What you Need to Know About Dating with Czech Girls

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Every man in this world has his own personal preferences when it comes to women. One man prefers hot and wild Spanish beauties, while another prefers strong and independent Swedish ladies. There are emotional and tempestuous Italian girls and beautiful and charming French ladies. As you can guess, such a list can go on for hours, the world is filled with beautiful women for every sort of preference and taste. But some countries are being constantly overlooked for one reason or another, one of these countries is the Czech Republic. But in reality, Czech women are some of the most gorgeous ladies in the world.

Do you want to date Czech women? Well then, let’s learn a few things about them.


The Czech Republic is a rather small country, but this doesn’t mean that a connoisseur of female beauty won’t find anything of importance here. Men often fall for Italian, French, Spanish, Russian, and Ukrainian ladies, while Czech women are not that often mentioned in similar discussions regarding beautiful women all around the world, and this is, quite honestly, a crime against the concept of beauty itself. Czech girls are tall, healthy, longhaired, bright-eyed, loyal, and caring. Czech facial features are quite unique and gorgeous. And while the Czech Republic is not exactly located in the east of Europe, but its women share a lot of character traits with Ukrainian, Russian, and Romanian women. Let’s now dive deep into the process of Czech women dating.

Dating Tips with Czech Girls

But, as with anything priceless, the love of a Czech woman has to be fought for. But don’t worry, you won’t have to actually fight anyone, but it will take some time and effort to conquer the heart of a Czech lady. They are loyal and caring, but there is a little downside to these qualities, their love and respect will have to be earned. To win the heart of a Czech woman, you will have to prove your feelings to her, prove that you are ready to become her protector, be her knight in this world. But how can one do it? Well, to increase your chances in this rather hard mission, you should adhere to the following rules.

Be yourself

This will probably sound like a very generic piece of advice, but, as the practice shows, lots of men either forget about the importance of being themselves or are just unaware of it altogether. However, this is the most important aspect of any relationship and life in general. The main issue with pretending to be someone else is that the truth will eventually come out, and if a woman has fallen in love with you (or rather someone else that you are trying to be) then she will be quite disappointed to find out that you are quite different in reality. To pretend to be better than you are is pathetic, it only shows your lack of willpower and insecurity. Thus, if you are planning on dating Czech girl, then don’t put on a performance for her sake.

czech facial featuresBe active

Everything comes at a price, and this is just as true in terms of physical exercise. Most Czech women are quite fit, they are in good shape, and it only adds quite a few points to their beauty. But, you should remember that the aspect of visual appeal is not unique to men, women don’t want to see their men as just fat and disgusting schlubs. Thus, you should always strive towards being active, this is not just because of the ultimate goal of being fit, but also because it is good for your health. Once again, you are probably well aware of the benefits of being active, but this doesn’t mean that you should forget about your own physique.

Respect her family

The deeper you travel into Eastern Europe, the more traditional is the way of life that you encounter. And while the Czech Republic isn’t exactly the most Eastern country in Europe, it is still in many ways similar to Russia and Ukraine in many ways. One of these similarities is that the concept of family is practically sacred, and parents are cherished and respected no matter what. It is even somewhat of a taboo to be in a bad relationship with one’s parents. Thus, if you want to earn her respect, if you want your relationship to be strong and last for a long time, then you have to, first of all, respect her parents. So, if you are interested in Czech women marriage, then be ready to show your respect for the elders.

Be a gentleman

Another Eastern aspect of culture that has its effect on Czech girls dating that you should be aware of is that the most basic signs of courtship are welcome here. The western culture, or rather the new age of feminism, has brought this idea that a man should avoid all of the courtship because it is a sign of disrespect, a man asserts his dominance and superiority by helping a woman, even if it is just about opening a door for her.  It is not that important whether these ideas are rational, you should remember that Czech women will appreciate a gentleman and his care for a woman that he likes. This will most likely require some additional effort on your part, but it will be worth it.

