their facial features that we ask only one question, “Is it even possible to be so attractive?”

In Brazil, European and African roots have been mixed in such a way that among five girls you meet on the street, two may have brown skin, two may be of darker complexion, and the fifth girl will be the owner of snow-white skin and bright blue eyes. In this article, we are going to talk not only about the beauty of the representatives of this nation but also about why Brazil girls dating can be spontaneous, interesting and sometimes tricky. Let’s get down to business.

About Brazilian Women

Contrary to the light, thin, mixed type and prone to redness skin of the Russian girls, the skin of the Brazilian is often oily, dense, and evenly tanned. In a country where supermodels are recognized as the standard of beauty, and Hollywood trends in cosmetology are perceived as a call to action, girls, of course, are taking care of their beauty from the early age and know the price of looking good. Beauty salons and clinics are a regular place to visit for Brazilian women along with their visits to the nail-masters and depilation salons. As you can see, these females are keen on looking good, so being involved in dating Brazilian girls, you will be constantly spellbound by their stunning looks and beauty.

What Are the Pros of Dating a Brazilian Woman?

Love for a Brazilian girlfriend is very important and valuable, and in general, this nation is about emotions and passion that is why in relationship with them you will experience a real emotional rollercoaster every day. Many would ask, “Are Brazilian girls simple?” It depends on your plans towards them. They know their value and take pride in their beauty. It can be tricky to conquer the heart of a Brazilian but when you do, sex will be guaranteed. There is nothing shameful or non-conventional for the people in this country to have sex before marriage, and even if they are not in a relationship, they try to seek physical contact from different sources available.

what are brazilian women likeBrazilians are incredibly sociable; they start a conversation with strangers with such ease as if you have known each other all your life. And how great they can flirt! Brazilian women date is a real pleasure and a great way to spend time. Therefore, let’s talk more precisely about what are the main features of Brazilian females.

Big ass. Ideal breasts, sexy curves, great tight ass and hips far from the standard model parameters, 90 centimeters, but they do not need to meet the standards. The typical requirements for body parameters in Brazil are different from the usual ideas, but this is what makes them so hot and why a foreigner keeps seeking a Brazil girl for marriage.

Ass is in great honor in this country. This part of the body should be “outstanding,” so girls strongly emphasize its beauty with shorts and tight skirts. And yes, many do go to the plastic surgeons to make the buttocks more attractive and bigger.

The chest is also of special attention, but this does not mean that plastic surgeries are popular in Brazil. Here, girls prefer their natural forms and volumes and are not afraid to show what mother-nature has provided them with.

Dance beautifully. Genetically, Brazilian women tend to get easily overweight, and many of them will prefer to replace a healthy snack with a bun. But what next? It’s all about crowded halls of fitness clubs and dance classes. For all the muscles of the body to be in excellent shape, the Brazilian women prefer dancing a lot. Maybe this is the secret of full-fledged self-acceptance and pride in their forms? Fit body and harmony of mind: whatever the size, the Brazilian girl feels really beautiful.

They are very hot. Brazilians are open about their sexiness. When you are involved in Brazilian girl dating, you will learn that they love to experiment and do it very often. For example, Brazilians love to kiss and hug. Also hugging and kissing a friend or girlfriend is not considered shameful. And in Brazil, you can often see people kissing everywhere. In the bus, in the subway, or in buildings. Well, of course, when they are at home, everything is much hotter. Sex is not a taboo for them, it is a part of their culture and mentality and that is why Brazilians grow up self-confident and mature.

They are very funny. Why date a Brazilian woman? The feature that makes Brazil girls different from other nations is what is often called, “hot blood.” They really love true emotions, they will show love, suffer, cry, shout – no matter what the feelings are, the main thing is to express them, not to keep silent. That is why they love a good joke too. One of the aspects of learning how to date a Brazilian woman is to stay positive and make her laugh. If you face everything with a sense of humor and a little bit of self-irony too, you will not have problems with dating a Brazilian woman.

Things You Need to Know Before Dating Brazilian Women

Family is one of the top priorities in the life of any Latino, so the issue of relationships is being touched since childhood. To understand whether Brazilian women like you, it’s necessary to know that the norms of the society of Brazilians imply public exposing of feeling, it is normal for them to show what they deal with and experience. The Brazilians are close to the open-minded philosophy. Yes, in Latin America, society is less conservative and freer in terms of personal relationships, but at the same time, there is a clear line between dating Brazilian women and serious relationship. With all the clear frivolity, Brazilian women can be extremely faithful when having serious intentions. Probably their main ace in the hole (not counting their openness, goodwill, sociability, and sense of humor), is their charm. What do Brazilian women like and what lies behind this charm? Read below.

