What You Need to Know About Dating Filipina Women

dating a filipina girl

The Filippines is a delightful country that attracts foreigners with the charm of natural beaches, paradise vegetation, many sights, and amazing emotions. But the real pride the country takes in its girls, whose exotic beauty is admired all around the world.

The girls of this country are endowed with such natural beauty and delightful appearance that they do not need additional “embellishments.” The Philippines almost don’t use makeup, and their clothes are simple (most often they wear a T-shirt and shorts). Tanned by nature, they do not need to sunbathe. So, Filipino women dating is really a wonderful idea. They rarely go swimming in the sea, and if they appear on the shore, then it must be a sunset.

About Dating Filipino Women

Like most Asian women, Filipino women and girls are of small stature. An elegant and fragile body is their pride. When dating a Filipina girl, you will notice that she stays in shape very easily and is not prone to obesity. Their facial features are so nice and pretty that tourists from all over the world travel to admire them: an Asian eye shape, a small and neat nose, tarry black shiny hair, a gorgeous smile, and snow-white teeth.

Their complexion is a “mix” of races. When choosing among the Filipino beauties, you will see the girls who are 100% similar to hot Spanish girls. You will meet those who are alike Chinese women, and even meet those who look exactly the same as spicy African girls.

If you want to plunge into this pool of impeccable beauty, then visit the Philippines in May when colorful and fun festivals take place there. This is an unforgettable sight, where you can see thousands of beautiful women in bright national costumes at the same time.

What Are the Pros of Dating a Filipina Woman?

meeting filipino womenMany Europeans dream of having a Filipina wife. It is also interesting that girls also do not mind marrying a white foreigner, and they are not afraid of the financial problems of the groom or his age. In the Philippines, there is a lot of mixed couples, and you can often see an elderly European man next to the young beauty.

What is the secret of these women that makes them so desirable for most men? Obedient and non-conflicting Filipinas are a real treasure for family relationships. Many of the girls do not have a full education, and this does not allow them to be ahead of their men in any matters, and even more so to argue. Such a woman will be the perfect wife who will admire her husband and obey him without question.

Value marriage. Asian beauties, becoming wives, are strongly against divorce and try to avoid it with all their deeds. Behind the desire to save the family, there lies their fear of shame and gossip. Being scared of remaining “useless,” the Filipina will fight for her marriage. The fact is that according to national traditions, which are very strict in the Philippines, a girl should be virgin until marriage. And after the divorce, of course, no one can count on her virginity.

Can converse in English. The overwhelming number of dating sites are created for foreigners who correspond with Filipino girls (the fact that they speak English plays an important role). Despite the incredible shyness, Filipino girls are very friendly and open to dating male tourists. There is nothing unusual in meeting a Filipina on the street, in a shop, in a bar, at a disco or anywhere else. How do you know when a Filipina loves you? She will look at you, then play shy and turn away. She will be flirting and showing interests but will never come to you first. That is why, as soon as you see the girl you like you can approach her, and it will be not difficult for you to communicate because the language barrier is not present.

They are nurturers. Family means a lot to Filipina women, and they strive to have big families. If you are a rich foreigner that can afford it, then be sure that you will have many kids. Filipinas do not really care about studying, most of them only know how to read and write, and many are even illiterate because they have studied only at the government school which offers 3 years of study and the further education is expensive. That is why Filipina girls get ready to meet a financially independent man from their early years. They would love to create a family to bring up children and cherish the home spirit. They care more about family life than self-realization and have more traditional views on the role of a woman comparing to the European girls.

Strong and independent. Despite dating a Filipina woman may have seemed like an easy thing, you should still remember that they are real people that can be moody sometimes or protest against some of your decisions. They are not as short-tempered as Russian or Northern-European women, but they still know their value and will not allow to harass them. When meeting Filipino women, keep in mind that they will not put up with your inappropriate behavior. Yes, they are calm and respectful to their men, but traditions are of great value to them. If you offend their culture or them personally, Filipinas will lose their nerve very quickly.

Money is not in the first place. Despite the fact that a woman of a Filipin origin expects you to take care of the financial questions and provide the family, she is also still hardworking and ready to bring home bacon too if needed. It means these women would appreciate a strong man that will have enough money to provide them and the children with quality living. However, money is not the first thing they look up to when searching for a partner. Your self-confidence and the desire to take up real actions will be in much bigger demand. They love ambitious men, and if Filipino women see the perspective for future improvement, they will eagerly date such men and support them with their love.