Think about a gift for her

While we are still at the topic of Czech woman dating, courtship, and being a gentleman, let’s not forget about the importance of giving your beloved women all sorts of gifts as signs of love and affection. Some may think that gifts are very much unimportant because you cannot just buy the love of a person, but it’s not about that. Love is not an eternal thing, so it should be supported every often, and you should remind a person you love of your feelings and of the importance that you see in your mutual life. The amount of money that you invest in your gifts is not that important, it’s about being honest and creative.

Now that we know quite a few things about the process of dating Czech women, where should one find them?

Where to Meet Czech Girls?

To be honest, there is no one definitive place to meet a Czech girl at. Be realistic, they don’t just hang out in one place and wait for men to approach them, that would be great, but unfortunately – it’s not the case. But don’t worry because, as we’ve said, there are a lot of gorgeous women to be found here, and it won’t be that hard to find a woman that is going to suit your taste and preferences. The Czech Republic is a beautiful place and has quite a lot of places that should intrigue you as a tourist and as a man who is interested in meeting a beautiful woman.


Let’s be straight, it’s quite a crime that the Czech Republic isn’t on the list of the top 10 most visited countries in the EU. It’s a shame that so many people overlook it in favor of other countries. Sure, the list consists of many amazing countries with quite a lot of places to explore. Countries like the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, all of them are worthy of the attention that they receive, but the Czech Republic can rival them in terms of beautiful places and historic buildings any day of the week. But what if you are limited in terms of time, and it is possible to pick only one city to visit, which one should you choose?


Praha is one of the greatest cities in the world, and we are not exaggerating here, it is one of the greenest major cities on Earth, and it is referred to as the City of a Hundred Spires. The city is stacked with all sorts of tourist attractions, including The Old Town Hall, Prague Astronomical Clock, Jewish Quarter, The Charles Bridge, Church of St. Nicholas, The Palace Gardens, and The Prague Castle. It is very diverse, as it is one of the oldest cities in Europe, it combines all of the relics of the past with the modern take on architecture and design. The city is truly an inspiration in terms of the way in which it combines all of its stages of life into one stunning and picturesque artifact of the history of the world.


Most people that come to the Czech Republic spend all of their time in Praha, which is not that surprising because it is stunning and there are quite a lot of things to see for a tourist. Yet when they do that, when they limit themselves to the capital of a country, they leave out a lot of truly striking places. One of such places is the city of Ostrava. Ostrava is referred to as the City of Steel, the Industrial Heart of the Czech Republic. This is because Ostrava was the center of technological developments and industrialization of the country, it is because of how rich it is with natural resources. The city is filled with industrial architecture, like mining towers. Yet it is also quite diverse as it is the festival city of the Czech Republic.


As you can see, Praha and Ostrava are quite different. The first one is the capital of the country, it has a lot of things to offer, and it combines the cultural foundation with the modern trends of life. The latter has its unique feel to it, it is a city of workers and industrialization that has its own charm. Brno is in many ways similar to Praha. It combines its rich history with the bustling life of modern existence. As for the sights, you should check out the Tugendhat Villa, the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul, The Spilberk Castle, the Atomic Shelter, and one of the largest ossuaries in entire Europe.

Dating Sites and Apps

czech girlCzech dating culture is quite rich. If you are not a fan of the idea of meeting a Czech girl in real life, then there are a lot of Czech Republic dating sites and apps to choose from. We will now list a few sites and apps that are local-oriented but don’t forget that lots of Czech women use worldwide apps like Tinder, Badoo, and etc.

  • Sites

The Czech Cupid.com








  • Apps




So, let’s conclude all of the things that have been said above. There is no denying that Czech women are beautiful, but you will have to be yourself, be active, respect her family, be a gentleman, and provide her with small tokens of love to win her admiration. The Czech Republic is a beautiful country, Praha is the capital, Ostrava is the city of workers, and Brno is the city of youth. There are quite a few sites and apps to meet Czech women on.

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