What You Need to Know About Dating with Moldova Women

moldova women

A small country, lost among the Slavic states of Eastern Europe, is famous not only for its wine, home-woven carpets, vegetables, and fruits but also for the hottest representatives of the fair sex. The Moldavians, despite their southern expressiveness, are easy-going and good-natured. Moreover, it’s a well-known fact that these ladies are excellent hostesses and cook just perfectly almost everything without exception. Many of them can boast of both personal qualities and posh appearance, and you can often meet beautiful Moldavians who have achieved success both in their homeland and far beyond its borders.

About Moldova Women

Beautiful Moldovan women are spectacular, expressive, extremely sincere and open-minded. They are very natural and spontaneous, and maybe this is one of the reasons why they look charming at any age. What physical features are inherent in Moldavians? Of course, it’s about thick dark hair, amazing eyes, white skin, and cuddly body. Indeed, many Moldavian women correspond to this cliché, although each of them has their own individual features and can be completely different from other representatives of this wonderful country. Besides, there are also many attractive blondes among Moldavian girls as well as red-headed cuties. They are so alike and different in their own ways.

Things You Need to Know Before Dating Moldova Women

Of course, women from Moldova are beautiful and even somehow feminine, but you should be also ready for the fact that they are ambitious and confident in their abilities, and they always strive for something and achieve their goals. Have you ever wondered why there are so many famous personalities among Moldavians? It seems that these women have a gene of ambition, which helps them reach the top of success. When a problem arises, a Moldavian girl will solve it, and while other women are sensitive and can feel lost in unforeseen situations, this is definitely not about these girls. It’s possible to say that sometimes they cope with everything even better than men.

  • moldovan womenThe language barrier

Moldova women have a great sense of humor, and they are always ready to discuss anything. However, if you don’t know their native language, the language barrier can become a stumbling block on the way to mutual understanding. They know how to find a topic for conversation, but not everyone knows foreign languages due to different social circumstances. Of course, they have been learning English since school years, but its level leaves much to be desired. So, it’s great if you are ready to become her “partner in crime” and help her overcome this obstacle on the way to the happy feature.

  • They love foreigners

Moldova is one of the post-Soviet countries, so the standard of living differs from European countries, not to mention the USA. It affects their aspirations and desires. Every woman wants to get attention, listen to compliments and in general, feel that a man appreciates her and cherishes. Usually, foreign men are good at that in contrast to Moldova men, so this is one of the main reasons why beautiful Moldovan women willingly communicate with men from other countries.

  • The standard of living is low

As it has already been mentioned, Moldova cannot be called a prosperous country. Even though roads are constantly being repaired, and social institutions are being built, wages cannot satisfy all the needs of the population. The standard of living in Moldova is still low. According to research centers, Moldova has the lowest living standards in Europe. Everyday dozens of people leave the country, many of them are constantly working abroad and seriously think about staying in a foreign land. According to statistics, half of the population of the country is considering the possibility of leaving the Republic forever.

What Are the Pros of Dating Moldova Women?

You can find many different advantages of Moldovan dating, but one of the main things many men are searching for is the amazing beauty of these charming women. It seems that the picturesque and breathtaking nature of this country gives them special energy, making them even more charming. If you look into their eyes, you will see lively emotions and genuine interest, while their bodies have a lot of natural softness, grace, and tenacity. You can easily imagine how gorgeous Moldovan women gather bunches of grapes or work in their cozy gardens. In addition, wonderful women of Moldova are deemed to be excellent housewives, loving spouses, and caring mothers.

  • They care about men

When a Moldovan woman meets her soulmate, she will become the true pillar of the family. She will support and take care of her spouse no matter what. They are especially strong women and bravely meet all challenges. Women from Moldova are caring mothers and reliable spouses, who are ready to interact closely with their husbands for a decent life. If necessary, they will go through thick and thin, and it is a fact. Nothing seems to scare these “lionesses” as if they were born to crush obstacles with a smile.

  • They like attention

Moldovan young girls and mature women don’t neglect their appearance, they prefer smart casual clothes and heels. Therefore, they always look attractive and spectacular as if they were at a beauty salon an hour ago. And of course, like all beautiful women who take care of their appearance, these girls like attention. Global feminization naturally makes its own adjustments to the female education of Moldavians, but this does not happen very quickly, despite its neighborhood with democratic Germany and hot Italy. Moldavian women are very hospitable, easy-going, and strive to take their rightful place in society.