They are very hardworking. These women are obedient, hardworking and do not speak against the will of their men when it comes to the family issues. A man who is used to constantly be arguing with a woman and prove his dominance will feel a great relief when he is involved in Philippines women dating. World statistics show that the best nurses, medical workers, and nannies are Filipina women. Besides, they agree to work for lower wages than others, which makes them great and respected employees.

philippines women datingDating Tips with Filipina Women

Filipinos are a great country with a calm and picturesque nature, so are their women. No matter how angry they are at their spouses, they will always show greater respect for them and act the way they say them. Their mentality dictates that women have to obey their partners. Then what does it say about the men themselves? To be respected and attract Filipina ladies, you also have to meet their requirements. What are they? How easy is it to get a Filipina woman? How to date a Filipina? Read below about the main tips and aspects of behavior you need to keep in mind to be a real hit among these women.

Respect religion and family. As we have mentioned, the Filipinos will tolerate your personal traits and behavior if you provide them and your family with everything needed because they are well brought up and wise. But the fact that you are a Filipina dating foreigner doesn’t allow you to make fun of her culture and values. One of our Filipina dating tips is to prepare yourself for the difference in mentality and be armed with a lot of tolerance and patience. You should perceive the religion of Filipinas because it is the way they are used to, and it is important that you care for the family as much as your spouse. A woman may want to have many children, and if you are not ready for it, maybe Filipina ladies dating is not for you.

Be honest. Another tip on how to date a Filipina girl is to stay honest and always speak your mind. They are quite a straightforward nation, and you will need to get used to their directness. What is more, women from Filipinos will always feel it when you lie, they will not argue or show you that they have been offended by your lies, it is easier for them to hold everything inside and cry when no one sees. These ladies are strong but extremely sensible, they feel the slightest change in your mood and understand when you do not say all the truth. In addition, you should be open about your intentions towards a girl from the very beginning. Do not give her promises or high hopes if you do not plan anything serious. There are always girls that are not against one-night hookup, but the conditions of meeting them are completely different. And if you are really looking for a person to spend your life with, choose responsively and make the girl aware of your plans for her.

Be the leader. The girls from this country are eager to obey their strong and confident partner, if you give their support and the ability to make plans for the future, they will do everything for you. One of the main dating Filipinas advice is to know the thin line between showing your dominance and be aggressive. Never humiliate a Filipina because the offense for it will be remembered forever. You should stay a powerful partner that can offer her love and support. Make the important decisions, invite her to your country, suggest living together and tell her about your plans. Make a Filipino girl see that you are serious, and she can feel safe when behind your back.

Where to Meet Filipina Women?

The marrying age for Filipinas is approximately 17 years, this is due to their upbringing, traditions, and mentality. It means they are open to meeting foreigners and building relationships at an early age. filipina dating foreignerAnd that is why there are a lot of them in the bars (there are even special places called “girls’ bars” where you can go to communicate to a large number of Filipino girls), on the beaches in the evening or just on the streets. They work in cafes, go to the shops and use dating sites, if you want to find out how to date a Filipina, the answer is simple, just start talking to any of them, and you will not get rejected most of the times.

Southern California. This is a region where there are a lot of Filipino women. You can meet them in the street, in the store, in a cafe, in a restaurant and practically anywhere, anytime. Look at her ring finger and if she is not married, you can take actions and flirt. Filipinas cherish traditions, and nobody would ever dare to take off the marriage ring to deceive a foreigner. So, you can be calm about it. When a Filipina likes you, she will make eyes and show you her interest. In some cases, they can even arrogantly tell you they want you to marry them and ask for getting to know you better. But this is a rare case, as a rule, Filipinas are shy and modest ladies.

Dating sites. There is a great variety of dating sites and applications you can choose the location of the desired partner at. How to meet Filipinas online? Badoo and Tinder are popular at Filipines, they are the safest apps with a long history, and you should definitely trust them. But when seeking for a non-specific target-oriented site, the ones like www.trulyphilipina.com or www.fdating.com are also great. What you should remember is that Filipinas love to overuse photoshop and edit their photos too much, so, do not trust the first picture you see, better look through all of them or ask for the live one.

Now that you know everything about how to date a Filipina woman, it is time to remind you once again how beautiful and calm these women are. They will perceive you with all your imperfections, not looking only at your financial status or age, they are truly worthy wives!

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