What You Need to Know About Russian Brides

The girls from Eastern Europe have recently gained a massive popularity in the world, and it’s not surprising. Real Russian brides are exceedingly attractive due to numerous traits, including family-oriented mindsets, beautiful physical features, fit bodies, positive attitudes, and devotion to their husbands and children. But what makes these females so special and where to find them? Let’s find out!

The Russian Bride Truth

The person we usually call “a Russian bride” is not always from the Russian Federation itself. The girls that form the body of the aforementioned title are often from some of the post-Soviet countries, including Russian itself, Ukraine, Byelorussia, Moldova etc. These girls can also be found in several different states as the USA, Canada, Israel, Poland, France, Spain and many more. The immigrants from post-Soviet countries often chose those countries as their final destinations. Therefore, you can easily find a Russian bride there. Obviously, they will be assimilated. However, they never lose their ethnical identity no matter how long they have been out of their Motherland. Slavic people are quite proud of their origins – and it’s not surprising as they have a long and interesting history of great highs and tremendous lows. That is why looking for a real Slavic girl is both exciting and time-consuming. But you won’t regret it!

Why Russian brides are so popular

There are numerous reasons for these beautiful girls to be so popular among men (especially Westerners). Nonetheless, there’s one reason that stands out from the list because of its massive influence. Slavic brides are still a novelty on the dating scene. They have been out of the game for quite a while – more than seventy years. You see, the Soviet Union had quite a strict set of migration rules. You couldn’t just leave or enter the country whenever you like. Such possibility was available for ambassadors, politicians, artists etc. Therefore, gorgeous Russian females were literally hidden by the so-called “iron dome”. Several generations of foreigners (Westerners in particular) could only imagine what a combination of words “a Slavic woman” actually means. And when the truth was revealed, these guys had nothing left but to start to win Russian girls’ hearts. But, aside from the fact that they are rather new to the dating scene, what else makes these girls so attractive?

Pros of Russian brides

1. Humbleness. These girls are usually raised in the religious atmosphere. From the very first years of their lives, Slavic woman are taught to be thankful for everything they have and never ask for more. As well, they are not spoiled by thriving financial states, expensive presents and courtship. None of them would dare to ask you for money or a costly present – that would murder their dignity.

2. Loyalty. Once a Russian girl positively falls in love with a man, she never betrays him in any imaginable way. Even though men in Russia often treat their woman with disrespect, girls don’t often break up with them as they believe that a man is the head of the family and they should forgive him everything. Of course, modern somewhat emancipated girls are less attached to their men; however, if you give your beautiful Russian bride warmth, love, and respect – she would never leave you under any circumstances.

3. Health. You think that female beauty only comes along with fragility? Well, Russian culture has its own vision of this question. One of the best native compliments a Slavic girl can get is to be called “blood with milk”. Milk is, obviously, associated with nutrition, energy, vital power, motherhood etc. while blood is the symbol of beautiful rosy cheeks. A healthy girl with sparkling eyes will have no problems with having a child and giving birth to it. Therefore, if you want a family, a Slavic girl is the best choice for you.

Cons of Russian brides

Nonetheless, just as any girls in this world, Russian girls have their mere disadvantages.

1. Cultural barrier. The Slavic culture has its peculiarities. It’s different from Western cultures in almost every sphere of life including human relationships and communication. It’s more of an obstacle that you have to overcome to build a strong partnership. Every nation is unique in its own way and it’s totally okay. In the end, you can have a lot of fun exploring Russian cuisine, national dances and music, folk art etc. Doesn’t it sound exciting?

2. Language barrier. English and German are taught in most Russian schools as the second languages. Likewise, most girls that seek husbands from the USA, Canada or Europe master their skills in the English language to ease the process of getting along with prospective partners. Nevertheless, not all of them devote as many time to learning foreign languages as others do; likewise, your knowledge will always be more solid than hers.

3. Emotionality. Being exceedingly emotional is okay for anyone, not only for women (let’s face that emotionality is just another gender stereotype). And while Slavic girls are believed to be cold and tough, they are, in fact, quite emotional and warm on the inside. Traditional Russian upbringing (heavily seasoned with religious dogmas) teaches girls to remain discreet and calm. But if you give your potential girlfriend a good reason to reveal her inner emotional girl, you will experience a never-seen-before tornado of feelings.

Where to find Russian Brides?

Up to this point, men have two essential questions related to Russian females: Are Russian brides legit and where to find them. And while answering the first question is virtually impossible (you can just google real dating stories or ask anyone who dated Russian females – those are the only ways to make up your own opinion), we can help you in your search. Looking for real and sexy Russian brides in the Russian Federation itself is, without doubts, a good idea. However, it may be quite time-consuming and expensive. So what’s the best decision? Russian bride sites, of course. There are a plenty of those on the Internet. Some of them are okay and work perfectly for seeking a real Slavic girl, others are filled with scammer and frauds. Russian dating scam, unfortunately, is a thing in the modern world. Indeed, the Web gives criminals numerous opportunities to steal from eligible people. You have to be attentive and look closely at the account of every girl you communicate with. Pay extra attention to Russian brides’ photos – scammers might use those images as a disguise!

Russian girls make great wives and mothers; they are beautiful, open-minded, and simple in a good way. It’s up to you to win a heart of one of these precious creatures. Have a good luck!

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