What You Need to Know About Dating Costa Rican Women

meeting women in costa rica

Online dating is no longer a new thing. Moreover, it is no longer a thing that you can be ashamed of, as a lot of people around the world use online dating sites to find their significant other. One may get the feeling that people have warmly embraced the possibility to date anyone from any corner of the world. In reality, people either choose to look for partners from their country or when it comes to international online dating, they mostly opt for Russian or Ukrainian girls. But actually, you should focus your attention on Costa Rican women, and you are about to evaluate the main reason.

Costa Rican Women Overview

So, what you have to know about Ticas, or simply put, about Costa Rica Women. Women of Costa Rica differ significantly from other girls that you may come across in Latin America. Women in Costa Rica are generally well educated and speak English reasonably well, unlike the vast majority of their Central American counterparts. They are pretty much into cooking, and they like cooking for their men. They are adorable and become great loyal girlfriends. Everything seems excellent as of now, right? Well, there are a few things you need to know before dating them, though.

Things You Need to Know Before Dating a Costa Rican Woman

A lot of western men think of Latin America as a perfect destination for sex tourism. While most Latin American countries remain this way, sex tourism is not something you should search for in Costa Rica. Actually, if you opt for Costa Rican dating, you should forget about sex tourism altogether. Unlike the majority of Latinas, Ticas are more relationship-oriented. Another thing is that they are not much into foreigners, as they’ve seen thousands of sex tourists going through their country. So, don’t expect that you are going to be considered as something exotic in Costa Rica, and don’t expect Costa Rican girls to show that much interest in you. You need to really deserve it.

Why You Should Avoid Talking About Religion

Only 17% of the population of Costa Rica say they don’t have religion. All others are either Roman Catholics or Protestants, which means that faith is quite essential for Costa Rica and Costa Rican ladies as well. You can never know for sure whether you are dating a religious Costa Rican girl or the one from that 17 % of atheists. So, you should avoid joking about religion. You should also avoid giving your thoughts on the importance of religion before you know your girlfriend quite well. Otherwise, you may run into trouble. All in all, you should avoid talking about religion if you are into Costa Rica dating.

costa rica girls guideThe Importance of Family to Costa Rican Women

Costa Rican girls are relationship-oriented; thus they are family-oriented. Aside from that, their parents are quite important to them. It means that if your intentions are serious, most likely you’ll need to get her parents approval. And that may not be that easy, as generally, they are not that welcoming towards foreigners. While the situation may start looking desperate and maybe Ticas are not worth your time and effort, don’t get that pessimistic that soon. There are a few tricks that can help you get your Costa Rican girlfriend. But before we check them out, you need to recap why you should approach Costa Rican girls with caution.

Not All Costa Rican Girls Are Easy, So Proceed With Caution

Now, after learning everything above mentioned, you understand that you should be careful when you are approaching ladies of Costa Rica. It doesn’t mean that getting laid in Costa Rica is impossible, it is possible, but if you have serious intentions, you need to be serious when approaching Costa Rican girls. They saw American sex tourists, and they are not crazy about them. You are not something exotic that guarantees you immediate attention from locals. So, when you are into dating Costa Rican women, be yourself and follow the two major tips mentioned below.

Learning Spanish

The most important tip in the Costa Rica girls guide is to learn, at least, basic Spanish. Yes, we’ve mentioned that most of Ticas know quite good English. Still, it would be better to express your politeness and eagerness to be with her in Spanish. Nobody asks you to become the professor of the Spanish language, but if you have basic Spanish and continue learning the language while being with her, your chances to win her heart are much higher, then when you speak in English only. Moreover, your understanding would be much higher, when you know the language of each other.

Learning Costa Rican Culture

The second most important thing that you need to do before dating beautiful Costa Rican women is to learn the culture of their homeland. Actually, that is something you should do before dating anyone from another country. Definitely a lot of “whys” have popped up in your head while you’ve been reading this article. Want to get rid of them? Well, start with learning Costa Rican culture. Of course, you can ask why we are not going to explain it here to you. The answer is simple. If you really want to date a hot Costa Rican girl, you should do your homework by yourself.

Where to Meet Costa Rican Women?

Now, we finally get to the question of where to meet girls in Costa Rica? Well, in Costa Rica obviously, but should you go to certain tourist spots? Or should you go exploring the new places on the maps? While you can say that you’ve already learned a thing or two about dating Costa Rican women, there is another important question you need to find the answer to before you dive into meeting women in Costa Rica. What do you know about tourism in Costa Rica? Well, if your answer is “nothing,” then we’ve got you covered.

Things to Know About Tourism in Costa Rica

Well, the very first thing you need to prepare yourself to is the fact that you are not going to have that perfectly planned journey. You are going to have a trip that will bring you a lot of experience and memories. The very first thing you need to make sure you have with you is bug spray. Surely you don’t want to catch any fever from the bite of an exotic bug. The sun in Costa Rica is much stronger than in North America or Europe, so wear sunscreen. While you may enjoy riding through foreign countries on your own, in Costa Rica it is better to hire a driver if you are not acquainted with their traffic rules. Last, but not least, you should listen to what they tell you about food, as aside from San Jose, you won’t find McDonalds or Starbucks on every corner.

  • San Jose

Of course, San Jose might be your first choice to visit in Costa Rica. This is the only city in the country that has a population of more than 340.000 people. Thus your chances to meet your perfect Costa Rican match are higher than in other places. Moreover, the capital, as in any other country, is more open to tourists, even sex-tourists. So, despite the fact that Ticas are mainly relationship-oriented, you can pretty much find some one-night stands in San Jose. costa rican ladiesBut still, it doesn’t mean that you should limit yourself to San Jose, as there are other places in Costa Rica that you should visit.

  • Limon

Limon is the capital of Limon province and the canton of the same name of Costa Rica. The population here is just over 55.000. Less than a quarter of the population of San Jose. While it may mean that your chances to meet your Costa Rican beauty reduce, Limon is a perfect place if you want to enjoy Costa Rica for the paradise on earth that it is. Here you can find beautiful beaches, surrounded by tropical forests. And when you have this beauty around you, who knows, maybe your chances to meet a Costa Rican girl of your dream don’t mean that much.

  • Alajuela

Alajuela is the second largest city in Costa Rica, with a population of about 300.000 people. This is another urban city, although slightly less developed than San Jose. But the good news is that Alajuela is the friendliest city towards tourists, which means that here you will be able to meet a lot of beautiful Ticas, who will be friendly to you. It doesn’t mean that you should be less cautious, especially if you want to find a real girlfriend in Costa Rica. So, don’t take their friendliness for granted.

Dating Sites and Apps

You can be adventurous all you want, but no one forces you into traveling to Costa Rica in search of a prospective girlfriend. You can do that well before going to the country. There are a lot of Costa Rica dating sites where you can meet girls from paradise on earth. Just google them. Or don’t, as most likely the site that you are already using has a plenty of Costa Rican girls on it. There you can start communicating with your Costa Rican cutie while getting to know the culture of her homeland and learning Spanish from the comfort of your home.

Suggestive Enough?

If Costa Rican girls seem suggestive enough to you after reading this article, then you can quickly start looking for your prospective girlfriend from the paradise on earth. You know the rules of dating them more or less. All you need to do is start learning Spanish and get to know the culture of Costa Rica to impress your Costa Rican lady. Actually, we advise you to start doing it right now. Why waste time?

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