  • beautiful moldovan womenLearn their culture

The traditions and customs of the citizens of Moldova take its roots in the past, and nowadays they are sacredly preserved and transmitted from generation to generation. Hospitality is a calling card of the Moldovan people. Guests are usually greeted with bread and salt as well as a glass of good wine.

In general, Moldovans are hard-working people, peaceful and good-natured, but they can be expressive, showing their feelings. They have a good sense of humor, but it is a bit specific. Jokes are fervent and life-affirming, as they say, “with the mood.”

In Moldova, family values are highly honored. Traditionally, parents and children have very close, trusting relationships based on spiritual warmth and understanding throughout life. So, you should better learn all these moments beforehand.

  • They cook awesome

Moldavians are good housewives, who pay special attention to the cooking process. Moldovan cuisine has borrowed Ukrainian, Romanian, Bulgarian and Russian dishes, although there are truly Moldovan, traditional ones. If you have ever traveled to Moldova, then you probably already know how talented Moldavians are at cooking. Nobody can argue that dishes cooked by Moldavians are a true culinary delight. Since the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, this is another good reason to start looking for Moldovan women for marriage.

Where to Meet Moldova Women?

If you are really interested in dating Moldova girls, then you have at least several options that will come you in handy. Everything depends on your desires, financial situation, and goals. You can take the path of least resistance and search for the Moldovan diaspora in your city or country, but if you avoid taking the easy way out, then the best decision will be to go to the country with the biggest number of amazing Moldova women or at least to register on dating sites, which can provide you with the opportunity to meet these gorgeous ladies.

  • Tourism

Nowadays, tourism in Moldova is a very promising and successfully developing sphere. This is facilitated by both the initial, climatic conditions of the country, and its rich cultural heritage. State policy is also aimed at the planned development of the tourism sector. In addition to beautiful ladies, the Republic of Moldova is famous for two things: winegrowing and an abundance of ancient Orthodox monuments, including early Christian rock monasteries and medieval cathedrals. Today, hundreds of kinds of wine and cognac are produced here, and wine tours are perhaps one of the most popular destinations of the local excursions.

  • Chișinău

The most comfortable among all the cities of Soviet development, Chisinau is a multi-faced, noisy and interesting city, it is the center of the republic’s wealth and its historical and cultural center. Today in Chisinau, you can equally enjoy sights, take a walk in some picturesque parks, go to museums or have dinner in a cozy restaurant in a company of charming Chisinau girls. Perhaps the main cultural sights of the city are the Organ Hall and the National Drama Theater located opposite it. Between them you can find the square named after the Grand National Assembly, it is the largest and most beautiful in the city.

  • moldovan women for marriageTiraspol

You can find most of the sights on the main street of the city. There are several good parks in Tiraspol, including the Culture Park near the university. This park is surrounded by greenery and can boast of breathtaking rides. It is also a great place to meet charming girls. Most of the monuments are located in the southern part of the city, about two kilometers from the Palace of Soviets. In Tiraspol, you can go on a boat tour of the Dniester, which will take you about 30 minutes. Tiraspol has many modern night clubs, which are located mainly in the city center and are open all night seven days a week.

  • Bălți

Balti is the northern “capital” of Moldova. It is a large and important industrial center of the country. Chisinau is 105 kilometers away from Balti, so you can get to the capital by bus or by car. Also, there is a railway connection with different parts of Moldova. In Balti, by the way, there is an international airport. It is a city of culture and art, but the green part of the city is very diverse as well. It has several beautiful public gardens and parks: central park, Victory Park, Selection park and so on. The most favorite place for walking is the main urban street of Ştefan cel Mare.

Dating Sites and Apps

Modern Moldavians are watching both fashion and the latest trends of technologies, so Moldova dating sites have great popularity among young and mature women. You can use international dating sites and search for something more local. According to the statistics, the biggest number of attractive and worthy Moldova ladies have already registered on the below-mentioned dating sites. The only thing you need to do is to register and choose the search area.


Who are the modern Moldavian beauties? If you search for the beauty ratings among the residents of Moldova, you can find representatives of various jobs and occupations. On such a list, there will be not only the most attractive singers, actresses, and TV hosts. Amazing Moldova women can be occupied with most common things like driving a trolley bus, treating people or growing grapes. Harmony, rich inner world and love of life makes Moldavians amazing and charming regardless of status and job.

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