The language barrier. Not all Latinas know English, this is a whole another world and if you are engaged in dating a Brazilian girl in America, you won’t face any communication problems, but on their Motherland, the things are a bit different. The main language spoken by the society and the official language of all institutions is Portuguese, so to understand Brazilians perfectly well, you will need to learn this language. However, apart from the official one, the other two languages are included in the studying program, this is English and Spanish. Unfortunately, the level of English among the representatives of the country is still low, and they understand Spanish only because of the similarity between it and their native language. That is why one of the tips for dating a Brazilian woman would be to start attending language courses, bear in mind that even those Brazilians that do speak English, have a strong and incoherent accent.

They are not easy. Brazilians are very sentimental and are not ashamed to say that their soulmate is the best thing that has happened to them. As a rule, Brazilians from the middle and upper class do not make their women do all the house duties or look after children, they have a servant for this. If not, men may wash the dishes themselves and help their beloved ones. So, you shouldn’t expect that your spouse will do the job for you.

When dating a Brazilian girl, you will experience quarreling and reconciling, as Brazilians remember that love is the main thing in their life. After every loud dispute, when you both could be shouting at each other and blaming the Brazilian wild temper, you will make it up, and chances are this will happen in a bed.

They really like muscular guys. Don’t you think these women take so much care of their bodies and try to look so attractive just to put up with your round belly and not the greatest physical form? You have to be in good shape if you are fighting for the attention of a hot Brazilian woman. What do Brazilian girls like? Dancing and receiving compliments. So, you will have to work out regularly to be able to show your great posture and dancing skills, that require a lot of hard work, by the way. And every beautiful woman would like to see a no less handsome man near her.

Football is like religion to them. It is their national sport, the part of their culture and the real religion for Brazilians. Both men and women get close to their TV screens and put aside any work when there is a football match, being broadcasted on the television. Even if you are not like those hot football players any Brazilian female would dream of, and you cannot boast of the best playing skills, you have to show a passionate interest in the game itself. Or at least pretend to do that. Visit matches, buy merch, learn the rules of the game and get together with her friends to watch a game. Brazilian women dating is about showing great interest in what is considered cool by her and showing your masculinity through the love for sports.

Where to Meet Brazilian Women?

In the country of carnivals, where sexuality is an open topic, and everything happens so rapidly, meeting and dating are pretty fast. Brazilians do not like to complicate, and they easily communicate and establish relationships immediately. But this does not mean it is traditional for Brazilians to meet on the streets. Women here are used to hearing compliments every day because it is a part of their culture of communication. So, it is not an option in Brazil to approach a girl anywhere in a public place and win her heart by using a few pick-up phrases.

Brazilian girls are really interested in foreigners. Even if the same girl will be asked out for a date by the representative of her country and a foreigner, chances are she will agree to hang out with the one who is from another country. That is a great reason to come to Brazil to meet local singles and spend a wonderful time knowing that you are in great demand. Of course, before doing that, we recommend you learn the language not to get into an unpleasant situation because Brazilians are cunning, and you can be fooled into losing money or having more serious problems.

Rio de Janeiro. It is the former capital of the state and the second biggest city of Brazil; it is a rich and multicultural city as well as a perfect spot for having a time of your life and enjoying the beauty of Brazilian girls. brazilian girlfriendEspecially if you come here during the carnival season, you will see it in its best colors and energy. Teatro Odisseia and Duplex are clubs popular among both tourists and the locals where you can experience the real atmosphere of Brazilian dances and entertainment.

São Paulo. Here in Sao Paulo, the climate is temperate, and the weather can get quite cold during the year. That is why Brazilians here are more relaxed and homely. The climate also changes the style of clothing. Girls in Sao Paulo dress simpler and behave less provocatively. But are no less beautiful. Go to Piu Piu club to meet the prettiest of them.

Located to the north-east of the country, this port city is big but not overcrowded. People come to have a rest, recharge their batteries and see the behind scenes of what is happening in Brazil. Although it does not mean that girls here are less confident or have less fun, you can definitely find love of your love at destinations like Celeiro or Forrozim of Maraponga.

Dating sites and apps. The most convenient option, instead of diving into the Brazilian culture face to face, is to use dating apps. Apart from the local segments of the traditional and popular dating sites like www.brazilcupid.com, you can also meet Brazilians at the national platforms for lonely people looking for a relationship, for example:

  • brazilamo.com
  • www.romanticobrazil.com
  • www.amolatina.com

It is easier because when communicating online you can use a translator to find a common language, and then it will serve a great stimulus to learn Portuguese and visit your partner in their native country.

In the long run, Brazilian women are aware of their beauty and are used to hearing pleasant words about it since childhood: from compliments and signs of attention and to admiration and respect. You will be lost in the crowd of powerful and masculine Brazilians if you try to approach these women as any other European one. A personal approach is needed here, and that is why you should learn the cultural differences and take the initiative. Brazilian women are very feminine, elegant, bright, and open. So, to correspond their strong nature, you should show greater open-mindedness, sense of humor and passion. Good luck!

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