What Russian Women Want in Relationships

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Growing up, getting more experienced, people develop their own systems of values and set priorities. They decide which things are important and which ones are secondary. They also get a clear understanding of what they value in other people and which traits they find unacceptable. Their priorities and their views on different aspects of life are formed under the influence of their upbringing, cultural environment, and personal experiences. Men and women develop their own visions of an ideal partner and a perfect relationship. Very often, those images and models undergo multiple changes induced by the trials and errors. Although most people agree upon the most important constituents of a healthy relationship, there can be certain divergences. As a matter of fact, men and women expect a bit different things from a relationship, especially when it comes to international couples. If you want to know how Russian women picture ideal relationships, it’s time to lift the veil and enlighten you.

Mutual love

Love is the foundation of a relationship. An important remark, it should be reciprocal. Russian women want to find a man who will be their best friend and lover at the same time. They need to feel a strong emotional connection in the first place so that is what Russian Women Want in Relationships! Sex is a physical way of expressing feelings but it’s always secondary. Russian girls are ruled by their hearts – if they really love a man, they love him for who he is, not for his appearance or financial status.


Russians value frankness and openness in other people because they are very straightforward themselves. There is even a Russian proverb saying that the bitterest truth is better than the sweetest lie. If a Russian woman doesn’t feel connected to you, she’ll tell you because she thinks there is no point in pretending. The same is expected from you. If you don’t have serious intentions but you do see that she is looking for a long-term partner, tell her about it from the start. Don’t cherish vain hopes.


If partners are honest with each other, they build another pillar of a healthy relationship – trust. Establishing trust can take a while, especially if a woman was betrayed once. At the beginning of a relationship, Russian women may seem reserved or guarded. This is their defensive reaction that gradually wears off as they start getting to know you better. When they already know you well enough, they get comfortable and reveal their friendly and cheerful nature to you. The best way to prove to a Russian woman that she can trust you is to open up to her first. By doing so, you’ll show her that you trust her and she’ll return the favor.


They say respect is one of the manifestations of love. We love those people whom we respect and automatically respect those people we love. This is totally applicable to romantic relationships. Every Russian woman is talented in her own way and she deserves to be respected for her individuality. Unfortunately, many Russian men underestimate their women. They don’t believe in them and when Russian girls succeed, these guys can’t be happy for them because they’re kind of envious. How can one express his appreciation and respect? Russian women need to see that you’re genuinely interested in their lives and the things they are passionate about. They want to be praised for their small and big achievements because this way you demonstrate that you do care.


The true man is the one that a woman can rely on in any situation. Life is full of surprises, both pleasant and not very much of that, but if partners are there for each other, they will withstand any storm. Russian women need a supportive and sensitive man who will comfort them when the spirits are low. They want to feel protected. If a woman knows that she can always count on her man, she feels secure, comfortable, and confident.


Every Russian girl likes romance and wants her partner to be romantic. She wants to receive flowers, go on romantic dates, and be treated like a princess. At the dawn of a relationship, men are romantic because they are overwhelmed by their feelings and want to win the woman’s heart. But when they enter into a relationship, this euphoria fades away. They get comfortable and relax taking their women for granted. That is why Russian women want to keep that flavor of romance even in a long-term relationship.


You already know that women need to feel that emotional connection. The best proof that you’re “connected” is your attention when you listen to her. Women also have another interpretation of the word “attention” – it’s the small things you do for them and the time you spend with them. They want to feel desired and loved. Compliments, small gifts, and gentlemanly treatment are the best tools for showing that you’re interested in your Russian woman.

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